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  1. You can refine results of a saved search but the new search terms are added to the original search. In the example you provided you have set up an "any:" (OR) search so any additional terms are OR terms. This may increase the results provided, it will never decrease them. A simple workaround is to assign a new tag, e.g. "meal", to all of the initial results (select all, add tag). Then you can change your saved search to e.g. "tag:meal". Any additional terms will be ANDed to the original search (default is all: (AND)).
  2. 403 Authentication errors usually mean that you are unable to acquire a secure connection to evernote.com. Try logging in to Evernote Web client VIA INTERNET EXPLORER if this happens. If this fails then it confirms that their is a problem with your current network profile.
  3. See http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23186247
  4. It would not hurt, but, as I read the OP all the mucking about was in appdata. Disconnecting from the Internet immediately was the smartest thing he could do. FYI: I would have renamed the Databases folder to e.g. Databases.old. That ensures that all the ancillary files are rebuilt as well.
  5. You need to rebuild your database from the web. You don't need to re-install the application.
  6. Security starts at home. Time to change your password.
  7. This requires two syncs. Sync windows client to service and then Sync android client to service.
  8. Annoying, but: Open credentials info. Remember user name. Copy password. Start clipper. Type username. Paste password.
  9. Prefixed tags have several advantages as I use them. Hierarchy embedded in tag Can OR search group using * suffixed tags as described by Jeff Can be nested under a collapsed parent tag, eg Locations, to reduce Tags display Consistent coding by selection from tag dropdown(s) In your case additional abbreviations in the tags might help, eg Loc_Eur_N_Eng_Cornwall Tag:loc_eur_n* = any Northern European location
  10. http://lifehacker.com/5932700 Yep. I have switched to xkcd style pass phrases for passwords that I have to frequently type. I use LastPass generated random passwords if they are only used on Web login and LastPass can handle the auto fill. I am working through the personal implications of 2FA.
  11. Note that there is a serious regression in Wine 1.4 (stable) and 1.5 (beta) which prevents Evernote from syncing. See below for current status and a workaround.
  12. I would use prefixed tags for locations and artifacts. EG. Loc_England_Cornwall Art_Pre1000BC
  13. That Ui change snuck by me. Thanks for testing and documenting.
  14. http://blog.evernote.com/2012/07/19/evernote-for-photography-tips-and-downloadable-presentation/
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