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  1. Joined 2010, Premium @ 2012. Not Basic now. Alas EN Anxiety

  2. Ok Guys... This was NOT a Post about ADD... Your need to know the 'why' it relates to Tags is Astounding. . Oh yeah, Grab a Beer, it's a little long... Thank you Morticia for taking the reigns on that one... I get SOOOO Tired too. By my saying, "Since I work more Visually and need Simplification," and, "Straight forward and Simple being Key", in my Original Post, I thought that may give enough information that SIMPLE IS BEST. Tags to me personally, are the after Fluff. They are a Possible way of honing in on something. I have not found them very helpful to find a note. Not that I do not make them... I have MANY. I thought I Posted about something A LOT OF EN MEMBERS NEED, something NOT AT ALL LUDICROUS to ask for... This Limit could even be expanded by 100 and it would be helpful. Actually it should be Lifted completely, especially for Premium Members (yes, I said it). I do not ever remember reading Anywhere there was a LIMIT on Notebooks, has anyone else? Only Recently (within the past year) do I think it was listed. Maybe if I had known, I would have planned my strategy a bit better. Did anyone think about it that way? 3 tier system now: basic, plus, premium...what about all the people that have been Paying Premium for years, happy to do so, by the way... YO, HELLLLOOOOOO !!!!!! I consider you all my Colleagues, my Teachers, Innovator's ... I read Forums to Learn... Maybe some of us just post to a Forum to ASK for what they NEED, for what will help make their life run a little smoother? AND, KNOW there has to be OTHERS this would help as well. Otherwise, why bother? EVERNOTE is not Just Something I use... It is A PART of my Life. In my beginning stages of using Premium, it EN SAVED ME by allowing me to do things I couldn't do on my crappy Laptop I had at that time. I was THRILLED. It even helped me get into a Notable Museum here. So now I Categorize my different Artwork, and by SEEING My Images immediately, I know what needs to be done, what is where, what was sold, etc. BAM! It is Right there. Do Tags do that? NO. I won't even bring up the Windows App and it's peculiar Way of sorting notebooks. Thanks for all the suggestions, I have eliminated some 'unnecessary' notebooks already, and am trying to figure out more. I do have a Free Account as Well, but as you all know, it is not as easy to jump into, (at least I find) as the regular Premium App, when you have Premium at the same time. Security thing. Also I do not like the Web App as much. I will not be easy for me to use at the same time. Thanks for reading all this... I WILL NOT ARGUE or DEBATE. So, if you guys want that... You know where I'll be. Thanks Again.
  3. In Regards to NOTEBOOK LIMIT ... I have been an Evernote Junkie since 2010... Premium User. I never knew of this Limit on Notebooks ... Found it out TODAY. I USE EN more than I do my email. Since I work more Visually and need Simplification, I like the Notebook format more than Tags... I realize they help most, but persons leaning toward ADD- the Straightforward and Simple are KEY. I would strongly RECOMMEND EN to expand this Limit for the Premium users at the very least. I doubt I personally matter at all, but if enough people need it, will they not need to consider??? OK... High hopes. Why not try once.
  4. Had the same EXACT PROBLEM, But on Windows 7, Moms Older Laptop (Hooked on EN ). After SERIOUSLY 2 months of Back and Forth Help, and Honestly, I cannot say Enough about my EN Support Guys Helping me - I Actually figured it out somewhat myself... Go to Internet Properties in your Internet Settings , Enable only SSL 3.0, And TLS 1.0. (Some have .2, .3). FINALLY STOPPED THE "SYNC FAILED" ERROR message. Drove me insane. I have had Constant issues lately... But they have been extremely helpful and attentive. Mom is a Non Premium user and Phoenix, Alex and others have been great. Best Help I have seen since 2009 NP / 2010 Premium use. Has been work, but they are working hard. I would like to see them smooth out the odd ipad user issues soon. But that's another entry. CHEERS !
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