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  1. We are talking about web client here. The app is better of course, but it's not always available if you are on a different PC for example.
  2. What I have found out just now! If I copy text and images from a web browser, I can paste it into EverNote webapp and it's there with images!
  3. Hello, so i noticed my browser (Chrome) using continuously 15-25% CPU when a note is displayed in evernote. If I go to list of Notebooks it stops. If I go back to Evernote current version it stops. If I go to beta again it happens again. I think that's something developers should look at. Seems like some infinite loop in a script.
  4. yes it is possible to right click - copy some image already in evernote web note and right click - paste into another note.
  5. Jefito really? What about windows snipping tool? Please try that. By copying image from file explorer you mean click on a file icon and copy? I wouldn't expect this to copy an image ...
  6. Aha so I found in settings how to go to beta. I am in beta and no, can't paste a picture like this using FireFox :) Maybe in Chrome?
  7. I am not sure how can I see the version, but my URL is https://www.evernote.com/Home.action?login=true Anyway does it work in any of the versions or these feature is yet to come?
  8. Hello. I have a feeling we are in a web 2.0 era for many years now, so why is it such a problem for evernote web client to handle basic operation like paste an image? Taken by windows snipping tool for example? I have to save it as file, browse for it and insert it. That takes long time.
  9. Evernote Web You’re using the new Evernote Web Beta Go back to current version interesting, so I have probably agreed on some beta program, but don't remember it. When I click Go back to current version this is what I see. In settings I have Evernote Web is all new! Try it now. Go to beta version If I go to beta version I have that missing text problem. So it seems there is only two versions for me: beta and current. I don't see any option to go to classic. But it does not matter too much. I just need something that works. I was thinking that beta and current might have the same UI design, but they are very different as you see.
  10. I am sorry, but you didn't explain to me nothing. I don't understand which UI is beta and which one is current. You keep talking about beta not working, but I did not request any participation in some early adoption program, so would I get some beta UI? I said it works on one of my pc and does not on another, so I am wondering why doesn't it work on two Win10 systems with the same browser? So please just tell me - is this "current" or beta UI? www.evernote.com/client/web as you can see there is no text on the right side but there is a text snippet in the list
  11. Sorry this is a difficult question. One day Evernote asked me if I want to try the new UI and I said yes 😉 Anyway my Evernote switched to classic version when I logged in via FireFox. Now I opened Chrome and it was still classic. In the bottom left icon I clicked "switch to the new EverNote web", so this is whatever version I was using and you ask me about. So I just found out it works on my other pc without this problem! I can see notes text in Chrome in this new EverNote web. But it DOES NOT work on my work laptop. Chrome versions are the same and current. I just deleted 10 cookies from evernote.com and nothing have changed. Seems like I will have to stick with the older version of web app on this laptop...
  12. Hello, somebody tell me what the heck's happening. It started yesterday that in Google Chrome I don't see text of any note, just subject! I tried in FireFox - it told me that I have to use legacy interface because the new one works only in Chrome (new browser tyranny starting I guess...?) and in FireFox in legacy interface it works. Please update me on status of this issue and ETA of resolution.
  13. It seems that sync set to "automatic" eventually syncs but it takes very long time. How is this intended to work?
  14. As I said the desktop app does not sync up. I have a web version opened on the same PC and that note I updated in app stays old on web even if I refresh the page. Android app always worked fine and showed updates made in web version on a PC in matter of seconds.
  15. Hello, I am using desktop app on one of my pcs, web version on another and android app on my phone. I have checked Synchronize every 5 minutes, but it just does nothing! I type something on my computer, then go away for 15 minutes and on my phone I still don't see the changes I made in the desktop app! If I switch it to "synchronize automatically" it does nothing either and does not seem to ever want to sync. What is the point of adding new "hip" features if the basic functionality cannot be guaranteed?
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