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  1. Yes, I be fine. And I am sure they be thinking "Yay, Feedback"
  2. One man's criticism is another man's feedback, and I thought those in the products and services game were supposed to love feedback. If I erred and stumbled on a safe space where they are supposed to be able to come and see only the positive just let me know and I'll modify my posts accordingly.
  3. Wait! Come back! Where are you going with this. This isn't about who writes the release notes, it's about the tone and professionalism of them.
  4. Yes, I realise that and I know that some EN employees are here, hence I posted here. It's not exactly a support issue but after reading the juvenile c**p every release, I had a point to make.
  5. Dear Evernote, Why are your release notes always written on bring-your-child-to-work-day? Well, I hope they are! Or maybe you're running an apprenticeship and starting them early. Either way, is there any chance that somebody over the age of 12 could be given the job of writing the release notes? Because 'Take that, "Big Paper”!', and ' Yay, buzzwords!', and ' Seems obvious, right? We thought so too.', to me, albeit over the pond (cultural differences?), makes you seem like a bunch of unprofessional clowns.
  6. Umm, yeah, I know. A completely different process I would love to see it do.
  7. Well I guess concerns about people accessing things "when we are not around" is a general concern about any information held on any device. A concern that's often raised here is the privacy of the stuff we put up in the cloud using EN. I use EN extensively for all sorts of stuff but there remain some things I just won't put up there. I tend to use offline books for some of this stuff, and the feature that I would LOVE, is that EN would sync notes across these offline books using secure transport but without storing them on EN severs. So, I'd have access to all my cloud-based notebooks from anywhere, like a browser, or my PC, for example. But, I could create an offline book on my Mac and have it replicated on my PC, and be able to choose which devices held which books. Marvellous. I kind of do this now, using directory replication software, but to see it in EN's functionality would be great.
  8. Well Ryan, if you only use Evernote for 2 notes, I think you're probably not using the most appropriate product anyway. But some feedback for you on your issue. I actually like the fact that you can write where you have put "you should not be able to write here". I have many notes where much of the content is not sensitive but I want to hide just a few parts of it, so I highlight those parts and encrypt them, and then I write other things around them. Evernote does not offer protection to a whole note, it allows you to encrypt as much as you want of one, but not necessarily all of one. I think they've got that right. That said, the reason I am here today on a rare look at the forum is because their support is absolutely hopeless, and I'm a Premium user of 8 years.
  9. Because they're broke and need the money. And, like many "improvements" they've made in the past, this could turn out to be another that doesn't result in new customers and more income.
  10. Well that Mini FAQ looked so authoritative and official. But was it wrong? I am now confused about the level of encryption used at Evernote.
  11. You've made a long list of things you dislike about the product, in fact, you've totally trashed it. So why would you use it at all, whether free or not. You seem to have it all sorted with your "simple and easy" solution involving 3 different products, although it doesn't provide an off-site backup of private sensitive info (and please don't come back and explain how you take care of that, my level of interest expressed numerically is.... zero). So don't freeload, and don't pay, just uninstall. How long do ex users stay on the forum of a product they don't use, I wonder.
  12. Well you quoted me and littered your post with questions, so I suppose you are asking me. That surprises me, but since you ask, no i don't think they will abandon their plans, and yes I do think the moaning on the part of the freeloaders is unreasonable. I think that if you use a product for free you take what you get. You lose the right to complain. Frankly, if you've stopped using it, I don't know why you're still here.
  13. I agree which is why I think comments about how we don't seem to be concerned, or at least are more accepting, of Gmail's intrusion, etc. are not helpful. Yes, some of what comes to me in Gmail and Outlook ends-up in Evernote but EN holds a lot more than my emails. It has my private work related ideas and materials, it has everything that drops through my door and is scanned. It has some very personal info. That said, all users are just going to have to accept that if the Government or any of its agencies wants to see what we are storing, it will be handed over. It's no different than physical assets in the real world, the police can walk into my house today and take my computers away if a judge signs the warrant. But, EN should do everything possible to make sure that casual access to notes is not possible. The viewing of notes should not be a part of anybody's job and I would hope to be told that it isn't possible if I ever rang support and asked them to do it. I happen to have a dormant account because I once left a country where my mobile was registered and could not validate my logon. Support could do nothing to get my access back. That's how I want it. In the news this week in the UK is a story about a Canadian company called Camelot, it runs the UK's national lottery. Just revealed is that 7 years ago they paid out 2.5 million UKP to a fraudulent claim. How did he get away with it..... inside assistance from a Camelot employee, EN can do all the vetting they like, but a bad one can slip through. It should be very very difficult for anybody but me to see my notes, and nobody should be able to do it without the access being logged somewhere. That was long! Anyway, result of their backtracking is that I shall be staying as a paying user. And while I am here... to the freeloaders here who are having a moan about a company and product they don't even pay for.... open your wallets.
  14. I think the key word was "before". As in before announcing it. Not their finest hour.
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