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  1. Hi, DTLow, thank you. I noticed that, but that's not my point. I'm trying to make Evernote aware of a frequent need for a specific group of people. A persistent icon is a much quicker way to incude a Reminders to a note. And people that use Evernote as a task management system are constantly adding Reminders to notes. But if the icon is really gone for good they could at least provide a keyboard shortcut to add Reminders.
  2. Hi, you cannot do it on the web version. The solution is install the Android App on your Chromebook and do it there. That's what I do.
  3. Hi, I noticed that the Reminders icon is gone from the note formatting bar on the 7.5 Mac Beta. Is this a bug or are you actually removing it? Those how use Evernote as a task/project management system use lots of Reminders. Please bring it back or let the user choose the items on the bar like we can do on the Tool Bar. Thanks, Vlad.
  4. Pinned Notes is a super useful space but it can get even better. Notes + Notebooks: Why only notes? Please let us also add notebooks to the Pinned Notes area. Drag and Drop: Pinning is really awkward. We should be able to drag and drop notes (and notebooks) from the bottom list to the Pinned Notes area and also drag them out to remove them.
  5. I'm having a hard time with notes containing images. Copy/past doesn't work
  6. I know the solution and I agree, it does the job. But I don't feel comfortable with the kind of permission needed by Cronofy. Once connected it will have full access to the contentes of all my notes. I'm not accusing anyone or anything like that, but because of all the personal information I have stored I don't feel comfortable. Also, iCalendar feeds are becoming quite popular among productivity Apps. Todoist, Trello and several others have this feature.
  7. I would love to have the exact same thing
  8. Yes. I want to automatically set the note creation date based on the image creation date. And each image has its own creation date. I choose to use Hazel because this is a long term activity and I'll have a this folder where I can send move images to and let Hazel + script to work on them.
  9. Thanks for replying but I'm afraid I did't get the second line. I tried several alternatives to complete the dots and none of them worked. tell application "Evernote" activate set importedNote to (create note from file theFile notebook {"Test"}) set creation date of importedNote to ... end tell
  10. I have to import several images to an Evernote notebook but I need to have each note creation date changed to the image creation date. I'm trying to do it using Hazel and AppleScript but had no success changing the note creation date. I set Hazel to monitor a folder on my Mac looking for new images and I have the following script sending them to Evernote: tell application "Evernote" activate create note from file theFile notebook {"Test"} end tell I'm not a developer and have little experience with AppleScript. That said I have already tried my best using, for example, "creationDate" to completing the script and could never get it to change the creation date. All I got so far was a loop importing the same file over and over again or an error from Hazel. Would appreciate some help from you guys. Thank you!
  11. Any plans to bring the ability to change the note creation date to Evernote Web? Presently the only way to do this is on Mac or Windows clients. Not even iOS or Android Apps can do it and this is an important feature the people that use Evernote to archive documents and as a task management system.
  12. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I'm among the first users (since July/2008) and I know how you guys evolved on this text formatting situation over the years. I have a specific question though. Will the appearance, toolbar, menus etc. change a lot? At the blog post you guys wrote "And even though it represents major steps for the product, if we’ve done our job right, you’ll barely notice anything’s changed". What does it means? If one upgrade to the new version it won't even notice it is a different App? I'm working on an Evernote online course and have produced part of the videos. After yesterday's blog post I don't know what to do: wait to get the beta invitation or keep working on the vídeos. That's why knowing if there will be or not multiple cosmetic changes is important to me. Can you be more specific on this subject?
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