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  1. Does this even have the new Editor experience that is available on the web?
  2. I am a heavy user (Evernote for Mac)who just wants the new editor experience, Please help me answer a few of my questions = Is it possible to be able to use both the Mac app as well as this beta simultaneously on the same mac? How buggy is this beta? What is the probability of losing my notes? What is the probability of losing the formatting of my notes? When is the next beta expected? Thanks
  3. I have tried using Classic link and also deleting cookies. It doesnt work. The links still open in Web browser. How to make it open in the Evernote Mac App?
  4. The CEO Ian Small mentioned something about it in his last youtube video
  5. Does this beta include the new editor ?
  6. Does this beta include the new editor ?
  7. I paste a lot of web links in my notes. Is it possible to get the link appear as a title extracted from the web page.? Or any other neat feature?
  8. SOLUTION = In your Mac app, See Evernote > Preferences > Clipping to set the default viewing for attachments.
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