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  2. Hi. The ticket system is only available to Evernote subscribers. This (mainly) user-supported forum is an option open to everyone where other users (and -very occasionally- developers) can suggest fixes or work-arounds. You can also use Twitter @EvernoteHelps.
  3. Which device/platform are you using; you're posting in the Mac forum? >>So a year ago, I went into the Account Summary and downgraded to Basic. ... saying I am still at Premium. The downgrade takes effect at the end of your subscription, so you've had premium for the entire year, and now another year >>Downgraded again, and it crashed. Did you keep proof of the downgrade; for example a screen capture >>Ive opened a ticket That's the correct process for resolution.
  4. Hi. If you store scripts in Evernote you will have access to 'standard' Evernote security - AFAIK there are no upgrades or hacks available. Is it possible to store your scripts on your desktop and activate them via a link stored in Evernote?
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  6. Hi. Sorry to hear that things didn't work out. We're a -mainly- user supported forum, so can't comment on what went wrong with the downgrade, but you did the right thing by opening a ticket. If you're not using/ haven't used the account I wouldn't think there should be a problem.
  7. I appreciate you didn't mention Word (hence 'forinstance') but even Evernote has some default settings per note that may affect the information you're trying to paste. If you're posting into an Evernote note, have you tried the 'other' paste option "paste and match style"? Could the operation you're attempting be completed by duplicating the source note and deleting other information to leave your edited table intact?
  8. The content changed after I pasted it.I'm not talking about Word...I'm only focusing on Evernote and I don't recall seeing any options on pasting.
  9. Sign all the way out of EN, File - Sign out yourusername. Then start EN and select Evernote - Options in the upper left corner. Change the data base location to what you want there. Once signed in EN will build the data base at that location from the server, so give it time depending upon how many notes you have. Again, if you have any local notebooks, export them so they can be imported after the download is complete.
  10. Anything unusual about the notes? Something in common that might lead to a workaround idea?
  11. Has anyone figured out the conditions that trigger this bug? I feel as if there aren't enough posts here to indicate that all users have it, but that might not be true. Perhaps all do, but only notes with certain content do.
  12. There's no indication that Evernote is planning to make their product HIPAA compliant There's discussions at
  13. Found this cheap app that does the outlining and ties to Evernote: Cloud Outliner: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cloud-outliner-2-pro-outline/id1024917449?mt=12
  14. Since this legislation is dating back to 1996, EN was founded long after this law came into effect. If they are not compliant today (as you say - proof ?), it does not seem to rank high on their backlog list ... if it is even there. What is the effect of not being compliant to this law ?
  15. If the new notes aren't tagged, sort by tag to get the notes to the top of the list. Double click a note to open it in its own window, do your editing and moving, close the window and hit home to get back to the top of the list. Not elegant but quicker than scrolling.
  16. Understand EN not Hipaa compliant. If so when will it be? Thanks
  17. Sounds like Wechat black listed Evernote.com. Probably up to them to white list again.
  18. As per @gazumped, you could work in a spreadsheet instead of Evernote. I use scripting on a Mac to parse note data and export to a spreadsheet. Its quite flexible, just use clear guidelines to identify the entries, for example delimit with [ ] >>Separately, Evernote does not allow me to set recurring reminders, which links to a NEW note that allows me to quickly jot down my 4 answers. Which will be the most straightforward way to achieve this portion?  I use scripting on a Mac to create a new journal note each morning. This can include a reminder An IFTTT script will generate a reminder email each morning. This could include a link to a enex export file which creates a note when opened. Or a link to a spreadsheet. There are work-arounds for recurring Evernote reminders manual reset each day automatic reset using third party Filterize automatic reset using scripting on a Mac
  19. Do we have any updates on this? My notes are locking all over the place now. The app has become unusable. Have been using evernote to manage my research for years but unless this is fixed fast I will be migrating to another app.
  20. I merged your discussions on this request
  21. It really helps if you include which Evernote client(s) you are referring to. On the Windows client, you can generally use the note history -- left/right arrows in the main toolbar, or more quickly, Ctrl+LeftArrow/Ctrl+RightArrow (like in a web browser) -- to move backwards and forwards between "places".
  22. Nenhum certificado encontrado A aplicação Chrome solicitou um certificado. Ao selecionar um certificado, irá permitir que a aplicação utilize a identidade fornecida pelo certificado com os servidores a partir deste mo- mento. A aplicação identificou o servidor que fez o pedido como api.go.chatlingual.com:443, mas só deve conceder o acesso da aplicação ao certificado se confiar na aplicação.
  23. Are you saying the content changed as (or before) you selected it, or when it was pasted into the destination document? If it was when pasted, what were you pasting into? Word (forinstance) offers me about 5 options for pasting, including 'keep source formatting', 'merge formatting' and 'plain text'...
  24. Hi. This is one of those "How do you get down off an Elephant?*" questions. I'd store a URL link in Evernote to an online Jotform form, and an Airtable database. Both have freemium service levels and you could add in an unstructured field to add a narrative if you wanted. Jotform will give you a web address for a form which you can customise like this: (from an ongoing project of mine...) Each of those bespoke fields is mapped to an Airtable spreadsheet, which has most of the formula and display capabilities of Excel crossed with relational databases and KanBan layouts. So you could analyse your own categories whilst still adding new project categories 'on the fly' as necessary. The outputs can even be autodisplayed on an analysis dashboard for real time viewing. - Or, on a Mac, you can probably script the whole thing; but I'll leave it to others to comment on that... NB: In this project Evernote gets to hold the links so you can find them easily, but takes no other active part**. (Sorry, Evernote...) * You don't: you get down off a duck. (I never understood that properly, but hey...) ** (EDIT) Except... you can set it up to receive an email confirmation of each new entry so I guess that email could get routed into Evernote for an individual day record... YMMV.
  25. My suggestion only makes sense if the database is incorporated into the USB stick. Otherwise it has no use at all.
  26. Hi guys, I'm going to start daily reflections on Evernote soon, but have a few questions as follows: Assuming I have 4 questions that I need to ask myself, 1. What did I do well today? 2. What can I improve on? 3. What are the top 3 tasks to work on tomorrow? 4. What is my mood rating? (1-10) How do I structure the template such that it is easy to merge all entries (say 2 years' worth of daily entries) into an excel spreadsheet, or any other format, for me to do further data analysis? Separately, Evernote does not allow me to set recurring reminders, which links to a NEW note that allows me to quickly jot down my 4 answers. Which will be the most straightforward way to achieve this portion?
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