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  1. Both the design and the implementation of moving a note slow and inefficient : On My Ipad, lets say I have a note in my default folder and want to move it. The following happens: - I click on the default folder name at the top of the note itself - it bring up a pop up at the bottom - I select Move Note - a bigger dialogue pops up with list of my folders. No shortcuts or recently used folders are listed, just a long list. - frequently the folder list is slow to render, and first renders with Lock symbols next to each one, and then it re rernders without them. They’re all mine, and none are shared. I can’t remember when I last changed permission of a folder, if ever. If I try to select a folder in that first render, it fails. I have to wait. - I scroll down, or type some letters to find it, and then select it. This is both slow, and a big step back from the previous version. - let me see my recent folders, or my shortcut folders, or both. Don’t make me search or scrolll. Or have to rename them to get them at top of list. - and please fix the speed. This is on a late 2017 iPad Pro. Its not a slow machine.
  2. No, those images never appeared. as an experiment on my ipad with the official Twitter app, I just tried again to save some photos using the extension. I tried doing it in slightly different ways: launching the extension with the more thumbnail type image and saving that, and then make the image full screen in Twitter app before using the extension. Confusingly, one image failed both times, one worked on one of them. (The images are the same size etc, almost identical). This is how one of these failed notes looks. as another test, I saved a random image from inside my photos app this way. It worked.
  3. A feature I use frequently on ipad or iphone, and it used to work perfectly before 10. - on an image in an app (like twitter or Safari), effectively right click to bring up the sharesheet and then select Evernote - don;t enter any text or tag, just let it default. Save the note. Get a success message from Evernote, saying itll appear when next synched. Fire up Evernote so it can synch. On every note Ive tried so far, the Note’s contents appeared to be ‘shared image.png’ in the preview in the left column. The text in the body of the note when eventually visible is ‘Error syncing note due to an error during file upload’ and theres no image.
  4. Ouch! Thats sounds different to mine - not least because you’re a Premium user. I hope you’ve raised a ticket etc, and get your data back. In my case, Evernote have enabled my account to synch, and so my notes *appear* to be still there, and reappear as the synch catches up. So they must have been hidden on my Ipad by the Upgrade in some way, but not deleted. Will see if they’re all there, but looking ok so far. Hopefully my iphone is similar when I try that later. (Separately, I do wish Evernote had some kind of comparison tool to find those differing notes between devices - I’ve never had all my devices with the same number each time Ive bothered to check over the years, and with around 40000 notes, I’m not off to check manually)
  5. Evernote imposes a 60MB/mo limit on synching on Basic account holders. I have been Premium for years, but was in process of considering my future itd the App. Notes that hadn’t synched weren’t “notes in a cache”, they were fresh data waiting permission to synch, which is a whole different ball game.
  6. Ive just installed the v10 app on my iphone and ipad. Im in the UK (both devices regional settings set as such). Why does the Evernote new app use American date formats? Its immediately obvious after the upgrade scanning through notes. As A European, I don’t expect to see 8s and 9s first at this stage of a month. I can’t recall what the previous versions used - but its striking using this that they’re all american, despite regional settings. I’m surprised any App revised and relaunched in 2020 wouldn’t cater for international settings as standard. I can’t see anything in settings on the new app that covers this.
  7. I’ve just installed the latest app on my ipad. The App is v10, my ipad is on the GM release of IpadOS14 instlalled yesterday.. I had dozens of notes that hadn’t synched (I’m currently a basic user, considering whether or not I’ll stick with Evernote after using it for 11 years or so). They were locally on my ipad, waiting for synch. All of them have gone. The same has now happened to a similar set of notes on my iphone. I seem to have lost all my unsynched notes on both platforms. They were perfectly happy sitting there earlier this morning prior to the v10 upgrade. They’re not in Trash. I’ve lost about 6 weeks worth of notes, maybe more. (btw - a separate once you go into the Trash folder I can’t find a way to get out of it without killing the app. There/s no sign of an option that gets you back to your notes or notebooks) I would raise a ticket - as Help tells me to. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to do it. None of the searches actually take me to a page that allows me to enter a bug, or to email you.
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