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  1. Your feedback is always welcome. Release notes: New: Dark mode in Evernote is now set through system settings in iOS 13 Fixed: We came; we saw; we conquered bugs.
  2. Sorry for the delay — 8.24.2 Release Notes are the same as 8.24.1: New: Dark mode in Evernote is now set through system settings in iOS 13 Fixed: We came; we saw; we conquered bugs. As always, we welcome your feedback!
  3. Hi all, Evernote 8.24 is now available on the App Store. Feel free to share any feedback! New: -Remember when you were a kid, anxiously counting down the days until your birthday? That’s how we feel waiting for iOS 13. For now, we’re busy tweaking the app to get ready for all the cool new features.
  4. Hi all, Evernote for iOS was released on 8/21 to the App Store. As always, we welcome any feedback. Fixed: - Occasionally, images you'd captured with your device's camera wouldn’t show up when you opened a note. They were there all along, but now you’ll be able to see them too. - We also fixed some specific issues that were causing the app to misbehave.
  5. Hello everyone, Evernote for iOS 8.22 is available in the App Store. Thank you in advance for your feedback! Fixed: - Bug fixes and performance improvements = the name of our new band
  6. Hello all! Evernote for iOS 8.21 is now available to the App Store! As always, any feedback is welcome! Improved - If the app seems a little zippier now, it’s not your imagination. We made some tweaks so your notes will load faster. - We take data security very seriously, so we made some updates to keep your information even more secure. Fixed - If you share a note with more than two people, you can now see all their email addresses on the share screen. That’ll help avoid any awkward sharing accidents. - Photos you add using the camera icon will now appear in chronological order. So “Wedding 2019” will appear after “Spring Break 2015”. Just like real life. - 'Unlock with Face ID’ will now let you create a photo note using 3D Touch. It didn’t do that before, which went against the whole spirit of ‘unlock.' - When you created an offline notebook, you sometimes got a message saying “Notebook downloading.” Was it downloading anything? No, but it won’t say that anymore.
  7. Hi all! Evernote version 8.20 is now available on the App Store! We welcome any feedback, thanks! It was a day like any other. Until you tried to create a note in a shared notebook, and the app suddenly crashed. You fell to your knees, pounded your fists on the floor, and cried out in despair, “Whyyy? Why, in the name of all that is good and decent, can’t they just fix that?” We’ve got great news: we fixed that.
  8. Hello, we released Evernote version 8.19 update to the App Store today. As always, any feedback is welcome! Thanks Fixed: - Fix for app crash when switching between multiple accounts - Fix for app crash when searching through shared notebooks
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