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  1. I know @Mike P, they didn't listen to us and released this disaster anyway! I posted Evernote Beta 2 issues - First Look back in early September (https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/127949-evernote-beta-2-issues-first-look/) with 14 issues I found. None have been fixed. Thanks to @gazumped, I found the Legacy Edition and have installed it. My Premium subscription expires in the spring. If they haven't fixed v. 10 by January, I will start looking for alternatives. Best, John
  2. Just read The new Evernote 10 Version List of Missing Core Features (https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/129055-the-new-evernote-10-version-list-of-missing-core-features/). Looks like there are lots of old Premium users (like me - since 2008) who are ticked off and looking at alternatives. Seems like this release was not well thought out. They need to use an app like UserVoice or GetSatisfaction so that they can understand what users want!
  3. Thanks Gazumped, I have just installed Evernote Legacy 6.25.2. Does this mean that features I use all the time will not be in Evernote going forward? Outlook integration Custom Toolbar Interface improvements (shortcuts is huge compared to Legacy Being able to change defaults Thanks again, John
  4. After an email 10 days ago, I upgraded to the Evernote Beta (v 10.2.4 build 1949 public | Editor: v111.0.14414 | Service: v1.21.2) today. After the install, I received the message: There's a new version of Evernote... three times, the2nd and 3rd time with Evernote running in the background. Evernote still didn't open. I rebooted and it still takes forever; after 5 minutes, still not open! Rebooted again, this time it opened. I noticed it was missing the Outlook integration I cannot add the custom Toolbar I had before. This app is not ready for beta testing, I decided I was going to uninstall and install the current Evernote: I need it too much to run a dysfunctional beta. Why didn't this one run with the old one like the previous beta? Evernote is not in the apps list, neither in Control Panel > Programs and Features nor in Settings > Apps I went onto the web site and the only version available is Evernote-10.2.4-1949-setup.exe, the same version I am running In addition, several of the issues above were in my first Evernote Beta 2 issues - First Look post back in early September (https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/127949-evernote-beta-2-issues-first-look/). What is going on??? John
  5. Thanks @DTLow, but that is too much work, I may as well do what I do now: copy and paste into Word, fix the problems with the font changes and font size changes (something I complained about years ago ... and also hasn't been fixed), then print the doc with headers and footers... Actually, about 98% of my project notes are 2 to 5 pages, it is rather rare that I have really long ones. But browsers have page number codes, why can't Evernote? I can't use Word: I need to have access on my phone and tablet. In addition, the searching in Evernote is top-notch. I asked for this function to be added to Evernote years ago. The fact that it hasn't been is very frustrating. I'm starting to think I should look at other Note apps. The problem is that I have been using Evernote since 2008 ... so I would need to convert over 5,000 notes! If I get frustrated enough and find another app that can convert Evernote Notes and Notebooks, I would rather pay for something that has the functionality I need!
  6. Just printed a 20 page project plan to PDF. Same 0.5" margins as printing direct from Evernote, no page numbers in the header or footer, it actually looks identical to printing from Evernote. The only difference seems to be that that the print to PDF document is one line shorter than the direct print. The basic text is 8 pt Tahoma mostly so that's not much of a difference. I looked to see if there was some place in Evernote to add in the page numbers and couldn't find anything. Did I miss something in the above thread? Thanks, John
  7. Thanks CalS. I actually print Notebook Name, Updated Date, and Tags with mine. What I want is to have the page number in the header or footer added to that list As an example, I just printed a 40 page project note to review and summarize. I would really like to have page numbers also!
  8. Really? Let me look at that, I have been copying to MS Word, fixing all of the errors (fonts and font sizes don't copy properly), then adding headers and footers!
  9. Quirks? Yes, very quirky! If that is so, then why do they have changeable margins in File > Page Setup? That's what I've been doing and, frankly, it's a pain! It changes fonts, it changes font size, etc. Thanks Gazumped! Best, John
  10. I am running v. My printer margins are set to 1". However, when I print, the margins are half an inch! It is very difficult to use a 3 hole punch when you're punching right through the text! Can someone please check into this? Thanks very much, John
  11. In December, 2013 I posted this Feature Request (ID 288590) ----- Suggestion to Improve Printing of Long Notes In the options when printing, Evernote allows users to print the Note Name, Notebook, Date Created, etc. This is fine for short notes ... but some of mine are very long! In order to improve the printing of long notes, we should be able to add Evernote info as well as system info (page numbers, etc.) into Headers and Footers, the same way we can in Web Browsers, Excel, Word, and many other applications. ----- This has still not been added to Evernote. I find this incredibly frustrating as I have very long project notes that I must print out in order to review for accuracy, etc. Why has this not been added? Others have complained about it for years: searching for "page number" in Community returns dozens of entries! Thanks very much, John
  12. Thanks gazumped. I never use saved searches, very rarely repeat searches frequently. I agree it should be variable: I have room for about 8 on my Nexus ... and a couple of dozen on my tablet! Thanks again, John
  13. When searching in Evernote for Android, only 3 Recent Searches are presented. I would prefer to see the 8 or 10 most recent searches. Thanks for considering this suggestion, John
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