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  1. Thank you for clarifying this. I think it's a good idea to have some sort of message on the dropdown menu explaining that PDFs larger than X MB cannot be displayed as a preview. I was going crazy about this situation removing and uploading PDFs on my notes because I was thinking it was a problem on the menu being caused by a glitch.
  2. I have a stack called "VLADCAMPOS.TV" and it was "invisible" on the shortcuts menu on iOS. All I could see was its space. As soon as I installed the Android beta the same happened there. So I figured It is something related to this stack name because all others are working fine. The only diference I could find was a point (.) separating the "TV" part of the name. I went to the Mac and removed that and It's now working perfectly. I didn't test it with other special characters, but maybe you guys should tested to figure out what is causing the desaparece.
  3. It looks like 10.1.7 only partially fixed internal links pointing to the Web App. If I copy a note link and simply past it (cmd+v) on another note, the link will point to the note in the Mac App. If I copy the note link and select a text on the other note and create a link on the word/phrase (cmd+k), the link will point to the web App. Note.: This is happening on Mac and Windows. By the way, I do understand the safety reasons for the little pop-up (bubble) showing the URL when links are pointing to non-Evernote addresses. But having that extra step for internal links creat
  4. Any note, any notebook. I recorded a small clip showing it. Dragging Notes.mov
  5. I'm running 10.1.7 and although I can drag notes to notebooks that are on the sidebar, it doesn't work if the notebook in question in a stack that is in the sidebar.
  6. In the past it was possible to hide the Recent Notes block from the sidebar. Please bring back that option.
  7. I noticed that the new Evernote 10 let us embed and play videos inside a note. It would be nice to change the WebClipper behavior on YouTube to have the embedded video instead of the video channel cover that is captured today.
  8. Hi, DTLow, thank you. I noticed that, but that's not my point. I'm trying to make Evernote aware of a frequent need for a specific group of people. A persistent icon is a much quicker way to incude a Reminders to a note. And people that use Evernote as a task management system are constantly adding Reminders to notes. But if the icon is really gone for good they could at least provide a keyboard shortcut to add Reminders.
  9. Hi, you cannot do it on the web version. The solution is install the Android App on your Chromebook and do it there. That's what I do.
  10. Hi, I noticed that the Reminders icon is gone from the note formatting bar on the 7.5 Mac Beta. Is this a bug or are you actually removing it? Those how use Evernote as a task/project management system use lots of Reminders. Please bring it back or let the user choose the items on the bar like we can do on the Tool Bar. Thanks, Vlad.
  11. Pinned Notes is a super useful space but it can get even better. Notes + Notebooks: Why only notes? Please let us also add notebooks to the Pinned Notes area. Drag and Drop: Pinning is really awkward. We should be able to drag and drop notes (and notebooks) from the bottom list to the Pinned Notes area and also drag them out to remove them.
  12. I'm having a hard time with notes containing images. Copy/past doesn't work
  13. I know the solution and I agree, it does the job. But I don't feel comfortable with the kind of permission needed by Cronofy. Once connected it will have full access to the contentes of all my notes. I'm not accusing anyone or anything like that, but because of all the personal information I have stored I don't feel comfortable. Also, iCalendar feeds are becoming quite popular among productivity Apps. Todoist, Trello and several others have this feature.
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