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REQUEST: Scale-to-fit printing



I'm using Evernote to scan in and tag the handwritten notes that I take at meetings for work. It's incredibly handy to be able to instantly pull up all of the notes that have to do with a particular issue based on their tags.

When I'm going to a meeting regarding a certain topic, it would be nice to be able to print copies of just the notes that pertain to that topic. I can do that pretty easily by filtering for tags, but the scanned notes print far too large - I need to be able to print them fit to page, without having to manually scale them individually. I've noticed that this topic has come up a number of times over the last few years across the forums:

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Thank you!

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  • I just did the evernote survey and forgot to mention this. I am not sure why it'd be such a difficult thing. It's one thing that gets rather annoying...I have a week plan and a day plan and from time to time, I want to print them. Not being able to get rid of all the header info is annoying too. I know the name and date...I don't need to see it.


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Wow, shocked when I went to print a note today that contains a table and, even after choosing 'scale to fit' the note still does not appear in full. This is a problem with Evernote because 'scale to fit' works with all other apps like spreadsheets, web pages, etc. Personally, I would think 'scale to fit' is a fairly standard function.

Rather than try to explain what I experience, I've attached a screenshot.

In summary, I have a table on a note that, when I try to print, only a portion of it shows up on the page (as per the preview), and choosing 'scale to print' only shrinks the content but does not add the missing content.

Happy to try anything suggested.


PS: This is on a Mac with latest OS and latest version of Evernote.


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1 hour ago, spiketrain said:

This is great if you are actually printing.... but I'm printing to PDF in Mac OS. 

Well, with Adobe on the PC the process is below.  Is there a Mac PDF toolset with the same capability?


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This is great if you are actually printing.... but I'm printing to PDF in Mac OS. 

In my example above, I also needed to add a branding logo and some other additional formatting which obviously went beyond what EN is set up to do - so I printed to PDF in EN and then placed the finished doc inside an InDesign doc and added stuff around it.... a bit silly really in the end... but using InDesign (which is my total top fave app for proper layout) I had full control. Anything except MS Word! 

Next time I think I'll just skip EverNote for jobs like this. I would like to see a way of controlling margins though.... there's a thread in community for this I think.... and it also remains unanswered after years of comments.... so that must mean it's hard to do!


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Obviously MS Word is just not what we want here. But at least Word DOES have margin controls of course. Ignoring this bonus, I still hate MS Word so I created a beautiful table in EN and it looked great on screen. I then printed it to PDF using the standard print to PDF on Mac OS so I could email it to a colleague and it created the PDF no problem - except it missed out a whole column and cropped another. I also couldn't shrink the huge margin space around the table to make it fit into one page like it did on my screen.

I did find a solution (not to the huge uncontrollable margins) but I made it fit by just reducing the font size and crushing up the rows until all columns printed. I had to keep running a PDF print out command to see the preview image since there was no other way to see if the EN page would print correctly - IE this isn't a WYSIWYG kind of thing since the EN note isn't paper sized.

It wasn't great for formatting in the end - but good enough. My EN note was of course all crushed up on screen in the end.... but I guess I could just reverse the procedure if I wanted it to be as readable on screen as it is now on the emailed PDF. I didn't do this though since I'm expecting changes - and don't want to go through this again.

My guess is that this is a tricky fix for Evernote - since they haven't broached this request despite its age on this thread.

One day!

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I have had issue after issue with printing. It will work fine for a few days, then print every other picture from a note, leaving dozens of blank pages, then I have to go page by page to see what didn't print, open those & print individually. Takes. For. Ever. I was told they weren't aware of anyone else having this issue.. but I see that's far from the case. Went through a time where all the verbiage, no matter what size I made the font, would print so tiny it wasn't readable, and pics were printing over 4 pages each.

When we first started using EN, it was great! Now missing notes, printing wasting paper & other miscellaneous gremlins hiding in there :D

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How has this not been added after more than 5 years of people asking for it?

The android app makes it easy to capture images, but as soon as they are in evernote its an absolute nightmare. All I want to do is print to pdf but every picture is split across 4 pages, so 5 short notes with a few pictures each are now 110 pages in a pdf...every week there seems to be something evernote cant do that word did 15 years ago, and nearly every time it was mentioned in the forum years ago

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Is there any possibility of getting WYSIWYG printing?  I get a table all formatted with the right data, then print it and all the data wraps inside the cells.  It would be okay if the table had to shrink to fit the paper, but it doesn't.  In fact the table prints as if the original were scaled down to about 70% the size of the original table.  maybe there is a way to do WYSIWYG printing, and I have just missed the option/settings?

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Would appreciate this to be fixed. All workarounds don't work for me since I have notes with multiple images inside. So no way that resizing all pages by the same factor would fix it. Really a shame that the information-vaccum-cleaner EN (powerful) is so lousy at displying and making use of the information later again. Without this part, what's the point in collecting the information in the first place?

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I hardly ever print anything

First there was greenbar fanfold off the mainframe... line printers (what a racket).. then a daisywheel, with white fanfold, when PCs and C were young (speaking of C, R.I.P Dennis Ritchie) ... dot matrices (and writing printer drivers)... then just plain old white paper on laser/ink jets... now I hardly print anything anymore either...

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Owyn, If you're using EN in Windows I guess you mean changing your printer's preferences. That's not really ideal as then all applications will print 2 pages per sheet, right? Or is there a setting you can change specific to EN?



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Best workaround I have found so far is to print 2 pages per sheet. It keeps the blank pages under control and the oversized fonts are very readable when reduced for printing in this format.

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