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  1. Maybe that's the key. I just don't understand how this capability isn't demanded by everyone. I find it hard to believe that ebernote users don't have a greater need for this basic function. For years I've a spreadsheet in Google docs - about 2k rows - works fine via browser but gdocs on the droid is impossible to use . search, update etc
  2. It is sad. I'd forgotten that it was available in an iphone. I can only believe that the "heavy hitters" like BurgerBF & jefito are Mac / iphone user otherwise they'd be posting long diatribes. For two years I recommended and promoted Evernote. Stopped last year. I evaluated Catch when they were called something else - If I recall. Its a real pain, but sometimes I just have to, 1. open note, 2. select / copy all 3. open NoteEverything 4. open new note in NE 5. paste etc
  3. Its been more than a year now.. What is the status? I'm on the original droid - still no search / find within the note.
  4. >>Well, please recommend it. I was very pleased to see my suggestion taken up (assuming it was mine that provoked the change) >>for the desktop. But if anything in the tiny, little screen size on the phones, it is more important to have it on the device. Thanks. Sadly, I requested the same thing over 3 years ago (edit) - circa Jan 2010 ! The lack of a search WITHIN a note REALLY makes the wonderfulness of EN pale or even worthless. I used to compare it to not even meeting the functionality of the old Palm OS.
  5. Thanks BnF - been meaning to check Truecrypt out - I couldn;t find out how much overhead there is with TC . Thanks 'Owyn' - only bill I have is a seasonal tel bill. But I did vacillate as to storing banking & investment statements & check images between EN and the cloud via gDocs. EN might even be easier, but since I value EN more than gDocs, I don;t want to "waste' it !! LOL
  6. good & Interesting topic - What is TC? Could you expand a bit - what is PAC ?
  7. OT - do you have a "trick" on how to do this directly into google docs? TIA
  8. Hmmmmm.. About 50 yrs for me and I wonder now .. How does it compare to a bacon sandwich, health wise? :shock:
  9. Appears to work like the "old" way : Title / tag/ notebook.. I liked the other panel with notes.. etal Also the options for default NB etc have been dropped.
  10. My only comment about this is: Does anyone really buy SPAM anymore?
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