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  1. An account contains notes. Each note resides in one notebook. Notebooks can be grouped by stacks. Stacks cannot contain notes. Each notebook is arranged alphabetically under the account (if not in a stack) or the stack. You may need to exit out, if you've just created it, as Jeff pointed out. If that doesn't fix it, then there is an additional space or something that is causing it to *appear* that it's not alphabetical, but it is. EDIT: Sniped by Jeff!
  2. It may be for presentation mode... Notebooks are organized under the stack in alphabetical order.
  3. Lordy, Lordy, Jeff. Now you've gone & done it. There will be posts about those nasty evangelists defending Evernote b/c it's already perfect.
  4. I don't think they have to unshare. Once the owner of the notebook removes sharing, it just happens. But yes, the new notebook will need to be re-shared. Again..that's just fallout from the way you set this up. If you had created an account specifically for work & didn't have your personal notes in it, then it would simply be a matter of giving someone else the login credentials.
  5. I don't understand what you mean about importing will "mess up the other team members who use the notebook." If you mean the new employee will need to reshare, yes. (shrug) That's kind of the pitfall of how you implemented something. But it's really NBD & life goes on, eh? It's really pretty simple. If over half of your notes need to be left with the company, then export the personal notes to enex. Change the credentials on the old account & set up your new account & import the enex file. Then delete those notes from the first/old account, empty trash & sync. Then hand over the new login credentials for the old account. If over half of your notes are personal, then you simply export to enex & give that file to someone at work to import. IDK why EN doesn't allow quickly changing owners but I'd guess it has something to do with privacy issues. The fact of the matter is that this is the way it currently works.
  6. Hover over the tag in the note & then click the X that appears.
  7. It's helpful to mention what client you're using, when asking for help. The Windows desktop client allows you to copy notes. I think the Mac client does as well. Edit: sniped by Jeff ;-)
  8. If it's true, I'm sure they appreciate you keeping it quiet.
  9. Ok, please point out where EN has called Linux users children. If you're going to make the claim, you need to be able to support it. As far as EN making a Linux client, it's been repeatedly stated & AFAIK, nothing has changed.
  10. You make generalizations like "the EN evangelists on the different threads who subtly, and not so subtly, berate the rest of us for not adopting the organizational structure that is given to us from above" I'm pretty sure no one has berated anyone. However, we do say if that's a deal breaker for you, then sure, you need to find another app. I don't know why anyone would take offense to that, since it's honest. I also don't get why "One poster even said that she learned by experimenting on the program daily and keeps learning something new and hinted the rest of us just need to buckle down and study more." is offensive to you. Pretty much every new app takes some learning in order to use it to it's fullest extent. And finally, as I said above, if sub notebooks are a deal breaker for you, then yes, you need to find another app that better suits your needs. Different strokes for different folks & that's why there's chocolate & vanilla. Good luck!
  11. This is a users board. EN staff post occasionally. And EN does not publish their roadmap or ETAs.
  12. Then you can use the alternate methods...clipping four times or making four copies. It's doubtful EN would ever allow the same note to reside in multiple notebooks & may even be impossible...just as you cannot store a file on your hard drive in multiple folders. You have to make copies.
  13. The customer is not always king. When two customers each want a feature that is mutually exclusive, who wins? Or a feature would negatively impact something about the product. Or there are higher priorities. Or the devs have simply decided to not incorporate a particular feature, for whatever reason. After all, they owe it to existing customers AND employees to make good business decisions so the company can (hopefully) remain profitable. Simply being a paying customer and expecting something you want changed to be changed is unreasonable.
  14. Evernote is not Springpad. Given that Springpad has died & EN has over 100 million users, it seems EN has gotten some things right. Evernote's philosophy is a note lives in just one notebook. It's doubtful this philosophy will change any time soon, if ever. As has been stated many times, tags are the way to be able to retrieve/organize notes. You can look at it this way, tags can replicate notebooks & by using tags, a note can appear to be in "Notebook A" (a tag) as well as "Notebook B" (a tag).
  15. This so the way EN has worked from day one & is no secret. (There are at least a few threads on the topic). It's really very simple. Put the file in either EN or Dropbox. It's doubtful EN would ever do what you're wanting it to do.
  16. When you say "log data", are you talking about notes in Evernote or Evernote log files? If you're talking about notes in a different exb file, you would: Fully exit EN, making sure there are no elephants in the task bar. Temporarily rename the live exb file. Disconnect from the internet Copy (not paste/move) the desired exb file to the same location as the live file & make sure it's named your-login-name.exb Invoke Evernote. This will have you using the old exb file. Since you disconnected from the internet, it will not sync any changes down. IE, if it contains notes that were subsequently deleted or modified, if you are connected to the internet, those changes would be sync'd & you'd end up where you were before starting this. Select the notes you want to move to the live database & export them to enex file. (Please search the board on the tips for doing this so you are able to retain tag & notebook info.) Fully exit Evernote again. Delete the exb file you created in step 4 above. Copy (don't paste/move) the file created in step 2 above to your-login-name.exb Invoke Evernote & import the enex file(s) created in step 6 above. If everything looks good, connect to the internet. I say to copy files, rather than paste/move b/c if something gets muffed up along the way, you still have your original live file and your original archived file. EDIT: When I say paste, I mean don't CUT/paste. You would COPY/paste rather than CUT/paste in order to retain the original file. So you do still have to paste. Sorry for any confusion...
  17. You seem to think because you think Apple products and Windows OS are inferior that that's a fact. Well guess what? It's not a fact & simply your opinion. Each has their own pros & cons as does Linux. WRT Evernote, you can always use the web client. Would you settle for the web client? Isnt the fact that this topic has been hashed and re hashed so many times generally point towards there being public interest? I understand that they have said "NO" they are not doing one and we realise that you personally cannot do anything about that however.....Isn't expressing our interest to them either directly or in the forums the best way to get our views across? Customer feedback? If we just simply say nothing then that confirms that "No linux client" was a good decision. I imagine converting their "FREE" members to "PREMIUM" would be high on their priority list and creating a linux client would be as good way to do that. No one is objecting to anyone expressing their desire for a Linux client. But all the conspiracy theories regularly posed about why EN has made that decision are fair game for debate, even if it is strictly academic. And to answer your first question, yes, I use the web client every day.
  18. It is correct that you can only have one "main" window in the Windows client. You can use the web client as a second window, though.
  19. I have two Livescribe pens that I use for important meetings. If I were taking classes, I would definitately use them. IME. sometimes, when something is very important, low tech (pen & paper) is the most reliable method. Plus, I like being able to listen to the audio.
  20. Ok, looks like it's an in app only purchase. But it would seem at the very least, you could get a prepaid credit card, if you don't have or want to use a regular credit card.
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