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  1. I just mentioned the issue here to find out whether this was just my imagination. Also so it gets entered into the public record for posterity. But I have so many issues with Evernote, starting with "Clicking on feedback in the Mac client results in the focus switching to Chrome browser, but nothing is opened" and continuing with all the Legacy features that aren't in v10, that the appearance of Google searches in the desktop app is by comparison a trivial blip in the growing tide of EN annoyances and not worth my effort to report. Because the Mac feedback button doesn't work I've been focussed on sending my feedback on missing Legacy features to feedback@evernote.com.
  2. I'm on: 10.78.2-win-ddl-public (20240227143346) Editor: v177.5.0 Service: v1.94.2 © 2019 - 2024 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved I just did a search for "new search" in EN and selected File / Quit and re-opened EN and "new search" was not in the list of recent searches. The top result is the same result from my Google search history I saw this afternoon. No new Google search results yet in EN recent searches either.
  3. I was looking under recent searches in EN v10 desktop for Windows and there were only three listed (with Standard selected) and they all appeared to be *Google* recent searches. Is this a feature? A bug? I'm so confused.... Is EN web clipper sending my Google recent searches to EN desktop?
  4. Which means I have to remember how to do a date range search. I just looked it up and it's using negation, so put a minus sign before the date -created:20210615 Twitter/X uses since: and before: for date ranges and Gmail uses another syntax but at least has pop up date prompts freeing the user from the burden of having to look up advanced search syntax and get on with finding what they are looking for.
  5. So there's no way to get v10 to work seamlessly like EN Legacy for Windows did? Evernote Legacy for Windows: UI Navigation Experience Initial Search: Initiate a search for specific keywords, such as "distiller." The search results present a list of notes containing the keyword in the Notes column. Selecting a Note: Click on a particular note from the search results that warrants further exploration. Pivot to Full Context: Post-selection, clear the search, while retaining the clicked-on note as highlighted. The UI naturally pivots, presenting the selected note in the broader context of all notes, respecting the chronological order. Navigating Through Notes: Leverage the sorted order, typically based on creation date, to effortlessly scroll through notes. The intuitive UI design enables users to seamlessly see the "neighboring notes," encompassing those taken just before and after the selected note. Advantages of the Intuitive UI: Chronological Flow: Effortlessly follow the chronological thread of note-taking, retracing steps, and maintaining a clear understanding of the evolution of thoughts or research. User-Friendly Navigation: The UI's intuitive design provides an accessible way to pivot between focused searches and a broader view of notes, enhancing overall user experience. In Evernote Legacy for Windows, this inherent UI characteristic empowers users to stay connected with the timeline of their notes, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly note-taking journey.
  6. After searching and selecting a found note, how do I see the note in context, ie., with the note before and after it in Notes pane sorted order (eg. created date). For example a search for "distiller" surfaces a two page manual for a water distiller I noted in January, but I would like to see the "neighbouring notes" (notes taken immediately before and after that particular note) to re-follow the chronology to my thread of note-taking around that note when I was researching distillers.
  7. Support request sent, even though "Talk to other users" was the recommended option... https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests
  8. Pinch to zoom (in or out) on a note using a trackpad is present in Legacy but missing from v10.63.3. I see there's a thread about wanting to turn off pinch to zoom in Legacy, but now that it's gone in v10 I miss it. Enable! / Disable! / Duck Season! / Rabbit Season! I'm starting a google slides for these missing Legacy features: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pZsDwYMvUdWPoJzXSAXMSJKWJMFfHGyJXGdylb0N75E/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Providing options and flexibility in software design is a common practice to accommodate diverse user preferences and use cases. While some users may find a particular feature valuable, others may prefer to have the option to disable or customize it, especially if it affects screen real estate or usability.
  10. I clicked "Share Feedback" under Evernote / Help and the Mac's focus shifted to Chrome but no form or anything popped up.
  11. Is there a way to turn off the suggested filter box? I looked in settings to no avail.
  12. 1) The change replaces all of those positive endorphin-releasing "micro-rewards" generated by dragging thousands of notes onto dozens of tag shortcuts over the past 11 years with "micro-annoyances" of having to tag in the reverse direction. 2) The change is not consistent - the Notebooks and Tags sidebars are still able to accept note drags, as can Notebooks in the Shortcuts sidebar. 3) The change seems arbitrary 4) The change goes against broader UI history and user expectations -- The "Sidebar" concept in EN Classic with its sections for Notebooks, Tags, Shortcuts, etc is analogous to folders in email and file explorer apps - two of the most ubiquitous desktop app experiences. Users can drag and drop notes into notebooks or tags or shortcuts in a manner similar to moving emails or files into folders. The tag shortcut in EN Legacy in this scenario served as a kind of meta-folder-alias into which users dragged their notes for tagging. EN 10 reverses the direction of not just EN Legacy but the past 28 years of sidebar dragging. The dragging was one way for 11 years and then it was reversed but not across-the-board. So why reverse it at all? It just seems like the EN 10 interface team is either messing with us or they don't know what they're doing. I don't know what to compare it to. I was gonna say it's like Apple's "Scroll direction: Natural" introduction but they were consistent and left a checkbox to switch it back for those who preferred the old way. Doesn't inspire me to go deeper into EN 10 when I dip my toe for the old note-drag micro-reward and a piranha gnaws my toe off.
  13. There was just something so satisfying about dragging a note onto a tag shortcut. Now if I want to recreate that sensation in EN10 I have to drag the note directly onto a tag or onto a notebook. Or onto a shortcut of a notebook. There was just something so satifsying about having a consistent user interface. Now if I want to recreate that sensation I have to use Legacy.
  14. I wouldn't know where to look that up in order to learn it. Searching and searching for two hours and all it took was to apply a little judging to get a hint. Thanks?
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