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  1. Not trying to do anything besides get my 10,000 notes back for months. This makes me wonder how secure our data really is at the mercy of a private company. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I have promoted Evernote to all my friends and clients.
  2. I have the same issue. This is like a daily groundhog day nightmare. It takes me 30 min to login and my notes are all missing after a month still.
  3. I keep getting logged out every time. How is this company in business?
  4. Never heard back. Never got a ticket number. 10 years 10, 000 notes lost. I'm about to be really in trouble.
  5. Hi Let me just say if someone's reading this and can help me from Evernote I'm going to pay you cash out of my pocket to figure out how to fix this issue. I login to Evernote the other day and couldn't get in so I thought I'd change my password anyhow I might have two different accounts or something but 10,000 notes have gone Missing over a decade of taking notes on Evernote. I'm really upset and puzzled. Even using lagacy is not working but it shows me 5 old notes from 2018 when I accidentally opened an account. Help!!
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