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  1. Já faz mais de 24h que não consigo sincronizar minhas notas. Alguém sabe o que está ocorrendo, ou está experimentando o mesmo problema? Eu já fiz log-off da minha conta, desliguei o computador, etc. Mas continua não funcionando. - Marcelo
  2. Dear Gazumped and Frank.dg, thank you so much for your prompt reply! It worked!! Best Marcelo
  3. I have just updated my Evernote premium. There is a new feature called Context. I have tried to deactivated it. It is utterly useless. It is just another further source of distraction when I open a note. Moreover, I do not ever read the Wall Street Journal. PLEASE: does anybody know how to remove or deactivate this function? Simply hiding it does not preventing Evernote from popping up a balloon at the bottom of the screen whenever I open a note.
  4. Thank you for your prompt reply. Does it mean the only way to force an image to appear as thumbnail is to make sure that it is the heaviest one within the note? Thanks Marcelo
  5. I do like the new layout with larger thumbnails, except for one thing: Evernote seems to choose as thumbnail the largest image within a note. But it is rather annoying, for it seldom coincides with the image which would enable me to recognize a note at once. Can I somehow force Evernote to use a specific image as thumbail? Marcelo
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