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  1. Since the update to version 10.2 there is a new issue with internal links. Following procedure: I insert an internal link in a note. In „Edit“-mode i place the cursor directly behind the internal link. Press return. Then the internal link deletes itself, if there were spaces, underscores or hyphens in the internal link. The same issue exists with already existing internal links. If i want do edit them, they delete themselves. Please EN, fix soon!!
  2. I have the same problem. The Ipad-version ist very slow. It´s different. Some times it´s a little bit faster. But overall it´s not acceptable! Please, EN, fix this soon!!
  3. I‘m also using the Ipad as primary machine. And i‘d like so much if the Ipad-version of EN would be similar to the Desktop-version.
  4. One more issue: If I delete a note before I have finished the edit mode in this note, the whole app hangs.
  5. I click on "Edit" in a note and want to select text on the ipad with the mouse. I click in the text and hold the left mouse button. And now I want to select the text from left to right. And this is exactly what I cannot do. Instead i drag the whole screen from left to right and return to the last note i opened before. Please fix.
  6. Yes, nothing. EN, why do we not hear from you? EN, when will you deliver the next update? EN, when will this issue with the search (and many other issues) be solved? !!! EN, PLEASE COMMUNICATE !!! !!!THE SEARCH FUNCTIONALITY IS VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!! IT DOESNT WORK!!! SINCE WEEKS!!! COME ON!!!
  7. I want to repeat this issue: EN, where is the solution?? It‘s very very urgent!! When will you update EN for IOS?? We don’t hear anything from you!!
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