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  1. I did. They were unable to identify what happened and to recover the content.
  2. Haven't received response via DM, which is why I posted it here.
  3. Shane, I just received a refund for my Evernote subsription, but no word from tech. Do you know what's going on?
  4. Still nothing. I found out that the person who contacted me by email last night was in customer service, not tech support. I've been begging for tech support from the start. I'm freakin desperate here. I have to respond to the agency about this content; they're all over me.
  5. Hi again, Shane. I just sent you another private message. I thank you for what you've done so far to help me. I'm still in limbo about the note. I hope there's something you can do.
  6. Hi. Thank you so much Shane. I sent you a private message.
  7. Everything is there -- five years worth of work. Nothing else is missing. The only thing missing is everything I did Thursday night, Friday, Saturday night, up until midnight or 1 am on Sunday morning. All of it was there--saved and updated repeatedly by Evernote as I worked on it on and off for those days. It was there when I closed Evernote tabs and came back, when I closed the browser and came back, when I restarted the computer and came back during those days. Each word I typed, each change I made -- the Evernote saving icon would spin and the check mark would go from gray to green. When I went back to the note Sunday morning, and all the content that had been saved with no issues for three days had disappeared, and the version that shows is from Thursday, July 16. That's why I think there's something wrong with my account, the servers over there, I don't know. I have sent more than one email to Evernote because I'm desperate for some help. Below are the ticket numbers. I have the agency pressuring me for the copy, and the client pressuring the agency for the job. I trusted Evernote, and now I'm screwed. My life is about to go down the toiled because of this. I need someone at Evernote to help me out. Thank you for your help. Ticket# 3120999 Ticket # 3120992 Ticket # 3121355
  8. If my internet connection fails, I get an error message from Evernote immediately upon trying to modify anything -- add a word, delete something, hit enter -- on the note. I'm also using other websites at the same time i'm working on Evernote, grabbing information, copying, pasting, speaking to the agency on Slack, checking Facebook, checking the weather, and I'm streaming music at the same time. When the internet connection fails, I know it immediately. Trust me, my internet connection did not fail for three days. I'm on my laptop all day every day, even when I sleep with the YouTube sleep videos. Furthermore, as I've explained, the note was saved and updated for three days. I closed and opened Evernote numerous times in those three days-- I closed the browser, I restarted the computer, etc., during those three days, and the note -- as I left it, the last version -- was always there until it wasn't on Sunday morning. It was not my computer. Something happened with my Evernote account.
  9. Thank you again for your reply and your help. I truly appreciate it. It's not my computer; i's Evernote. Of that I'm sure, which is why I need tech support from Evernote. I'm on a laptop. My computer seems to be in perfect order. There's absolutely no sign of anything anywhere in my computer malfunctioning. All programs, browsers and websites I use are working as usual. The fact that a note that had been continuously and successfully saved and updated for three days on the Evernote website suddenly reverts to a three-day-old version tells me that something went wrong on the Evernote side, since the versions are not saved in my computer but at Evernote. It's not like the last updated version was gone --- it's three days of saved versions that I worked on. Yes, please, I need tech support from Evernote as soon as possible. I have to answer for this content to an agency, and agency has to answer to the client. This is a disaster. I trusted Evernote with my content. Evernote's value proposition to prospects and customers is that they can "store everything from personal moments to business projects, and know they're always safe, always secure, and ready whenever you need them." I, therefore, expected my content to be safe, secure, and there when I got back to it. Thank you again.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I leave my laptop open overnight playing nature sounds and music so that I can sleep. It's never on continually for more than a couple of days at a time. I restart it. The computer was turned off when the millisecond power outage happened, and, for whatever reason, Evernote asked me to log when I went back to my notes this morning. After several hours of searching for the latest version of the note, I restarted the computer, hoping it was some fluke thing. I've looked for cache in Google Chrome, but all I find is cookies. I think that if the browser had failed to update the Evernote server, I would've gotten an error message the second I made any changes on the note, no?. I've seen that error message (in the past) when Evernote fails to save for whatever reason. Yet, I worked on that note on and off for three days, sometimes hours in a row, sometimes minutes, and I would go in and out of the note, open the tab, close the tab, close the browser, etc., and every single time I came back to the note it was as I had left it the last time I worked on it--as it's supposed to be. Then I go back to the note this morning, and all I can see is the note as it was on Thursday. But it had been saved throughout Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So how does that happen? How does a note that has successfully been saved for days revert back to a three-day old version? Is someone from Evernote going to contact me? I even upgraded my subscription to get some tech support. I need help. I'm freakin desperate. Can someone from Evernote please contact me? Thanks.
  11. I downloaded Evernote, and I still only see the note that was saved 3 days ago. Can someone from Evernote help me? I worked on the note on and off, and it was saved every time I worked on it. Where did that go. A tech from Evernote should be able to retrieve it. I'm going to lose my job! Please help!
  12. Thank you for your reply. I don't like the new version. I'm using the original Evernote version. I've gone to both versions and see that the Note as updated 3 days ago, even though I was working on it fine until after midnight last night. Going forward, I don't know. Right now, I need to recover my work. I need the last version of my note as it was when I finished it last night. Why is it showing as it was 3 days ago? How can Evernote have a note/content service like this, sell it to businesses, then lose days worth of content? This content is worth time and money and cannot be replicated. I need to recover it. Can't someone at Evernote help me?
  13. Thank you. Yes, I'm working on Google Chrome, and I see nothing on History but a three day old note. Nothing on trash. Tried another browser, same thing. Clearly, there's a bug or something. Evernote has to have access to what I did for three days. It was working perfectly, saving everything I did as I did it, until I tried to go back to the note this morning. Everything was there last night. Now it's gone. The history shows the document as it was three days ago. The note shows as it was three days ago. How do three days of content disappear? Desktop version? What is that? How? I've used Evernote for years by logging into my account on the website.
  14. I couldn't contact anyone. The Chat support has been turned off. There is nothing on History
  15. * I've also posted this issue under the Windows forum. Need help asap. On deadline!* I've been working -- editing and writing -- a website for a client of a digital marketing agency a freelance for. I started the note here on July 10. I worked on it until about 12:30 am last night (about 13 hours ago). Went to bed with the note open on tab on my laptop (Dell, Windows 10, Google Chrome, ethernet not wireless), like I always do whenever I'm on a job, which is almost daily -- I don't close the tab. Woke up this morning, did a few things and came back to finish the job. It's GONE. All I see is a three-day-old version of the Note from last Thursday, when all I had was research material, before I started writing the website. Nothing from Friday or yesterday. It's as though I never worked on it! I will tell you that there was a micro-second power outage at about 4 am, and that Evernote asked me to log in when I clicked on the tab to resume my work about an hour ago. I've upgraded my subscription to get in touch with you because your Support directed me to a Community that you state on top of the page that is not working at the moment. I've been unable to get any support because no matter my choice of Support Topics, I have not been allowed to submit a ticket or get in touch with you via email, even though the upgrade I just paid for promised to give me email access to you anytime. I hope you will get this message. I need support, right now, truly. PLEASE. You must have access to all the notes the system saved since Thursday, including the last one at about 12:30 am today, Sunday. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!! What I did cannot be redone. I can't recall what I wrote ... the creative stuff. My job with this agency is at stake, not to mention the money this represents. And the agency will lose the client if I don't deliver this copy. PLEASE HELP!!! K.Z.
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