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  1. It works more than it doesn’t, but I really need to get this figured out, because when it flares up, it’s totally unusable, and this app is ESSENTIAL for me.
  2. I’d say it usually works, and occasionally jumps into periods of not working.
  3. 1.) unfortunately no, because the app abruptly began working properly again. 2.) yes. 3.) yes. 4.) iPhone 7. 5.) whatever the latest version is; I keep it up to date. 6.) no; i actually haven’t heard of that. 7.) yes. 8.) laptop(PC - have not experienced any issues there, though I hardly ever use it on my laptop).
  4. Hello there. I’m a long-time, FREQUENT user of Evernote. It’s honestly for a long time now been pretty essential for my general day-to-day functioning. Just recently, probably 3-4 weeks ago, the iPhone app began occasionally entering a state where I couldn’t use it: the screen zooms way up or down, with the keyboard becoming separated...to the point where I simply cannot type, nor see what I’m typing in the first place. Anyway, the above state became the app’s permanent state, to where I can’t use it at all. ...and once again, this app is totally vital to me! Any help or information is appreciated.
  5. I’ve already uninstalled and allowed for notifications. The really perplexing part is that my reminders had worked without any issues until recently.
  6. I’m not sure whether or not this is just my account, but my reminders stopped sending me notifications a few weeks ago. They’re pretty fundamental, so the lack of notifications is pretty a crucial issue.
  7. After using Evernote for easily a year and a half, and frequently enjoying the use of reminders, i ran into a pretty big issue some time in April of 2019: I’m still able to set reminders, and they even show up in my Reminders notebook after doing so, but the key difference, and also the key problem, is that the reminders no longer send me push notifications at the time I set them for. This is a pretty vital problem, because the reminders hardly serve as reminders when they don’t send a notification.
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