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  1. Although it's taking a long time for the unified editor to make its way from the web version into the "thick" clients – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac – it surprises me that more people don't realize that it is on the way already, and works perfectly well in the web version. Here's how it looks there: And you can also use Markdown-style hash characters to create these headers if you prefer (# = H1, ## = H2, etc). They don't stay as Markdown but they act as a keyboard shortcut in a way. Similar to Dropbox Paper. The outlines mentioned in the original post would be very nice. One of t
  2. It’s good to hear that Evernote is hiring. A healthy sign indeed. I think the backlinks request will keep coming back, though to pick on a detail from your post, why would you need a graph database just to do backlinks? Roam takes a native graph approach, but that's because it does much more than backlinks; it supports sophisticated querying. And it was originally intended to do even more than that with Bayesian inferencing. Way beyond Evernote's ambitions I'd say and beyond those of most regular note-takers. Graph DBs are great for understanding relationships across heterogeneous
  3. I don't want to minimize the distress and heartache that many people are experiencing, but I think it depends on the organization as to how well their software development processes hold up (or even improve) due to remote working. We are all strangers on this forum so your point is a fair one without further context, but I do have direct experience of this in a couple of ways. I would guess that the reason for the delay is just that fundamentally re-architecting Evernote turned out to be a far bigger thing than anyone expected. For any development, if the team hasn't done anything directl
  4. The web version already does it. And you can use Markdown to enter the headings if you like (one, two, or three hash symbols). This new editor is supposed to come to all the apps at some point.
  5. I'm getting a bit more nervous. It's awfully quiet (apart from a few people here exclaiming loudly that they don't even want to hear about a new release if it doesn't have their favorite crusty old Windows feature that only they and somebody's dog use). I hope we are not moving into "Dreaming in Code" territory. Fingers and toes crossed now.
  6. I love the way this has been done now, with a little "Move note" icon when you hover over the notebook title. Having the "breadcrumb" behavior on clicking the actual notebook title is nice and I'm relying on it more now it's there. But I do often need to move notes quickly as well, so this is helpful: I haven't tried it on Safari on the iPad yet – suspect the hover behavior will only show up with a mouse/trackpad unless it's possible to just tap the area where the icon would be.
  7. Others have argued by logic (and I agree with them). Let me argue the same point by analogy. Facebook (a bit bigger than Evernote) once tried to make a "Facebook phone". It was really quite nice to use as I remember. But do you remember it? Do most people? There simply wasn't a Facebook phone-sized gap in the market. Mainstream devices did the job perfectly well. (And after all why would Facebook want to limit their growth by offering any significantly better features on the preinstalled app compared with the regular Android, iOS, and at that time Windows Phone apps?) For a consumer
  8. Sounds very sensible to me. I suspect they're not able to be quite as incremental as they'd like, thus slowing them down, because if they update the apps without a fairly rich feature set, a lot of us old-timers are going to complain loudly. We probably aren't the majority of the user base but are the most vocal :-). Have you ever seen a major revamp of any large tool where some previously features weren't omitted on the initial proper release of the new one? Not to mention betas.
  9. I share your hope and a slight sense of anxiety. I reassure myself that the lack of news probably means that everyone is working hard on the new releases. I don't agree with this though: The web clipper is best in class. The new web editor (soon to be the editor everywhere) is on a par with the leading notes apps. Some features are different of course but generally on a par. Bear in mind also that it's operating on a very large scale (itself a reassuring factor), so the recent backend changes are very material; a couple of the cutting-edge note apps have a tendency to lose people'
  10. I see that you, like me, are grandfathered in on the old "Plus" account. That means we get a fantastic feature set at a price that no longer makes commercial sense for Evernote to offer to new users. Premium is even better of course, but for now I am keeping quiet and enjoying what I've got. And I don't mind the odd nag here and there to upgrade; one day I probably will.
  11. I agree it’s table stakes for a notes app these days and could list half a dozen more. It’s on the way in Evernote too though; an integral part of the new web editor, that will be the basis of the editor in the upcoming desktop/mobile apps. The release sounds not too far off now! I’m hoping for early summer; have no insider info though.
  12. If I understand the request properly, this is indeed already implemented in the new (beta) web client, and on the way on other platforms. As for those who think that headings only belong in Word, I think the consensus across almost all other note-taking apps shows that enough users value headings as a way to add some structure (not formatting perhaps but structure). Off the top of my head: Apple Notes OneNote Dropbox Paper Bear IAWriter Drafts Ulysses Notion All the other Markdown apps Not Google Keep though? As for the peren
  13. It may be by design, as the only way in the current implementation to enforce a sync regularly (thus avoiding the even-worse experience of losing data or having to manually pick a version). But it is definitely annoying and means I’m using other tools at the moment to note down ideas in iOS. I hope the upcoming iOS version with the new editor fixes this.
  14. I don’t have any problem inserting images from my iPhone photo library (no obvious conversion required unless it’s happening automatically). And I just checked my settings — I’m capturing “high efficiency” images which I believe is the setting for HEIC. What is it that people can’t do? On which model of iPhone? (iPhone 7 still here.) Edit: are we talking about viewing HEIC in Windows, per this thread?
  15. Yes to all this, but in addition, a big new feature for me this year has been the more "semantic" editor in the web client that's hopefully coming soon to the other clients. I couldn't use Evernote as a serious note-taking and drafting tool without it. (Before this came along I was just using Evernote for web clipping, and kept refreshing the "H1, H2, H3" thread to look for any hope in that area!) It might sound basic or foundational to some folks on here but literally makes the difference for me between using EN or not!
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