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  1. Touche MrPaulStark. Personally I've found that sugar goes a lot further than the squeaky wheel, especially when you're just one person of thousands on a forum. I know that usability studies show that making the color of the active folder/tab etc. different makes it easier for users, I'd have to see some references for why making folders different colors makes it any easier, especially when as with EN you can have 250 different notebooks! Windows Explorer doesn't do it, and I don't believe the Mac OS does it either. One Note does it, and it's not useful for me in the least, I actually prefer
  2. You seem rather angry about a relatively minor detail, that reflects unhappiness, and your arrogant know-it-all tone reveals insecurity, I suspect you live in your parents basement. Usability studies have shown that's not good for your health.
  3. Requesting Linux support is reasonable, everyone is entitled to their own feature requests, thinking that EN is "being lazy" or somehow owes you Linux support because you pay for a premium account is not. Linux owns less than 1% of the desktop market. It probably makes about as much business sense for EN to develop for that market as it does to develop for the Commodore 64.
  4. I understand where you are coming from. I am in the same boat as you of liking what it does, while being disappointed with what it does not do. My professional work is also very project oriented and personally I would never attempt to use EN for it, but maybe you'll be able to adapt it to your work. I don't know what is driving you to EN but IF you only need a desktop application you may want to take a look at InfoQube. InfoQube has no mobile client of any type though, it is strictly a desktop app. From a power users standpoint it makes EN look like a toy, but like everything it has its o
  5. Currently EN only allows sharing at the notebook level. This greatly limits the functionality for those of us who use stacks, because it prevents us from sharing our hierarchical structure, and all context is lost. For instance, let's say I want to share: Project 1 (stack) - Tasks - Notes project 2 (stack) - Tasks - Notes All the users us going to see is four notebooks, two named tasks and two named notes, they won't be able to see which project they are stacked under. All context is lost. And I have to share every single notebook. And before someone tells me
  6. This post is a bit old, but I just wanted to point out that I couldn't help but wonder how many people noticed that in order for you to elaborate on the very subject that is being discussed, you used a 3 level outline . Also, as I am reading through the forums on this issue, I tend to agree with this, although I can understand why people do it:
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