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  1. When a sender shares/sends me a note via the workchat, the note is not displayed as an attachment in the workchat.
  2. I miss the possibility to rename files / attachments, that are saved in notes.
  3. It’s a disaster. Download offline notes / notebooks doesn’t work. Absolutely no progress since over one week!
  4. Yes, SimonU62! EN, when will you release the next update for IOS??
  5. I don’t think, this is correct. All the last years it was always the case that an internal link, which I produced on Iphone/Ipad, was opened on the Mac with EN Mac and not with EN Web. And I also stay on 7.14 for Mac. But on Mac the internal links open with EN Web since EN IOS 10.0
  6. Thank you! But I don’t want to learn something about „xcallback links“. I just want, that my „internal links“, that i produce in the IOS-Version, will be opened in the MAC-Version by EN (Mac) and not by EN (Web)!
  7. I miss the ability to select multiple notes at once, either to move them together to another notebook or to add a keyword or keywords to them. In the Mac version this worked until EN 7, but not in the IOS version. This feature would be very, very helpful!
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