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  1. Wow, shocked when I went to print a note today that contains a table and, even after choosing 'scale to fit' the note still does not appear in full. This is a problem with Evernote because 'scale to fit' works with all other apps like spreadsheets, web pages, etc. Personally, I would think 'scale to fit' is a fairly standard function. Rather than try to explain what I experience, I've attached a screenshot. In summary, I have a table on a note that, when I try to print, only a portion of it shows up on the page (as per the preview), and choosing 'scale to print' only shrinks the content but does not add the missing content. Happy to try anything suggested. Martin PS: This is on a Mac with latest OS and latest version of Evernote.
  2. Just wanted to add that this is most relevant in split screen multitasking view. The amount of writing space is small.
  3. I have started using Evernote for hand written notes more with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but am frustrated by the small area that Evernote presents for scribbling in. If I was using Penultimate I get to tap at the bottom and on to a new page quickly, but in Evernote we have to close then tap the pen scribble icon again to add another section and cannot scroll through the whole note without tapping done again. Is there a way to have a longer note taking area, that is in portrait layout not landscape layout when using the Apple Pencil or other stylus on Evernote on iPad? Martin.
  4. I can't believe that 2 years later we are all (well, many of us) still waiting for a very basic improvement; Thinner ink options! Is it any wonder that NoteShelf has become the note taking app of choice for many Evernote users? They (Noteshelf developers) have now submitted an update to Apple that will have Automatic Evernote saving!!!! Awesome. Come on Evernote, listen to us and make your own note taking app (Penultimate) as good as the rest; Smoother, More ink Choices, A better zoom feature...
  5. Wrist protection: On. Right handed and appropriate hand position: Correct. Hand Gestures (MultiTasking): Off. Zoom: Off. I'm still going back to NoteShelf (for now)... Where the user experience is more natural and there are more ink options and the thinner ink options make the hand writing more readable. Thanks for your input, though. Martin
  6. Hello everyone. It's just my second post here - only just joined the forum after being a premium Evernote user since - well, as long as I've had an Evernote account which is many years now... I wanted to express my 'issues' with Penultimate which I keep trying, and keep ditching... again... Although I love the way my notes are instantly sync'd with Evernote so I can see them on my Mac right away, that's the end of the unbeatable features. Before I crack on with the 'issues' I should point out that I keep coming back to NoteShelf. I'm sure there are plenty of other apps that people prefer but NoteShelf is my preferred one for... well, many reasons. Anyway, why I'm ditching Penultimate, again: What happened to folders/stacks? Wasn't that a feature in a previous version? To have loads of notes there needs to be some way of grouping them, stacking them or having folders. The ink is too thick... Way too thick to heave nice readable handwriting. Everything looks like it was written with a felt tip pen rather than a nice thin biro. Not nice on the screen. Not easy to read at a quick glance. Still only one style of pen! What? Lagging behind all the competition there! The odd zoom thing that was introduced after years of people asking "where's the zoom?" Oh dear. Oh deary deary me indeed. Whoever came up with that needs to learn a bit about usability for sure. Any idea why not a single other handwriting app uses such a daft method of zoom? 'Cos it ain't nice to use. (IMO). Wrist Guard! Fail. Years ago when I first used it I was impressed - but since then, while other apps have moved on and got better, Penultimate seems to have lagged way behind and the constant need to pick up the erasure is annoying. Penultimate was (I think) the best for quality handwriting years ago but it's not now. Too many bits missing, too many blobs from the hand touching the screen... Spent loads on expensive Stylus Pens and still, Penultimate is the weak link. So, there ya go guys. My feedback on Penultimate so far. I love Evernote and I love what Penultimate should be, and thought I should share my thoughts. Cheers. Martin
  7. I keep coming back for yet another look at Penultimate but it is still way off the mark as far as I'm concerned. It was one of the very first apps I added to my first iPad all them (few) years ago and has been on and off my iPads ever since - always hoping it will live up to expectations. I won't hijack the thread with my gripes about Penultimate but just wanted to share your "ditching Penultimate (again)" moment! :-)
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