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  1. Really, so this is the new default? The first thing I noticed is ONLY missing functionality. I wonder why is this not a beta and released only after user feedback is implemented?
  2. Another thing: where is the sync button? I am using Windows app and Android app and I got used to always click sync on a PC before going somewhere otherwise it was very likely it does not sync and I will not have the latest data on my android phone Silly question: where (the heck) are application options? I can't find it in the menu!
  3. Hello, so I have reinstalled OS on a new PC and installed Evernote for windows. I am not very happy with the new design and I can't figure out how to put the shortcuts where I had it before - on top of the window. Is it possible?
  4. and it happens in FireFox or MS Edge as well.
  5. I said it happens to me for years already and I don't see how this bug can be related to number of devices. I have one android app on my phone, one Evernote app on one Windows machine and then I sometimes use a webclient on 1-2 other PCs. Right now when I wanted to write this reply, I clicked login and TWICE got an empty page! So I tried to refresh it twice, click login again and on the third attempt I finally got to the forum homepage! Unbelievable... this was the 2 times blank page https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FforumSso%2F%3F%26v%3D2
  6. Hello, this bothers me for years already. I go to www.evernote.com, login with my credentials but then very often I just end up with empty qhite page and URL https://www.evernote.com/Login.action In such case I need to refresh the page by F5 or pressing enter in address bar, I get back to login screen, login again and hope that it will work this time. Sometimes I get the blank page again and have to refresh it again! I have cleared evernote cookies and it still happens! It's Evernote web v10.3.1
  7. Hello, I type my journal feeling happy and then suddenly I don't know what happens, but it starts creating notebook stack! I guess it must be some keyboard shortcut which interferes with the characters typed via AltGr+something. What is it and how can I disable it??
  8. Sorry gents, but I have a hard time understanding either of you :-] Can anybody confirm what happens on iOS Evernote if you open a note and long tap on a link? Without going into edit mode with on screen keyboard!
  9. Hello, I frequently copy paste various URLs for interesting articles I read in my Evernote notes. The problem on the phone is that if I want to send this link to somebody, I need to select it and copy it. That is a tricky task to do however, because tap and hold on such a link only makes a short buzz but no menu appears! If I do tap and hold on a piece of plain text I get the menu cut/copy/paste and so on, but not on the link directly. So I always need to do this weird workaround by tapping on some text around and then adjusting the highlighted selection to select the link only and then I
  10. And I say that it would be super easy to pin-point the crucial differences between "healthy" and corrupted note if the devs only asked you or me for it! After that they would simply see what piece of code is responsible to make that data and in what cirmumstances it can possibly not do it or do it wrong. That's how I debug my software since 2000 or so and it always worked.
  11. "we're laser focused" - I am sorry but if a company is laser focused and keeps getting reports about a problem for such a long time and is still unable to do anything about it, then they really need to have some serious discussion with their devs team! I am code developer myself and I can't understand what is so hard on pressing ctrl+f in a source code, going to the section which detects and decides to say that "note was created in a different app" and see exactly what strings/values are being checked to cause this result. Then I would ask the community to provide some export of data from th
  12. So here we are more then a year later and this is STILL HAPPENING! I have the same problem as Dave-in-Decatur and I regularly stumble upon more and more notes that get locked when I try to edit them. Oberdada's workaround might work, but WILL NOT fix the other notes which are just waiting and most likely will break sooner or later once you try to edit them! What I have found out is that it seems like some (but not all!) notes created more then one (or maybe two?) years have this problem and it happens when you try to edit and save them. I have tried to salvage the note by copying text
  13. I have the same friking problem! Although I didn't change a phone and it seems it happens to older notes and every now and then I stumble upon new one which I want to edit and then this happens! I have dozens of notes which are now probably on my phone only and there is some different version without last edits in the cloud. What a frikin mess! I have been using Evernote for many years now but this bug really makes me consider going back to OneNote which I didn't like because of slow werb interface! I am happy I didn't pay for this never ending beta version of an app! I have never had a goo
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