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  3. This is the Table of Contents note solution; a static list of notes I prefer the tag solution - it produces a dynamic list of notes. (there are solutions to produce dynamic ToC notes) >>"Shortcuts" feature to quickly access my most important/frequently needed Notes ...50+ Shortcuts currently... I like adding adding organization to the Shortcuts section You can replace the 50 entries with your "Current Items" notebook, or theToC notes. You can even use a master ToC note which links to the other ToC notes On a Mac, we have keyboard keys for shortcuts; Command + 1 launches the first shortcut, my master dashboard (ToC) note
  4. Also able to replicate the behaviour attaching a file from a local folder. Windows couldn't delete the folder afterward because it was 'in use' despite the fact I closed the note and opened another. Don't see that as a major issue because I can't imagine a scenario where deleting a parent folder just after attaching all the contents in Evernote would be something I ever need to do, but it does seem locked up. I closed Evernote and then the folder could be deleted.
  5. Thx @gazumped - tried those as well. The saved search nor the tagging didn't work quite for me. However, I actually figured following solution for me: Created "Current Items" notebook In there created separate notes eg. "Working items", "Hobby items" etc. Each note (= category) then consists of titles which are actually Evernote internal links. Ta-daa! I can even then have separate titles for those (compared to as the saved note-title in Evernote). Suits perfect for now!
  6. Hi. It's possible to save a search as a shortcut, so as long as your group has a common feature, like tag:food or notebook:food you should be able to create a shortcut. You can also drag individual notes and notebooks into the shortcut panel, so if you create a Table of Contents note with a list of items, you'd be able to drag that note into the shortcuts list. In Windows, if you right-click a notebook name, you can create a 'style' and pick a colour which the shortcut will inherit to make it stand out. It's also possible to include emojii.. Here are a few of mine.
  7. Hi, I want to use a function key on my keyboard to start up Evernote. The issue is I can't find the evernote.exe. Where is it located or do I need to use another *.exe file to start up? Thanks!
  8. I use Evernote for many things: food recipes, work, hobbies, invoices... well, I think many of us do :) Recently I have been starting to utilize the "Shortcuts" feature to quickly access my most important/frequently needed Notes... well, I think many of us do :) The way I would like to have my "Shortcuts" is to have sub-categories e.g. Shortcuts > Food to faster locate my shortcuts. I have a few thousand notes and 50+ Shortcuts currently... Is there such feature currently and do others find that this could be useful as feature request? //timo
  9. Following up on @DTLow's comment, you can directly access shortcuts using CMD-(number), e.g. CMD-1 will open the first shortcut, CMD-2 will open the second, etc. If you make your table-of-contents note your first one, you'll always be able to jump to that using CMD-1. Hope this helps! -- Tom
  10. Curious. I was able to replicate the behavior when attaching a .jpg file on a USB memory stick. So I pulled up the SysInternals ProcMon tool, and watched what Evernote was doing when I repeated the scenario. I could see it locking and unlocking my local .exb database file (LockFile() and UnlockFileSingle() Windows calls), but no other file, in particular the file I was attaching. With respect to the file being attached, I see it referenced in a CreateFile() call, with access Generic Read, disposition Open. So it's opening the file to read it. After that, it performes a CloseFile() call on that file. That seems to be correct behavior. There are also some calls to CreateFile/CloseFile the directory that the file is in, but those also seem balanced. I'd have to look more closely to see if there's something else going on, but the scenario is repeatable. Flip side: when I went to eject it, I got the error, but there's also a "Continue" button, which I used: the device was ejected, with no apparent damage done to its file system.
  11. Again @dcon (and sorry, can't stop thinking of the popular rodent control product line when I see the new moniker), thanks for the insights, your work on the Windows Evernote, and your participation on the forums both then and now. Hope that you find happiness in your new endeavor. I haven't run the Windows preview/beta either, just following the current new web beta, and will try out the next phase Windows application so long as we can run it side-by-side with the old one (with separate databases) as promised. If the lead developer you're talking about was @kvitekp, he was also a great forum resource. I know a fair bit about operating Evernote for Windows, but there's nothing so definitive as the information coming from someone familiar with the code/design. Anyways, cheers!
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  13. Import from SD-Card to the iPad works, but without options. It will grab all pictures that are on the SD card, ignore all the rest (no general file import), check for duplicates and push the new ones into photos. I prefer to have a chance to review the pics still on the SD card and eliminate all those that do not need to be imported. Then the photos app on the iPad lacks a lot of functions available on the Mac: Tagging, EXIF-editing, Smart Albums etc. So I prefer to get pictures to the Mac. Then I am using a program called Graphics Converter (that is much more than just a converter) to sort through, build the catalogue, get the tags and EXIFs set, and save it into a folder structure. It will even do RAW development and basic editing. Affinity is then for the few pics that need further editing.
  14. i knew that! Yes, I heard stories of that! As far I know, when that was abandoned, the original C++ code from before was brought back. (That also poisoned the lead dev to anything XAML related) Yes, completely different from v3.5. Originally, it was supposed to be well before when I left. I literally LOLd at them (as my old boss can attest to!). He did (grudgingly) admit that I was right... I'm not running that preview/beta, so no idea where they are on it.
  15. No lag on my Mac; On Macs, the note metadata is stored in a small SQLite database (25MB for 20,000 notes) afaik Number of notes is not a performance issue for Mac users
  16. Don't know what to say. I just tested the hotkeys and they worked for me in the Current and Beta web versions.
  17. Isn't the reason no one has heard back about the beta program, that there are no betas to test yet? I thought the videos made this clear. The only beta available right now is what Ian Small called the "modern web experience", which seems to be randomly available to more and more people. But it doesn't even seem to have a way to report bugs, so it doesn't seem like a formal beta (maybe I'm wrong about this - I applied for the beta program, and some weeks later the modern web experience became available to me, but no notification that I was now a beta tester). I'm only talking about the "new" Evernote. There is still an active beta program for existing releases - betas for upgrades to the current iOS version still happen.
  18. Interesting info, thanks PinkElephant. Interesting to hear that import and catalog is the weak spot.
  19. Maybe it is just a question of patience. Some betas were closed to new participants because they wanted to run it with the same bunch of people from the beginning to the end. Makes for more valid results, when you do not have new people dropping in halfway through.
  20. With Affinity Photo there is an excellent iPad-Adaptation of the Mac/Windows Program. I would advise to run it on an iPad Pro to have enough horsepower, preferably with a lot of memory. Each JPEG + RAW carries appr. 40MB ... The combination with the pencil is a dream when working on the pics. Full RAW development and editing is included, and for purchase, not as an abo. There is Affinity Designer and Publisher as well for the iPad, making for a full creative publishing workflow in iOS. The only thing I am missing is a powerful import and catalogue app for the iPad. Affinity up to now has nothing similar to Lightroom. And the Photos app is quite restricted on the iPad, compared to the Mac. Because I have a 32“ photo-calibrated high-res HDR monitor to do my picture work on my MacBook Pro, it is still more the Mac than the iPad for this. I am now hoping that with „sidecar“, it will become possible to use the iPad with pencil as a graphics tablet for the Mac. But on holiday, when you want to travel light, I have a full photo import & editing suite with me, just carrying my camera, a small SD-to-lightning-Adapter and my iPad Pro 10.5. If the Hotel WiFi is good enough, I can even sync what I download to the iPad into iCloud, making sure I do not loose pictures just in case.
  21. I noticed the same thing, it happens when you leave the notes column open, if you scroll to the top, it stops, and if you maximize the note, it also stops.
  22. I have been a user since 2008 and applied for the beta programme months ago and not a peep from from Evernote. Clearly 100,000 more important people than me 😀
  23. It's still baby steps, but I'm excited by the possibilities. Every year the hardware gets better, the OS gets better, the apps get better. My hope is the eventual consolidation of IPadOS and MacOS
  24. Eagerly awaiting iPadOS myself. I’m surprised to hear about photo editing. I don’t do much of that myself so I have little experience with the heavy end of editing of photos. Are the apps not full featured enough? Or is it the RAW still not supported on iPads etc?
  25. Thanks for replies! I got documents saved in harddisk and moving them to Evernote for better usability. Sometimes have them also in memory sticks, etc. When they're in Evernote, no more need them in hardisk. This how to reproduce in Evernote Windows: 1. + New Note 2. Attach file (icon) or Attach files (File menu) from a folder in harddisk or usb-memorystick 3. When note is ready, close Evernote 4. Folder can't be deleted or memorystick can't be removed as they are locked/reserved by Evernote (for no reason) 5. Kill all Evernote processes and now deleting folders and ejecting sticks becomes possible This doesn't disturb me a lot as I don't do this very frequently, but I liked to report it here if this could get fixed...
  26. Yup, it’s great to add a visual cue as to what the note is about. Super easy on macOS and iOS.
  27. Currently just north of 46,500 notes, but I seem to remember posts in the Forums years ago about users hitting the maximum number of notes - which is a stunning 100,000. There are some serious people out there - obviously too busy creating notes to post comments here...
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