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  1. macneilpi

    Evernote Clip

    I don't understand what you mean by "highlight clips." Can you explain that please?
  2. macneilpi

    security upgrade needed NOW!

    Wow! I've never seen four EN Guru's all reply and when they are all unanimous, That sound scream, "you're doing it wrong." I do keep some logins saved, but they are not banking or anything, and they have all of the login information encrypted. How does EN's encryption quality compare to the other recommended services?
  3. macneilpi

    Highlight Search results

    Could we get some additional details on this? I just did a general search for one word in my EN for Mac on my Macbook pro and the word was highlighted throughout the notes.
  4. macneilpi

    Particular notes freezing

    Same with me. Only one of my notes would cause the issue. EN Support told me they were aware of this issue and it was likely related to formatting and to remove formatting and it might fix it - it didn't! It was a note I used on a regular basis, approximately once per week, with no elaborate formatting other than BIU and highlighted text.
  5. macneilpi

    Evernote own Calendar

    I might have to try DTLow's script, but I suspect that in the future we will be able to view our reminders in Google Calendar.
  6. I submitted a trouble ticket some time ago abou the EN widget in iOS not loading previously viewed notes. It would display “Unable to load” and at the same time, there would be no action icons at the bottom either. Nor could I choose “Show Less” or “Show More”. EN responded to my ticket stating that they were aware and they were fixing it in the next update. So far it would appear that the last update didn’t fix that issue. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. macneilpi

    Evernote 8.9.2 is out ...

    Still no fix for the EN widget in this update from what I can tell. 😞😐😒😣
  8. macneilpi

    New-style PDF viewing - ugh!

    If you select the preview icon (the eyeball) on Mac, you have the option to open it in your default PDF app; for me, that is Adobe Reader. Although it isn't a double-click, it is suitable functionality for me as I often wish to view the PDF before scrolling and editing.
  9. macneilpi

    iPad Pro - Apple Pencil integration in notes

    Or instead of taking the time to bash my post you could maybe.... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=LiquidText+features
  10. macneilpi

    iPad Pro - Apple Pencil integration in notes

    (I cannot recall if I already asked) Have you tried LiquidText on your iPad? I have just tried it and it has some INCREDIBLE features (that take a bit of getting used to). I would pay more for premium if it meant to have some or all of those features.
  11. If I could also add that if the PDf will not be "in-line" in iOS, can the PDF be opened and available for edit when rotating into landscape mode? This would need to be a toggle/selectable feature.
  12. macneilpi

    Upcoming Forum Change Announcement

    Thanks! Managed to notice that, but you replied before I could get back to my question and negate it.
  13. Can we unpin this note from 2017 and the one from 2016 in this forum?
  14. macneilpi

    Upcoming Forum Change Announcement

    Does this include the feature requests (Mac OS and iOS) forums? I have this running list of feature requests I have been meaning to upload, and I cant find the forum. I'll keep looking but I would appreciate knowing if I'm wasting my time. lol