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  1. that is interesting, I am pretty sure it wasn't there when I wrote this topic :-]
  2. and my Samsung Galaxy S10 suggests to switch this app to sleep mode due to frequent crashes draining battery
  3. the android app KEEPS CRASHING! Almost every time I do something else with my phone and switch back to Evernote it closes and has to load again, which makes me wait and also drains more battery by constantly loading again. Also I am not sure how to force update of my edits, because sometimes I edit a note, press check mark to confirm my edits and then the green triangle with arrows stays there and note does not seem to get uploaded to cloud! If I edit it again, tap checkmark again sometimes it syncs then, but do I have to do this always twice? With the new mobile app I keep having mu
  4. sorry what do you mean? You are directly contradicting my post by your sentence :-] I said I want to make shortcuts for notes on my homescreen and this does NOT work anymore!
  5. yes there are widgets to create new note, but that's not what I want 😕
  6. I really liked that I can make shortcut to a particular note right on my home screen. Was this incredibly useful function just been removed in new version??
  7. Really, so this is the new default? The first thing I noticed is ONLY missing functionality. I wonder why is this not a beta and released only after user feedback is implemented?
  8. Another thing: where is the sync button? I am using Windows app and Android app and I got used to always click sync on a PC before going somewhere otherwise it was very likely it does not sync and I will not have the latest data on my android phone Silly question: where (the heck) are application options? I can't find it in the menu!
  9. Hello, so I have reinstalled OS on a new PC and installed Evernote for windows. I am not very happy with the new design and I can't figure out how to put the shortcuts where I had it before - on top of the window. Is it possible?
  10. and it happens in FireFox or MS Edge as well.
  11. I said it happens to me for years already and I don't see how this bug can be related to number of devices. I have one android app on my phone, one Evernote app on one Windows machine and then I sometimes use a webclient on 1-2 other PCs. Right now when I wanted to write this reply, I clicked login and TWICE got an empty page! So I tried to refresh it twice, click login again and on the third attempt I finally got to the forum homepage! Unbelievable... this was the 2 times blank page https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FforumSso%2F%3F%26v%3D2
  12. Hello, this bothers me for years already. I go to www.evernote.com, login with my credentials but then very often I just end up with empty qhite page and URL https://www.evernote.com/Login.action In such case I need to refresh the page by F5 or pressing enter in address bar, I get back to login screen, login again and hope that it will work this time. Sometimes I get the blank page again and have to refresh it again! I have cleared evernote cookies and it still happens! It's Evernote web v10.3.1
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