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  1. Just call up your notes as you need them, when you have an internet connection. If you want the notes stored on you phone for access with no internet connection (offline notebooks) you would need to have a premium account. Please search the board on offline notebooks for more information.
  2. The new web browser is BETA. If you don't like it, then for goodness sake, opt out. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/69003-opting-into-and-out-of-the-new-web-beta/
  3. Sorry, but my brain is NOT "simply built" to use a hierarchical system & I don't think anyone else's is either, including yours. When I am wanting to remember how to remotely boot a unix system, I don't mentally drill down from "drive letter/computer/unix/commands/remote boot" (or something similar). I simply think "what is the syntax for remotely booting a unix?" The hierarchical system is an artificial tool, which is helpful in some situations, like when you are filing a hard copy of a bill or receipt. But it's not how human brains work at all.
  4. I'm starting by eliminating exb files. I think that's probably true. EN used to stress, in the past, that it was a *personal* tool and that they weren't interested in making it an enterprise tool. When they introduced EB, it was quite a surprise & seemed they were moving in a direction they had seemed to publicly say they were avoiding. I'm honestly not sure what direction they are going now & I'm not sure they do, either. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14830-evernote-jumps-the-shark/?p=71909
  5. Please point out where I ever said anyone should not ask for features or was asking for "wrong" features. Not that it's any of your business, but if you read my posts as to why I'm defecting (feel free to use the search function), you'll see it has nothing to do with something as trivial as this thread. It's regarding core features that make Evernote totally unusable. I only wish the "note sorting [dilemma]" was the worst thing wrong with my Evernote experience.
  6. No where did I say or imply ""It's my way or the highway." No where did I berate anyone. Nowhere have I said people should not ask for features. Perhaps you can read the words I wrote & try to comprehend them. There is no underlying agenda. I would also say that if my replies have caused you so much angst, that you should consider yourself fortunate b/c it's clear you have nothing of great importance to worry about, so you choose to fret about something so trivial as a post or two that you dislike. Lucky you. And since you're still "following" this thread, please feel free to unf
  7. IMO, the validity of testing is not the issue. Nor is a price increase. The issue is disrespecting/insulting your users by secretly trying to charge a select group of users more than the advertised price and hoping they don't notice and wanting them to keep it "on the down low" when you're called out. If you have to treat your customers this way for "valid test results", then I would suggest there's something very wrong with your thinking and maybe the thing to be concerned about is something other than getting valid test results. Evernote used to be a company that seemed to hold their cust
  8. Grumpy, I'm not sure I would call this an Easter Egg, since those are commonly sought after, fun surprises. An Easter egg version of this would be for someone to be able to get a year of premium for less than the advertised amount. Not more. (JMO)
  9. Evernote has always stated they will not support beta OSs. Instead, they wait for the release & then try to support it ASAP. I'd guess that's still their stance. (The quote below is from 2011 & therefore not specifically addressing iOS 8) "We "officially" don't support beta OS's until they're released (and certainly not on the first day). In practice, we'll generally support it soon after it goes "Gold". It's too much of a timesink on engineering resources to try to keep up with all the changes in a beta OS before it's stable. So, like, since they just released what is presumably
  10. So...you're banking on your users not noticing the "selective, secret" price increase & that they would not mention it on message boards, blogs, etc. Hmmm...
  11. I wonder if this is a Canadian thing? I checked the website & it still shows $45 for me. I logged into the web client with one of my free accounts & the price there also was still $45. Again, an announcement would be helpful...
  12. Sentinel, I appreciate you going public with your experience. Although I 'liked' your post, it's hard to like what it conveyed. Several of the issues you mentioned are things some of the "formerly-known-as-evangelists" (including me) tried to discuss with Evernote privately several months ago. We received no reply of substance. Especially concerning were things like the mysterious notes being added to accounts, local notebooks being sync'd, removing features and without warning. It would have been much better for Evernote to go public with these things rather than try to sweep them under
  13. The note size displayed may be technically under the limit, but it's close & there is possibly overhead in each note that may not be included in the note size. Just like if you buy a hard drive advertised as 800 gigs, you cannot use all 800 gigs b/c some space is required for overhead. Also, I'd guess some people would want to be notified when they are close to maxing out the note size limit BEFORE they actually do & then possibly lose data. Did you try the suggestions Gaz gave you for your phone, after making the note smaller on your desktop & syncing the desktop?
  14. Sounds like you need to address this to the Awesome note folks.
  15. And you're confusing his request for how he'd like it to be used with a statement about how easy it would be to implement. I mean, come on...you can't honestly think that's what he meant, do you? You and BurgersNFries immediately pounce on people asking for this feature and defend Evernote's programmers as if they are gentle flowers that can't possibly cope with customer requests. I've been involved in enough communities to know that you both see yourselves as being helpful (and I'm sure you answer a lot of questions elsewhere here), but honestly, from an outsider's perspective, you both com
  16. You have GOT to be kidding?!?!?!! As s2sailor said, you are confusing UI with actual "programming". It's kind of like me telling the guy at Discount Tire to change my tires vs the work actually involved in changing my tires. It's pretty easy to arm chair quarterback. Yes, EN currently provides encryption...for text only. Simply b/c text encryption exists doesn't mean that can easily be applied to an entire notebook (or even just a note) that may contain images, PDFs, MP4s, etc. and sync & work well across multiple platforms.
  17. It's pretty easy to arm chair quarterback. Yes, EN currently provides encryption...for text only. Simply b/c text encryption exists doesn't mean that can easily be applied to an entire notebook (or even just a note) that may contain images, PDFs, MP4s, etc. and sync & work well across multiple platforms.
  18. My suggestion would be to scan receipts & title them in YYYYMMDD format followed by the vendor. IE, if it's a Home Depot receipt from 7/12/12, make the title of the note 20120712 - Home Depot. If you're using Windows desktop client, you can use an import folder (please search the board on the topic.) I scan & save the file name what I want the note title to be. (IE 20120712 - Home Depot) Then I put it into an import folder (Windows client - please search the board for more info). So it goes into my EN that way. I can easily find any Home Depot receipts for May 2013 by searching:
  19. When I first started going paperless about seven years ago, I checked. Insurance companies & IRS both accept scanned receipts. (Those are typically the thorns in one's side.) I think you need a different bookkeeper.
  20. Well, Evernote is a cloud app... If you don't want a cloud app, then Evernote may not be the app for you. Secondly, it would appear you not only forgot your password but set up an account with an email address you no longer have access to, since you're not getting the "forgot password" email. (I'm assuming you've checked your spam folder?) That's not Evernote's fault. Third, if you simply close the app (instead of logging out), you don't need to log in to get access into the app. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66740-login-when-offline/
  21. I am setting one up where alternatives can be discussed as well as tips & tricks for migrating to Onenote. I will share what I am learning. Anyone who is interested, please PM me. I will let you know when it's ready (won't be today - possibly tomorrow). To clarify, I am setting up an alternative site to discuss these issues freely, solely out of respect for the fact that this is the Evernote forum. I think it's in poor taste to discuss the finer details of leaving EN on their own message board. IMO, it's a bit like setting up a date with your new boyfriend while your old boyfriend is sti
  22. You cannot selectively sync notebooks to a Windows client. In this case, I would suggest you either use the web client at work or continue to share notebooks from one account to the work account. However, I've had issues with sharing notebooks between accounts. (Search the board on "ghost notes", for more info.) But if it works for you, then great. Another (safer, IMO) option is to have a totally separate account for work. Evernote is free. You only need to pay for a premium account, if you need the premium features.
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