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  1. Thank you for the replies, but the whole point is I don't like the strikethrough checklist. My great motivator is seeing the checkboxes checked off, but still being able to easily read the text of what I checked off. I like the old checklist like I have in my legacy version of Windows. I would like another option of when you use a checkbox, and hit enter to make the new line, it automatically creates another line starting with a checkbox. Basically, it would be nice to have the option of choosing a checklist that doesn't do strikethrough. Thank you for the tip on putting the space in front of the checkbox to prevent Evernote automatically converting it back to a strikethrough checklist. This is at least something. Thanks, Rich
  2. An automatic list with Checkboxes like in the Windows version would be very helpful on iOS as well. There is a checkbox list in iOS, but it does strikethrough when you check off an item. The other kind of Checkbox is what I'm talking about. In the Windows version, you just hit enter after a line with a checkbox, and it keeps adding checkbox items. In iOS when you hit enter after a line with a checkbox at the beginning, it converts it into the strikethrough checkbox list. I have to hit undo, hit enter again to add a new line, manually find and select the checkbox icon to add a checkbox, then type text behind it. Very inconvenient. An automatic checkbox list (non strikethrough type) like in Windows would be much easier. See attached screen captures. Thanks, Rich
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