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  1. If you're trying to paste the content of a web page with multiple images I found a lucky two workarounds that fix the missing pasted images. Now are they actually stored in Evernote or are they just links to the original page? I don't know. If that original page goes offline will I lose the images? 1 - Quickest fix: They may seem to be missing but as soon as you save and reopen the note the images are there! 2 - What I found by accident: Copy and paste the web page contents including the images. Yes they'll be missing, and you'll just see a broken image link icon and the name of the linked file. From the same source web page save just one of the images to the computer. Drag the saved image to the end of your Evernote Web note, and hey presto the other images magically appear! You can now remove this duplicate image. UPDATE: I just checked the img links in the page, and they're definitely stored in Evernote 😀
  2. The problem with gmail forwarding to different email addresses is you have to authorize each one, which is a pain if you have lots of forwarding addresses. Therefore I use a script that runs on gmail similar to the one used by dpbklyn Basically you set up labels in gmail that have the same names as your tags or notebooks in evernote, and this script handles the rest. No email forwarding address necessary More info available here: http://lifehacker.com/5965506/automatically-send-tagged-emails-in-gmail-to-evernote
  3. Hi Emerick, Thanks for your really rapid response. I forgot to mention that I had English, English UK, French checked. Now that I've unchecked English UK I see exactly what you're saying: The French word for window is Fenêtre. Now if I forget that accent on the second 'e' it's a spelling mistake. If I check the spelling suggestions with English, English UK, and French selected I get: fenestration penetrates frenetics penetrate fenestration which is all English, and even contains a duplicate: "fenestration". If I only have English and French selected I get: fenestration penetrates frenetics penetrate fenêtres So there you go. Maybe for those of us with multiple languages we need the top 5 suggestions per language, maybe in a sub dropdown list. Doing that will also clear up the little problem of apparent duplicates. I'll disable English spelling for the mean time. Cheers, Phil
  4. Hi all, I have notes in both English and French, with English being my first language. I would like EN to suggest spelling corrections in French as well as English. I have chosen both languages in Tools > Option > Language > Spelling, but if I make a mistake in French it detects it and shows the red underline, but all suggestions in the right click menu are in English. Any idea why? TIA Phil
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