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  1. I mainly use EN for information management but I'd like to start to use it more for personal project management. While I've been able to create a notebook hierarchy and tagging system for information management that works well for me and that I am happy with, I've not been able to do the same for personal project management. Here's why, and I'd like input and ideas from others: Example notebook hierarchy: 1. Health (stack) 1.1 Change health insurance 1.2 Research 1.3 And so on 2. Material (stack) 2.1 Find new house 2.2 Car Notes 2.3 And so on In the above example 1.1 and 2.1 are notebooks that represent projects. The challenge is that I'd really like to be able to call up a dynamic view called "Projects" where I would see all of my projects in one place, i.e. Change health insurance Find new house Tags allow me to create "dynamic" views per se of notes, but there is no mechanism that I know of that allows me to do the same for notebooks. Suggestions? Ideas? [other than telling me to change my notebook hierarchy and put all of my projects in one stack :-)] Thanks! p.s. I thought I had the perfect solution. I would just share the project notebooks (and keep them private and invite only myself) and then they would show up under shared notebooks as my "dynamic" view of my project notebooks. But I guess that "shared" only shows notebooks other people have shared with me, because notebooks that I share don't show up there. Thanks!
  2. nvir I agree with you, it would be wonderful to be able to create a simple database in EN, or to even be able to create simple note templates with custom fields. I've also requested sortable tables.
  3. EN does have stars, it's called tagging ;-) :-).
  4. And now it tells me no updates are available, even though they are, so I'm guessing it's being fixed.
  5. Touche MrPaulStark. Personally I've found that sugar goes a lot further than the squeaky wheel, especially when you're just one person of thousands on a forum. I know that usability studies show that making the color of the active folder/tab etc. different makes it easier for users, I'd have to see some references for why making folders different colors makes it any easier, especially when as with EN you can have 250 different notebooks! Windows Explorer doesn't do it, and I don't believe the Mac OS does it either. One Note does it, and it's not useful for me in the least, I actually prefer a single color because I'm focusing on the name of a folder, not the color, and 50 different colors loses all meaning. I can see where some users might like it if they use a lot of colors as a way of visually tagging something, and they choose the colors themselves
  6. I'm sort of surprised they removed the limitation, it's what caused me to instantly buy premium.
  7. You seem rather angry about a relatively minor detail, that reflects unhappiness, and your arrogant know-it-all tone reveals insecurity, I suspect you live in your parents basement. Usability studies have shown that's not good for your health.
  8. One of the things I'm curious about is if EN will ever consider adding note "types". For instance, a note type for contacts, with the appropriate fields, or similar for tasks.
  9. 1. That thread that you quoted communicates to me the exact opposite, which is that they do in fact intend to add some task functionality. Maybe not heavy duty, but more task functionality nonetheless. Which would make a lot of us very happy. Based on what I read the user request, it looks like some of that functionality is already in the pipeline. Granted, maybe not all of it, but perhaps other parts could be added via 3rd party. For instance, a developer might create something that adds due dates to Google or Outlook calendars. 2. Actually there is something wrong with it, when it's consistently done in a one-sided manner that ignores gray areas, stifles discussion, and instead just gives the impression "it's not going to happen". For instance, why didn't someone instead say "this subject has come up a lot and they do have some more features in the pipeline though they've indicated that don't intend to try to make it a heavy duty task manager". Wouldn't that have presented a more accurate and helpful response? Secondly, companies constantly adjust their feature sets based on user feedback, so even if they've indicated it's not a primary focus, if they see it's a primary request, they may adjust their road map.
  10. It may not be the primary focus, but it would be highly complimentary. Evernote is an outstanding information manager. And traditionally information managers have also performed some type of task management capability. It's a very natural add-on/evolution, since we often need to act on information. The fact that they've already added a basic to-do attribute speaks to that. So I hope to see them add a few more task management features. Ryan, the best I can suggest right now is to use tags for action management. I'm sure some other users have more to contribute on the subject.
  11. I have a 4.3" Android phone and an iPad. The Android basically duplicates the EN desktop experience as close as possible on a phone. It blows the iPad experience away. Assuming that the iPhone experience is the same as the iPad experience, than the answer is Android by a long shot. There is talk that the "i" experience will be redone at some point, but right now Android is the answer. As far as Blackeberry goes, it's a great phone if you like horse and buggies and screens with the resolution of phones from 5 years ago. The company is in serious trouble and losing market share like a sieve.
  12. Do you have a way to scan directly into EN, as opposed to scanning to the PC and then dropping it into EN?
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