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  1. Thank you both, this is very helpful. I will post back if I get any more answers on this. And maybe time to employ the password manager! Thank you
  2. Ironically I never trusted a password manager! It's so hard these days with so many apps and sites to keep track of to use a different password each time. I use a variety of passwords but this one has been used before so it's all getting changed now...how do you know to trust a password manager?!
  3. Hi all, I just discovered on going to use Evernote on my phone that it was asking me to deactivate a device in order to use it. This led to the discovery that 18 hours ago my account was accessed by an Iphone with an IP address in Egypt. I'm in the UK and using android on a Sony phone. I've used Evernote for years with no problems and am now freaking out that I need to change my password for everything, and also that my whole life is on there and some of its pretty personal or a security risk. Never worried about it before and now I don't know where to start. So this is both a post ju
  4. Hi all, I've been using Evernote with no problems on phones and a windows laptop for years. Imagine my dismay at finally having a Mac and thinking how much easier computing will be to find the app I use to organise my entire life is not syncing properly! It shows several notes, but not all, and I'm not sure how many are missing or what the rhyme and reason is for why some aren't there. All the notes are available on Evernote Web and on my android phone with no problem. When I search for the note 'new address' online, it finds 14, but on the app on the Mac, it finds 9, missing out the
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