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  1. yes perhaps this can be revisited. i needed the extra space so i had the notebooks and notes panes hidden. and then i wanted to skip to another notebook so i selected the notebook icon and selected the notebook i wanted and then i went to the notes icon to select the note i wanted to see and nothing. but i understand now that it is performing a function that is not observed because the notes pane is hidden. i guess i would question if that function is used\ used much as/is. perhaps it is but in the years i have used evernote i have never wanted to look at <all notes>. all my notes are or
  2. i have the <Note List> hidden. When I select the <Notes> icon nothing happens.
  3. with windows 10 app\ takes 2 clicks to get evernote to launch\ open from the taskbar after reboot. on the first click you hear a windows sound effect but evernote doesnt open. when you click again it opens.
  4. I have a new PC and installed Evernote. I am prompted to unsync devices which I do (the old PC). However, the prompt keeps popping up. So basically Evernote is manipulating you into upgrading or this is a severe bug. You cant close this window without signing out. So at this point I cannot use the Windows app without upgrading.
  5. I keep receiving emails about needing to either go premium or <unsync> devices. For one, it shows an iPhone device and I haven't used an iPhone in like 7 years. And even though I select to <unsync> this iPhone device, I still regularly get emails again and again. Something wrong here.
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