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  1. Can you help me retrieve my old notes?  I've downloaded the legacy version, signed in with no luck on retrieving the notes.  I've been a member since 2018 using the same email address the entire time.  I'M LOST HERE!!!!! Is there any way to get these back or is it done deal and have to start completely over?  BTW, where did our sensitive data go to if we can't get it back?

    1. Austin G

      Austin G

      Hi. Happy to help. I see no recent logins on this yahoo account prior to 6/14. This usually means that your notes are in a separate account tied to a different email address.

      Please send me a list of your email addresses. I will see if any Evernote accounts are associated with them. 



      Hi Austin!!  Thank you so much for trying to help me out!!!

      I could have sworn this (winelvrinvb@yahoo.com) was the only email address used but here goes:




      These are the only personal accounts I have.



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