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  3. There is a new editor coming? This is completely new for me. And very happy news. Where can I read more about this editor?
  4. A large number of my notes were showing as "unavailable" in the desktop windows client about 20 minutes ago. However, as I write this post, the notes have reappeared. So, even though I now have access to them, I am concerned why I wasn't able to access them earlier. Was there a server problem perhaps? I did check my IOS devices and the notes were available there, so it is quite odd and I am worried about the integrity of my data. Has anyone seen this previously? Also, when I clicked into a specific note, it showed something like - "note is not accessible. Check your Activity Log"
  5. I have just discovered another problem! I've tried to use the Evernote and Gmail add on. I open an email press the Evernote button in the sidebar and am told the email has no content. This is clearly inaccurate as the email has content and two attachments. The email above and below are both transferred to Evernote without a problem.
  6. What I want to do is move the email and its attachments but only the email is saved into Evernote.
  7. Sounds good to me - enjoy the free space. Always good to have some for new projects. Maybe you want to send a support ticket, why those older versions piled up, and how to avoid it.
  8. I'm just looking for some advice on how I can organise some tags. Say I have some photos, I could have a tag "image" and also a tag "image.jpeg", because all jpegs are images so I will have no problem with subtagging. If I then have some photos of animals, I can have the tag "animal" and then I may also have a tag "animal.cats" and then another "animal.cats.tigers". All tigers are cats, all cats are animals, so it would work if I typed "tag:animal.*". However, how do I handle that tigers can also be inside "animal.endangered" and "animal.carnivore" and "animal.dangerous"? I could create "animal.endangered.tigers", "animal.carnivore.tigers", "animal.dangerous.tigers" but I then have "tigers" in multiple places, and without the ability to search for "tag:*tiger*" I won't be able to easily find them all. Is there anyway to get around this?
  9. I think this may be releated to the "search not working anymore" since the last update, which is also not working for me anymore. I can select every other option for the list view of the widget (last shown, recently, notebook, reminder... sorry if not all options are correct, I use the german version of Evernote), and they all show a list of notes in the widget as they should. But if I select the "saved search" option, then none of my saved searches show up, I only get the very unhelpful message "list can not be shown, maybe there is a problem with your WLAN". Yes, surely. I didn't now that EN on Android is only to be used with WiFi... Yes, EN on Android does not get much love. But releasing an update ("dark mode is better", and I even like and use dark mode) which breaks search, which frankly is one of the most import features of a note keeping app, and (a) not repairing it or (b) rolling back the changes as quickly as possible baffles me.
  10. Perhaps this is a part of this problem.
  11. Thank you! When I searched through the forum, I didn't find it!
  12. They seem to be treating this as a minor inconvenience. A bad sign.
  13. Also installed the previous version. I really miss some response from devs.
  14. Just followed that advice and installed the previous version. Seems OK so far. Not a happy dude.
  15. Interesting. I'm not on the beta, but when I did my test, I found only one note in which a search term was highlighted, and that was a note clipped from a Website. Now, however, I find search terms highlighted in every note in which they are found! Apparently all that is consistent is the inconsistency.
  16. No, it's still there -- in the latest, greatest Windows beta anyways -- but seems unpredictable/unstable. I've see it appearing, appearing and then flashing off, and not appearing. If it appears, and you switch notes, it may disappear eventually, and then not come back. Maybe there's a timer that governs this, or maybe there's some other condition that turns it off. It's unpredictable, but I've definitely seen the highlighting happen.
  17. Glad to hear of your success, @Zoli71! Welcome to the forums too, BTW. For those wanting a simpler, and possibly safer method, you can to Tools > Options > General, and then uncheck "Enable Hardware Acceleration".
  18. It always uninstalls, but I do think this is the first time it stops to tell you that and press Ok. If you had watched the earlier "upgrades" closely, one of the progress bars is "removing old version" or something to that effect. Nothing is lost. It is just removing the app files, no data, no settings. You should be ok.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Evernote is telling me I have to uninstall to proceed. I think an upgrade has never told me this before. Should I proceed?
  21. Hi. We're a -mainly- user-supported Forum, not the Evernote support team, so they don't reply to individual queries. Staff do read the posts, but there's a lot of traffic for them to catch up on. You could try Twitter and @Evernotehelps to see if they have any suggestions, but there are quite a few iOS users around here (sadly, not me...) and if there were a good answer to this thread, I'd imagine it would have been posted by now. It is odd that you're seeing a consistent old note though, because I understood that mobile devices don't store actual note content - it's downloaded when requested. Do you have any way to clear the caches on your device? Quitting Evernote and restarting might be a thing to look at... (caveat: I'm NOT an iOS user...!)
  22. Hi Searching by multiple tags in the android app is straightforward but I can't seem to search further by performing a multiple tag search within a select notebook or the other way round. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? So far a workaround is to sort by notebook after the tag search but that is very tedious. Using evernote 8.9 Android version 9 Cheers
  23. Hi. Short answer: no. ..Although you can sign out of Evernote and lock the phone, so an extra layer of security seems a little redundant. It is possible to password protect some file types, so attaching a protected PDF to a note (forinstance) would do the job.
  24. It's a Windows key-jack - F9 is the default hotkey in Evernote still, but if you have Cortana enabled she gets there first. I happen to have surgically removed Cortana from my system (I really hate it when it talks back to me) so my F9 loyally runs sync. If you use Cortana or can't find out how to gag her, you could look into automation products like Phrase Express to bake your own work-around to Alt+T+S...
  25. Is there some way to provide password protection for an individual note in Android? Thanks!
  26. Hi folks, I am moving from win 7 to win 10 computer. In win 7, pushing the "f9" key syncs evernote. But in win 10, pushing "f9" opens the "cortana" search dialogue box ! How can I use key strokes to sync evernote on win 10 system without activating Cortana? Thanks, Rob
  27. I suspect if you include a Stack in the shortcuts, you get all the subordinant notebooks It would be confusing to expand the stack and just see a partial notebook list
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