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  1. I agree with @gazumped, and would add that you should probably look at what's available that would suit your needs for Evernote <> Asana integration in services such as IFTTT (basic but easy to use) or Integromat (much more powerful but needs more thought). Unless you just mean using both tools to cover different aspects of project management, without any specific technical integration. In which case it's still really what you make of it.
  2. My thoughts: Great to hear that Evernote's financially secure and that the plan is still to stay the course on the various architectural and design improvements. "Mid-year announcement" – hmm, maybe it's going to be a while still before there's an iOS client that works with the fabulous new editor experience. Oh well, at least having that editor on the browser-based Evernote has made it possible for me to use EN for productive note-taking again, not just collecting reference material. I'll wait patiently for more betas / announcements / releases 🙂.
  3. It looks like this is finally on the way! Hopefully should be nice enough to get me off Dropbox Paper and back into Evernote for actually taking notes and not just web clipping. Evernote Behind the Scenes #3 https://youtu.be/M7kBm_1vIgE
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