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  1. @Jay-Bob I don't like and don't use the new version of Evernote. It takes too long to save each update ... cursor freezes while saving. Slows me down way too much. @MatS14 Yes, that's what the error looked like when it was happening. I posted a screenshot of it earlier in the thread.
  2. The note is long. I usually work on documents 1k to 10k long. This one is 4k. There are two short (5 bullets or less) bullet lists. I usually have more that that. No attachments. There are links to the websites I use for reference. In this note I have a few 2 x 2 tables, but the saving problem started before I started using those. Attached are developer tools shots. The 2nd one, without errors, is incognito.
  3. Actually, I havent uploaded a single image into any of my notes. Not one. It's all copy. And when I copy and paste from online sources, I use ctl + shift + v to remove the format. So I don't see how that could be the cause.
  4. Hi! Did you figure out what the error or what is causing it?
  5. Attached are four screen shots. First two are not incognito, with the second one taken a few seconds after the first one after typing something and reloading. Third and fourth shots are incognito, wih the fourth one taken a few seconds after the first one, after typing something and reloading.
  6. Hi @Scott T. Thank you for your help. With some help, I discovered that my Windows 10 had failed to update to the latest version released last October -- #1809. My computer was running #1803. After the update, the old version of Evernote began to work again. I found like a dozen saved files of the note I was working on ... I don't know, maybe every failed attempt to save showe up there. Last night, after the update, the new Evernote version continued to take too long to save, which is why I've never liked it. For example, if I type a word and quickly try to backspace-erase some letters, it freezes. Right now, it seems better, though is stillslow. Attached are screenshots (first two) of dev tools console and network tabs (captured just now) of new Evernote version. I've also attached the dev tools console screenshot (third image) for the old version, which I took just now as I was making revisions on the note and while the system seemed to be working fine (but there's failure stuff in the console ... don't know what it means). Hope this helps. I work on Chrome with Ad Blocker and Ghostery extensions.
  7. Thank you so much, Scott, for replying. Attached are screenshots that I hope will answer your questions. I found how to switch to the new version, and it seems to be saving, but it freezes while it's saving. So ....
  8. Thank you so much, Scott, for replying. Attached are screenshots that I hope will answer your questions. How do I switch to the new web client? I'm willing to try it again, hoping the initial problems were fixed. I love Evernote -- above other services -- and it's really messing me up not being able to use it.
  9. The regular, free version. When the new one was introduced, it was such a mess that I went back to the original.
  10. Is there any way to contact Evernote about this? I'm about to give up on this service.
  11. I use Evernote almost every day, and so far today it's failing to save any changes I make to my notes. I keep getting the "couldn't save note" red banner on top of the page. I tried logging out and logging in and thought that helped, but a few minutes later I got the couldn't-save message again. Sometimes it works if i make ONE change, stop and let Evernote to save it, then make another change. I'm a writer with a deadline. Clearly, I can't work like this. Is there a bug? Anyone else? What to do? I'm on a PC on Google Chrome, what I've always used. I tried Microsoft Edge -- same thing. Even when it seems like it's saving, when I leave the Evernote tab to go to another tab and come back, the changes are gone.
  12. Thank you, Austin! I had to switch to OneNote, but with the old Evernote still available, I'll come back!
  13. I've been using Evernote for a few years. With few exceptions--when the system was very slow saving changes, etc., last year--it has worked well. Not anymore. Ever since the website was updated, re-designed, whatever, I simply cannot use Evernote. Any action I take on any notebook freezes the note, and not for just a second but long enough to make it impossible to get any work done. Scrolling is slow and choppy, no longer smooth. Copying and pasting freezes the note for a long time. TOTAL UTTER DISASTER. Am I the only one? Looking into OneNote or anything that will allow me to do amazing things like type a full word and move paragraphs. I'm on a Dell PC, Windows 10, Google Chrome. No other website I use is having these problems.
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