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  1. Hmm. I click the "annotate" button, the pdf opens. And a side bar which lets me chose color and width of a tool. But unfortunately no tool to annotate whatsoever. All I can do is read the pdf. No Commenting at all. Really, I am wondering why it takes more that two years to come up with exactly no workable solution here.
  2. Would appreciate this to be fixed. All workarounds don't work for me since I have notes with multiple images inside. So no way that resizing all pages by the same factor would fix it. Really a shame that the information-vaccum-cleaner EN (powerful) is so lousy at displying and making use of the information later again. Without this part, what's the point in collecting the information in the first place?
  3. Same issue here. What good is a note that you can't print. I can't believe such basic things don't work...
  4. Well, some years after the first request we now have: Still the same problems + an additional software named skitch. Problem is: It is already quite painful to get evernote to open skitch upon double click of the picture. Once you manage to do so, skitch will open an you can edit the photo. However, there is no way apparently to get the edited photo back into the note it came from. Instead, everytime I save the pic in skitch, a new note is created. Simple things like crop and resize of a pic are still impossible within the app or in the web interface of evernote. Somehow sucks for a software that wanted to "remember everything" - just not the size I would like to remember it... too bad I paid premium for this.
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