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  1. Sorry, I did not find the specific space to report problems with Home beta on iOS. I'm running it on a 2018 iPad (basic model) for 24h and the image banner and the Scratch Pad do not update with the content that I have on the other devices: Mac, Web and Android. I have already tried closing/opening the App and it didn't work. All other widgets are working fine. By the way, the the notes I take on Scratch Pad on Android (Pixel 3a) take a while to apear on my Mac and vice-versa.
  2. I love the new place for the URL on the note, but I think it can get even better. Please let us optionally set a name/title to be shown instead of the address. I suggest adding a new text box on the note information screen with the following behavior: If a name is written, it will show on the note. If it is left blank the URL will show like it works today.
  3. Yes it worked before 10. I have my most use notebooks and stacks set as shortcuts to easily move notes around.
  4. If one has a list of checkbox items and press enter to add another item, the list is auto-converted to a checklist. I imagine this is happening to show users that the new checklist feature exits, but it is not a good move. There are several situations where the traditional checkbox in list format is more useful because of it characteristics. For example, there are some lists that are not task lists and the items are not meant to be crossed when the box is checked.
  5. I noticed that I can drag notes to notebooks that are on the sidebar, but it doesn't work if the notebook is inside shortcuts.
  6. I use a Mac, but I think this request is relevant to all Evernote versions. Once we select a notebook and click on the filter to choose a tag, we should only be presented to tags related to that notebook like it was before v10. There's no point on being presented to tags that are not present on that notebook. It creates confusion and makes selecting tags harder.
  7. Good idea! But I have to confess that I'm becoming addicted to Filters 🤓 and having YT and other items there would be amazing.
  8. Please bring the same Markdown shortcuts available on the Mac to iOS. For example, the options bellow are missing on iOS: #, ## and ### for Titles [][]x2 for table creation
  9. If I create a new Tag and apply it to a note or use an existing Tag and apply it to a note, the Tag counter shows the total number of notes with that Tag, but it takes several seconds for the filter to show that note (or notes) with that Tag on the list. The attached video was recorded on a Mac (10.3.6 build 2001), but I tested and found the same problem on Evernote for web and people on my community also reported it happening on Evernote for Windows. 1313341277_TagsLagging.mov
  10. Interesting, I didn't know that. But, anyway, some sort of YouTube filter would be nice to have.
  11. I'm using Evernote 10.3.6 (build 2001 public) for Mac and while experimenting with some of the Filter "Contains" options I found out that the notes with new the embedded YouTube feature are not selected on the "video" option. I understand that the Filter is looking for video files saved in the notes, but it would be nice to have embedded YouTube videos also included. Or, maybe, a "YouTube" filter option.
  12. I'm using Evernote 10.3.6 (build 2001 public) for Mac and there's one item on the Filter "Contains" option missing translation to Portuguese. "Numbers" should be "Números".
  13. Thank you for clarifying this. I think it's a good idea to have some sort of message on the dropdown menu explaining that PDFs larger than X MB cannot be displayed as a preview. I was going crazy about this situation removing and uploading PDFs on my notes because I was thinking it was a problem on the menu being caused by a glitch.
  14. I have a stack called "VLADCAMPOS.TV" and it was "invisible" on the shortcuts menu on iOS. All I could see was its space. As soon as I installed the Android beta the same happened there. So I figured It is something related to this stack name because all others are working fine. The only diference I could find was a point (.) separating the "TV" part of the name. I went to the Mac and removed that and It's now working perfectly. I didn't test it with other special characters, but maybe you guys should tested to figure out what is causing the desaparece.
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