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  1. Of course, none of the six alternatives offered would be to your liking. Nothing ever is.
  2. @ab1kenobee, thank you for the congratulations! Yes, I've become jaded wrt Evernote and realize this is just a part of life. But I'm not a negative person in general. I've been coding for the past 40 years. I've been very "computer bound" in the past 20 years due to work and doing more things on a computer (like most of us) such as bill paying, meal planning, grocery lists, photos, social networking, budgeting, etc. But I'm looking forward to being less computer bound, now that I am retired. And the time required to migrate back to Evernote (should I ever want to) is not something I envision wanting to do because I'm enjoying life beyond sitting in front of a computer. ;-) Thanks again!
  3. That may be an indication of how apathetic many of us have become wrt to Evernote. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I do keep haunting the board to kind of monitor what's going on at EN. I suspect for me, it is too little, too late. Because if they were to address my main point of contention (scalability on all platforms), it would take a major overhaul and at least a year or more. Since I am newly retired, I will be spending less time on my computer and less willing to migrate back to Evernote. When I started my first migration to Evernote (June 2009), I really thought that would be the last time I'd have to do this (after years migrating from various PDAs and their associated desktop apps to another). Onenote is not nearly as useful to me as Evernote (before EN became totally useless due to the scalability issue). But...Onenote WORKS and 60-70% useful is better than zero percent useful.
  4. For some reason unknown to me, about a year or two ago, Evernote removed the visual (and quite helpful) indicators that allowed users to quickly & easily identify shared, local & sync'd notebooks. Since I no longer use Evernote (for reasons I've already discussed often on this board), I don't know if this useful feature has been reintroduced. WRT the documentation being out of date, that's been an ongoing issue since day one.
  5. Not sure what you mean by " website front page" or your "own" page. Like Gaz, when I log in, I'm taken to a list of my notebooks (left panel) and my notes.
  6. Most all of us (including me) do. And as I've said before, I understand it's disappointing to users when something free is taken away. But the overriding sense of entitlement that many free users have, that they've somehow been duped or screwed over because this feature is no longer free is not only astounding, but truly sad. That's a bit like me offering someone $10,000 for their brand new Jaguar. Apparently Evernote thinks a one time fee is not enough to sustain ongoing changes to keep up with continually new technology & new devices as well as maintaining the accumulated (and limited only by what one is willing to pay for monthly upload) storage used by their users. Evernote's (the service) business model has *never* been a one time fee for software. It has *always* been a monthly/yearly subscription fee for additional services/features and all the software is free. Of course not.
  7. As I said, the only way to share Evernotes is to share the note (or notebook) or email the note, since Evernote is not an email client. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best way...I would simply use your email client, reply, add attachment, send.
  8. What you're wanting is for Evernote to be a mail client (IE - reply) & AFAIK, this is not possible. You can share or email Evernotes to others.
  9. That's exactly what they did. Maybe the complainers should grow a pair and be willing to pay a few bucks for a service they use (apparently) enough to complain about when it's no longer free. It's funny how the complainers keep coming up with various reasons why they don't want to pay. The bottom line is that those who truly value the service will fork over a few bucks. And those who want something for nothing will continue to find reasons why they don't want to pay for it...all the time thinking their threat to leave Evernote will cause EN to shudder at the loss of non-paying customers... Well good luck with that.
  10. There's a whole lot of "I would pay for Evernote but..." posts by those protesting the move of this feature from free. Which sounds an awful lot like "I want what I want but don't want to pay a few bucks for it." As Nancy (Evernote employee) posted above, there have been many increases to the free service as well as features moved from paid to free. The complainers always seem to have a reason why they think they shouldn't have to pay for something that they use often.
  11. Evernote's limit is not how much storage you are using. Instead, it's an UPLOAD limit. And yes, if you change a note, even making the note smaller, you will use more bandwidth uploading the modified note. Total storage space is unlimited.
  12. What do you mean "MORE" dollars...??? Like Csihilling pointed out, how about ANY dollars??? Until now. So apparently you are NOT happy to pay. Which is fine because clearly, if this "valuable" feature is not worth the $2.08 per month it would cost, then it's really not all that valuable to you. And yes, there was no need to start yet another thread on the topic.
  13. No I did not. That's how it was after the moderator changes were implemented. And even with the new moderator changes implemented, I am, well, still a moderator after all. So what? I'm not pointing users to anything. They are threatening to leave and Onenote has been mentioned by angry free users many, many times in recent threads. So my suggestion is very clear. Quite simply, if you're annoyed b/c you now have to pay for something that was free and this "valuable" service is not valuable enough for you to drop a few bucks a month on, then simply switch to something that better suits your needs. And I stand by my statement...losing non-paying customers really is no big deal. And sorry to disappoint, but as clever as you think you are, I do not work for MS. And yes, the thread title is laced with drama. It would seem to me if the lack of this one feature on the free version of Evernote is dramatic enough to cause one to abandon Evernote, then one would instead be willing to pay for it. But I'm not into drama... So it boils down to this...if it's worth a few bucks to you, then fine. If not, that's fine too. Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.
  14. It would seem their previous "business model" was not all that successful, if they are needing to be more aggressive about getting paying customers. Lots of people have threatened to move to Onenote...if the ads are so bothersome but you're not willing to pay for EN, then I say go for it. As someone who paid for Evernote for several years and has since moved away from it (to Onenote), I would say it's annoying as heck to see so many free users complaining about having to pay for the service b/c of ___ (fill in the blank with your grievance). Do you honestly think any company is going to lose sleep over losing non-paying customers...???
  15. Since he doesn't want the toaster, can I have it??? Mine's on the fritz.
  16. Well, we'll see about that. I'm an Evernote user for 5 years now. Two of them as premium user. That's over now. I'm switching to OneNote. Not being able to access my notes without being online is an absolute deal breaker for me. The nag screen isn't helping, too. It's always helpful to mention what client(s) you're using. Mac and Windows desktop users have been able to access their notes when not online for years. Mobile clients for premium accounts have been able to access notebooks they've designated for offline use for years.
  17. It's always helpful to mention what client(s) you're using, when asking for help. Log into yout account with the web client at Evernote.com to see what notes are on the EN servers. Are they all there? If you were using the Mac or Windows desktop client and... - didn't sync your notes to the EN servers and/or - had most of your notes in local (non-synced) notebooks... ...they would not be on the EN servers and you would be responsible for making your own backups. (Please search the board on backup to see how to backup the database for the desktop client you were using.)
  18. I always find it ironic when free users complain about something and threaten EN will be losing customers, if they continue. Losing non-payng customers is really a non-issue. Good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.
  19. I used to have my EN database in a TC container. Since I no longer use EN, I don't know what the newer versions do, but it's easy enough to test it yourself. IIRC, when you've not logged out of EN (simply CLOSED it), upon reinvoking, an error is generated, since it cannot find the database. If you LOG OUT, then upon reinvoking, you are requested to enter login parameters. If you proceed, a new database is created. But as I said, I no longer use EN, so I may not be remembering correctly and/or newer versions may behave differently. The way to know for sure is to test it yourself.
  20. I just received an email that is the transcript of a chat session for ticket #1139064. The EN support person is Dorothy and the ticket was regarding changing the column width of a table. Since I have not even submitted a ticket, it would seem there is a serious flaw regarding security/privacy here and is a bit unsettling. FWIW, I did start the process of a ticket in order to see where one is able to start a chat (in response to this post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/86121-chat-support-with-evernote-team/)but did not click on the chat button nor did I submit the ticket.
  21. Did you fill out this form that is reached by clicking the support link at the bottom of Evernote.com? It will take you to a page with the option to chat. Also, chat is only available during certain hours. http://evernote.com/contact/support/ then click Contact Us
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