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  1. Nothing new here. But to correct you, there is no "fuss" between coders and non-coders. This has nothing to do with ones coding skills. The only fuss seems to be by those who seem to think Evenote does not understand sub-folders and that posting their use case will sway Evernote into adding sub folders. To reiterate the oft' repeated phrase, if sub folders are a deal breaker for you, then Evernote is not the app for you. Good luck finding an app that better suits your needs.
  2. I'm sure some folks here have used Google docs. Not sure what your point is, though. Just b/c one app does something one way doesn't mean all other similar type apps need to do the same thing. Google docs does what you need/want & Evernote does not. Sounds like you should stick with Google docs. As Jefito has said, "That's why there's chocolate & vanilla."
  3. Yup. It's my understanding EN is rolling out "note locking". This would not allow "multiple people to be working on the same note" simultaneously. And as Gaz said, I'm not sure this avoids the conflicting note problem if you're all logging into the same account. It may require the note to be shared & users accessing that note from multiple accounts. This may SEEM like a "simple idea". But I doubt the implementation is not.
  4. Um, no we don't. We don't because it doesn't matter why. The bottom line is it is not. So what the user needs to do is decide what they need to do. Use EN for non sensitive info? Use local notebooks for sensitive into? Use another app?
  5. AFAIK, this has yet to be fixed. Around July, I submitted ticket # 627563 on this issue. One would think this would be a pretty high priority...
  6. Doubtful. Plenty of discussion on the topic already on the message board.
  7. Yup...tags are the way to go. I have yet to see an *organizational* case that cannot be accomplished with tags. Additionally, as has been mentioned above, tags are more flexible.
  8. The following is discussing notebook names but applies to titles, tags, stacks, etc. You can have 250 notebooks. And if you used numbers incremented by 1, that would be 001-250. Using 001 - 999 would be 999 notebooks.A better alternative, if you were to use this method, would be to use say, 00100, 00200, 00300, 00400, etc. as the prefix. That way, you can add notebooks in between 00100 & 00200 by using 00120 or 00150 without having to renumber all the subsequent notebooks.I use this method often, for one particular hobbyist project I have., where I want to force the files to sort in the order I want them.
  9. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/72736-how-do-you-stack-notebooks-in-the-web-beta/
  10. It's not only about logging into the OS, anyone with a basic IT skill set (and a screwdriver) can access a hard drive. But again, Evernote leaves the security up to the computer owner. One can elect to place one's EN database in an encrypted container...or not. As has been mentioned security has already been discussed at great length on the message board. Please search the board on the topic, if you are so inclined. Good luck with finding an app that suits your needs.
  11. 1. Maybe I'm using someone else's computer or a hotel computer. 2. Maybe I'm using linux. 3. Maybe my account is so large that the iOS and Windows desktop clients are unusable (my case). 4. Maybe I have multiple accounts & use one on the desktop client & the other on the web client (for starters) The web client is better than it used to be, but it is not as robust as the Windows desktop client.
  12. And your point is...??? It shows you have a stack named Fotografie. Fotografie is not a notebook. It is a stack. Under that stack is a notebook (not a sub notebook) named Lightroom that has four notes. You cannot make a sub notebook under "lightroom" b/c there are no sub-notebooks in Evernote. Never has been.
  13. The kind of stuff Evernote was designed to help us remember...as long as we don't want to remember too much stuff.
  14. There are not (nor have there ever been) subnotebooks in Evernote. A note exists in one notebook & one notebook only. Notebooks can be grouped in stacks. Stacks cannot contain stacks or notes. They only group notebooks.
  15. Evernote Windows desktop client has (or at least used to have) an 'add to Evernote' button that would be installed in Outlook.
  16. I don't understand what you mean by rearranging a notebooks "structure". Do you mean the way it's sorted (created date/modified date)? (There is no "structure" associated with a notebook. Sorting applies to the notes in the results pane. That could be a single notebook or all notes or a subset of all notes or a subset of notes in a notebook or notes with the same tag(s), etc, etc, etc.)
  17. Most likely, the only way you'll get your notes from a different app into Evernote is to either copy/paste or make your own script. If you were to use a desktop app (Mac/Windows) there are some automated ways to get notes into Evernote...assuming you can get the notes OUT of your current app. IOW, your main obstacle is to get the notes out of your current note taking software. But I'd guess you would have considered that before making 1000 notes in an application... Due diligence & all that.
  18. You posted this in the web beta section. Beta is just that...if you elect to use beta software for important things, then you better get used to being upset with your software. If you are premium, you can use chat for support. IDK chat hours, but they are probably on the support screen. IDK if they will be able to help you. Suggestion: if it's important, don't use a beta software & sync/backup often.
  19. IIRC, this is a Livescribe pen & you would probably be better served to address this in the Livescribe message board.
  20. This has been posted at least a few times. Did you search the board on the topic???
  21. Then you stumbled upon a third party app. There is never, repeat never, a charge from Evernote to export your data out from Evernote. I'm sorry, did I offend you? Did u miss the part when I said 'All the option that have been provided needed to pay a sum of money to export the amount of notes that I had'(I blame the keyboard ) I don't think I mentioned anywhere that they were options provided by Evernote.. I can't imagine why you think you offended me and no, I did not miss any part, thankyouverymuch. I am simply clarifying your post for you. If your post had been more explicit (IE, if you *had* mentioned you were talking about a third party option), it would not have needed clarification for others who are reading this thread. I can't imagine why you would object to that.
  22. Then you stumbled upon a third party app. There is never, repeat never, a charge from Evernote to export your data out from Evernote.
  23. Evenote (on any computer/device) only syncs when the app is running. On the iPhone, it syncs when you open the app and after you make a change or add a new note. AFAIK, there is no sync time setting on the iPhone b/c most people probably don't leave it open, like you do with a desktop/laptop. You use it and then get out or turn the phone off.
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