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  1. On Mac - with all the latest updates on both app and OS from 10th June 2021.... I still experience this issue if Evernote is left open and unattended for a few hours.... when I come back, it pretends to be working fine... and then, when I try and refresh / sync, it all goes blank and I have to restart the app. Doing this around once a week and no changes to this since the last updates... noticing of course that @kideltsen is on PC.
  2. Just noticing that this was first posted in November 2020 - and it's the end of February 2021 right now. For me, in Mac OS... I use snippet view and leave Evernote open all the time. When I go to it and click on a note, it quite often (now) returns a blank page for that note. All the other notes follow suit - but all the snippets appear unaffected. Upon a restart, it recovers and everything is fine - until next time. It happens a lot.... wondering if this is on the 'urgent fix' list. Coz it's quite annoying! Thanks in advance. S
  3. Please hurry up and do this guys .. ..... dayum, it's been a drag so far!
  4. Hi, using Mac OS (Big Sur) and also IOS for Evernote. I do a search and bring up some old notes. I can't see the contents, only a preview in the note title window. I attempt to delete them... see them.... edit them.. anything... and they are unresponsive. They don't show up in searches on the iPhone I noticed today. The DO show up in Chrome when in an Evernote browser - but I still can't see the note or delete them I want these old notes to respond to my requirements in the way I would use or delete any other note. How do I overcome this please? There's a screencast video of me attempting to delete etc here
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