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  1. After researching it, I don't think using Evernote legacy is a real solution. The language on the Evernote Legacy page seems to indicate they basically aren't supporting it and it doesn't have a future. Is there a guarantee all this functionality is coming back quickly to the new version? I don't like paying Evernote to beta test their product.
  2. So the transition to match the web interface is understandable. Though this seems to deviate from the previous design philosophy of allowing each platforms app to be different and use the features of that platform best. The current state of the Windows app / whole platform as updated is not acceptable though: No ability to style notebook fonts (I prefer bolding and sometimes coloring tags) The ability to color tags and showing those tag colors on notecards was very effective for visual organization Much more wasted space in the sidebar (this sort of pairs with inability to ch
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