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  1. Hi @AgnesP, I want to report that the same error is happening on my iPhone as on my iPad after I updated to iOS14. In iOS13 I could see all the notebooks. On the notebook page I can see the full list.
  2. Exactly, for example, same feature that the stable version of Evernote Windows has: Only the tags used in the notebook are visible here. This was previously owned by Evernote iOS. I handle many tags, how will I know which ones are being used within a notebook to filter specifically? It is impossible! 😣
  3. I am also a user of this feature. In my case I have a notebook as a library where I have technical documents classified by tags that I use in my work. Memorizing or keeping a separate note on the assigned labels in a notebook to remember them all would be a "legitimate headache"! and a complete rollback my workflow. ☹
  4. Hi Evernote Team, I have updated the application and I am having the following problem on my iPad: My iPad is on iPadOS version 13.7
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