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  1. @janndk let us know when it's safe 🪲 ✌🏼 ✨
  2. If the issue was a double billing & was paid by CC or PayPal, you can "Dispute" though your Payment source.
  3. Until I see you all happy with a version, I am NOT UPDATING. Still on Android v10.78.0. Besides App flashing upon opening, all appears well. And, I appreciate your Posting the particular v still present w/🪲s. Thank you.
  4. Haha 🌸 . Kind of you 🫢, quickly done as well. Thank u for your continued helpful info 👍🏼
  5. Using the new Samsung Galaxy 24U now. I'm trying S Pen with Gboard. Samsung keyboard handwriting typing made zero sense. Possibly an AI thing. SPen is working to type within notes, can Scroll thru notes in EN, But cannot edit within Notes. Managed to make a sketch, probably do not have scrolling enabled within notes for continuous sketch. Yeas, updated to 17.5.1. Thought this could add to your info @Dave-in-Decatur
  6. Maybe read 2xs @gazumped. Also, realize "text/chat" at times does Not translate well (on both users/posters ends). Thank you @bmcl26. "Visual comfort" (yes referring to the New UI) from clarity of text to the lighting in your home to Yeas VISUAL THINKING, is a Real Thing. The Poster's name is Maria "Mia" for short. I'm an Artist & deserve some respect... The same exact respect I give ALL OF YOU. Thank you
  7. I've often wanted to offer suggestions of ✌🏼 🕊️ , a peace sign, a breather, or hey kids - "let's all sing Kum bī ya"❣️ Yeas, I talk to myself about you all, but value the forum 🧠 🤯. Back to the visuals at hand. As my eyes are burning, head throbbing for days, I feel for the individuals having difficulty adjusting to this 'Visual Mushiness'. @bmcl26 having a detached retina is a bi***, I understand. Would love to learn more about it. Diabetes? Having had early onset cataract sx., I now see 20/20. A Visual Thinker w/ ADD - is exactly why I Use & NEED EN. So, Question. Does EN actually take into consideration these - dare I Say It - Health Considerations - of people who are totally willing to PAY for their Premium Service ❓✌🏼. It's an important, interesting view... Yeas? Now play nice. And I Thank you.
  8. Might I ask, how the update Android v 10.66.0 going? I'm still running v10.64.0, and aside from needing to Re Start my newish samsung galaxy 23u to get EN's screen unstuck... I've been able to see images & pull up voice recordings from years ago. Finding notes as mentioned above, not so much. So, I HESITATE as usual to update. I'll be upgrading to the new new Galaxy 24U (yeah, so much for "anti- AI" 😳). I'd really like things to run well. Any feedback muchly appreciated.
  9. This Business Card feature has not worked for quite a while now, in Android.
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