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  1. I am running MacOS 11.2.1 with Evernote Legacy 7.14.1. When I invoke Web Clipper list of notebooks stacks are listed first, followed by single notebooks. As the stacks are also opened, that means I am having to do a lot of scrolling to get to the notebooks which I generally use. Is there a way to pin the notebooks which I use to the top of the web clipper?
  2. Thanks. Sorry about the venting. Evernote support has been great. So I'll just wait with my fingers crossed that the problems will be fixed.
  3. I'm not sure how to proceed with version 10. On one hand I should use it to find issues that are important to me and report on the problems that I have. On the other hand it is so much more difficult to use than the legacy version. I get extremely frustrated using it. Some of these may be just user errors on my part, but I just want to use the application as I did without having to browse forums to figure out how to do things. 1. After highlighting a notebook, the frame which gives the note name, title, etc. is much harder to read than the previous versions. The font is definitely li
  4. There was a previous post titled "Please bring back note URL link. In it there was the comment on July 14: "We are working on including the URL for the clipped content and you should see it soon." It is almost 3 months later and I haven't seen it. I realize that I can get info, copy the link, and then paste it into a browser. Since I have used this option thousands of times its lack really compromises my use of Evernote. My primary use of Evernote is to index web content, and so I need the option to click a hyperlink under the note name to go to the original external web site.
  5. I have only one sidebar option. I see an option to add a note as a shortcut. In View/Notebooks right clicking on a notebook does give me the option to add to shortcuts, but there are no shortcuts in the left notebook pane.
  6. Currently the Notebook Pane on the left has recent notebooks at the top, and other notebooks below that. Although it is useful to have the most recent, it obviously keeps changing. When I am in a hurry I hit the 2nd in the list (Recipes), but end up getting whatever notebook is there. I only have 4 or 5 notebooks that I use regularly so I would like to just pin them to the top of the notebook list. That way they would have a fixed location and I wouldn't keep hitting the wrong notebook.
  7. Did you ever get a response? Just encountered in Safari 13.1.2 running Evernote 7.4 on 10.14.6. Tried to select the "copy logs" link in the web clipper but nothing seemed to happen. Right click doesn't show it as a link.
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