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  1. @Joey C Scott T. had support contact me. They were able to revoke access for all of my devices and I was able to sign in without issue after that.
  2. @Scott T. I was able to resolve my issue by giving support the authorization to revoke access to all devices. I was then able to sign into/authorize my devices. I think these people may be facing the same issue. @starovoitovs @kelleyloder @RayRayV @bbanasik
  3. Just a quick update...I responded to support’s email following their very specific instructions: email address ____, use subject line _____. Didn’t hear back from them. Finally, received an email from them an hour ago asking for an update from me... seems like they never received my email. *sigh* I’ve lost access to my notes while on mobile for three days now and have had to tell people “Sorry, I don’t have access to that note right now.” I’ve used Evernote for over three years now, getting friends and family members to use it as well. As of this issue, Evernote is not reliable for information.
  4. I wasn’t able to unsync both phones because I only have one unsync left due to this sync issue.
  5. I see Settings, but not Notes. I cannot view your PDF. Error message: “This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.”
  6. @jefito @PinkElephant After reading your posts, I went to Evernote.com, signed in, tapped the AA symbol, Request Desktop Site, and still was not able to see my notes. I unlocked portrait mode, turned phone to landscape, and still could not find an option to access Notes. I received an email from support; I’ll perform those steps and report any solutions for future users who encounter this issue.
  7. @jefito I don’t know how YOU access Evernote Web on iOS because as soon as I go to Evernote.com and sign in, I’m taken to Account Settings — with no option in the hamburger menu to access Notes. @Scott T. Thanks. Do you know if they are going to contact me via email or will it be a different method?
  8. I mean, I only have one unsync left (not two), so I’m going to continue having the same problem unless I can unsync both devices at the same time before I log in with them. I meant I can’t login on browser meaning I can’t view my notes and use it regularly. this is by design because Evernote wants people to sync their phones and not use the browser on their phones.
  9. @PinkElephant Used the migration tool to upgrade my phone. All the apps and data are carbon copies from old phone, but some apps (probably all of them), I had to re-login. Logging into Evernote App on new phone is confusing it because it alternately thinks I’m trying to log in with phone 1 and phone 2 when I only log into phone 2. Phone 1 could not be logging in by someone else because I factory reset it. Most likely the device has been recycled. It is CERTAINLY not logging into my account. @Scott T. How can I go into Evernote WEB and unsync “Phone 1” and “Phone 2”, so I can re-add “Phone 2” and stop this cycle? I only have one unsync left. Using EN WEB only at this point isn’t an option as I don’t always access a computer and EN Web is inaccessible via mobile browser. Please advise.
  10. @Scott T. Please help me! After upgrading to a new phone, Evernote thinks my new phone is two devices and I keep having to click unsync in order to access my notes. This is maddening and frustrating to be locked out of my notes (not to mention not being able to report this issue via email for the free plan).
  11. @Scott T. Thanks, I really appreciate you and the dev team for looking into the issue and taking the time to update me.
  12. @Scott T. Indeed. Every time, I receive that error message (and reload), I lose whatever content I had after the last auto-save (usually between 3-7 words/images). This usually happens continuously, maybe 7 times in a row.
  13. @PinkElephant Thanks for testing. I haven't noticed any new question mark images lately - hope the bug is resolved.
  14. @Scott T. @Jay-Bob FYI, I've waited as long as five minutes after pasting before typing. Then, as soon as I typed a few words, I received the "Note failed to update. There's been an error syncing your note. Please reload to resume editing." message.
  15. @PinkElephant I get the message below when I try to use Firefox. Maybe you're using the "old version" (the one that requires Evernote Web Clipper instead of Windows Snipping Tool/Mac screenshot paste support)?
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