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  1. My main issue is how to get it off my EN account.
  2. Today I replaced an iPad because the screen would not light up and therefore I could not operate it, nor could it be repaired. I surrendered the device to Apple with the understanding that they would wipe it clean of all apps and personal information. When I launched Evernote on the replacement iPad, a window comes up asking me to "Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device". I want to stay with my current plan so I click on Unsync devices. I select the defunct iPad. Then I click on Save and continue. Then confirm. I receive an email from Evernote stating that I have successfully revoked a device. When in fact, the device was not revoked because the same window comes up asking me to "Upgrade to continue using Evernote on this device". So Evernote is in Groundhog's Day mode. Any suggestions how I can really unsync the defunct iPad?
  3. I want to thank all of you who responded to this post. It seems that many CRMs are able to connect themselves to Evernote so that it becomes a repository for your notes. I've subscribed to INSIGHTLY and it seems simple to use. So I'll stop worrying about Evernote and whether I can turn it into a CRM. So let's just say....case closed. And I'll close this thread. Thanks again everyone! Sam Soukas Sales Representative SAGE Real Estate Ltd., Toronto
  4. BASED ON THE RESPONSES RECEIVED THUS FAR, THE ANSWER IS "NO". I've subscribed to a CRM - Insightly. Thnx to those who have participated here! I am attempting to use Evernote as Contact Management System or as a Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) for my real estate business. So far, so good! If I could add a recurring reminder while also using the reminders for a single (one-off) reminder at the same time, that would be so amazing. There may already be a way of doing this, and if there is, please point me in the right direction. I tend to use Evernote on my iPad about 90 percent of the time. Thank you Sam Soukas
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