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  1. Cool idea; that said, there’s markdown support. A brief learning curve, but much faster when you get used to it.
  2. I’d like to see support for better matching in general. Matching “in word” is definitely a must have!
  3. Sadly, I agree. Electron is a great choice for some apps [needs to lock down to a browser version and control that. Legacy code for enterprises, healthcare, other slow moving organizations]. But even then it’s a solution you should be looking to move from, not move to. All that said: the problem here isn’t the technology choices, it’s the failure to capture all of the use cases, do TDD, and release *when the use cases are working*.
  4. Agreed. This version is SO cut-down from the Beta...and makes the Beta unusable by some alteration of the local database.
  5. I appreciate that the legacy version is available, but I'm sad that installing 10.0 broke the beta. I'm also sad that I have to run 10.0 to get updated to 10.1, since 10.0 is *so* broken for me. (No web clipper? That's more than 90% of what I use Evernote for!)
  6. This happens on Safari, but not Chrome. Annoying as hell. The error comes from trying to create a new note and validating it; it appears that Safari PDF content is wrapped in an Embed element, and Chrome isn't. What bothers me is HOW LONG Evernote has taken to respond to this.
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