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  1. When searching for a note from the top left search box, any text, or syntex for a tag or even just the wildcard * has stopped returning any notes in the search results. Then after a couple of seconds a red box appears top middle of the screen saying "! Search Failed. Try again later". (see attached) I am a long term experienced user, I updated to the new app for the mac when it first came out, I use evernote every day, and it has only stopped working tonight. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. I've had the same duplicate problem on the new iPhone app and it is causing a huge amount of confusion. Previously if another client was editing a note and I tried to edit it on my iPhone I would be notified so that I would not create a conflict (frequently happens when I go grocery shopping and my wife wants to add something). It worked great before. Today it creates the dupe as soon as I try to edit it without giving me the chance to not create a duplicate.
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