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  1. Good point. I suppose that's a trade-off of storing only a link against storing a whole video file. Most of the videos in the articles that I clip never get removed (I'd say 95% are on YouTube). And even if they did get removed, it's not a major loss to me. If I find a video that I really must keep then I download it and attach it as an mp4 file. Phil
  2. I agree that it's frustrating. I often clip articles that have embedded video and it doesn't even put a link to the vid. Shame really. I've tried using video downloaders but they're quite awkward, and you need to ensure that if you put a video file as an attachment that it's in a readable format for your device/s. I use Windows/iPhone & iPad. The mp4 format seems to work on all three. 3gp and flv don't work on iOS for me. Besides, I don't think I need to keep a copy of 90% of video files, I just want to have an easy way to play them. What would be great would be for the note to have embedded players that stream the video/audio from the original site. HTML5 has come a long way and is finally replacing Flash for A/V uses. For playback it's already widely supported. So when can we have say a webclipper that detects that it's clipping a page with YouTube content, and then embeds the YouTube HTML5 player in the note? Thoughts or ideas? Cheers, Phil
  3. The problem with gmail forwarding to different email addresses is you have to authorize each one, which is a pain if you have lots of forwarding addresses. Therefore I use a script that runs on gmail similar to the one used by dpbklyn Basically you set up labels in gmail that have the same names as your tags or notebooks in evernote, and this script handles the rest. No email forwarding address necessary More info available here: http://lifehacker.com/5965506/automatically-send-tagged-emails-in-gmail-to-evernote
  4. Yeah the customizable toolbars are cool. What I couldn't find was the usage indicator in the menus. I've now located it in the Tools > Account Info menu.
  5. I'd like to know how to have the usage meter available in one of the menus. I don't want it on the toolbar. Is that possible?
  6. Hi All, Sorry to resurect an old thread, but it's something that's been on my mind is the security of note links. Grumpy Monkey sums it up nicely. I didn't realize the difference of a note link and a note url. I just assumed everything suddenly became potentially public when you asked for a link. Now I'll use note links for actual linking and Note Sharing for actual sharing! Just hunted around the forums a bit. Now I know how to have is a list of all my notes that are shared. and also how to unshare individual notes. (because I have a bunch of shared stuff that shouldn't be!) Is there any way to unshare multiple notes? Time to get busy! Phil
  7. I'm also a software developer, I also work with COM APIs, and as roschler mentioned, an existing API must not be broken by an update. New API methods should be impelemented instead. The only exception to this rule that I can think of is if there is a glaring security hole that needs patching. Please, Get it sorted Evernote developers!
  8. The link was bad, here's the right one: http://www.degconsulting.net/2012/11/5-step-plan-to-better-document-tagging.html
  9. Yes it is easy to become overloaded, I'm going to browse the forums to see if I can either find or put together a helpful list of oranisational hints. Phil
  10. I've also started using longer note titles (names). I think I'll do as you mentioned and start modifying titles and culling or using more generic tags as I go on. I don't want to spend days on end cleaning it up, but I don't mind doing it a bit at a time when I'm searching. One type of tag I do like is for my travels. I can't remember who suggested it on here (maybe you Gazumped? ) but I group all my travel notes for each trip with one tag like so: tra-13-1-Scotland (where the Scotland trip was in January 2013) That's my favorite naming convention I have another for my vehicles: car-Ford150-Putt1234 (car-model-License Plate) I need to figure out some more! Thanks again for your prompt reply. Phil
  11. I noticed Robert (roschler) hasn't been on the EN forum since May and that BitQwik hasn't been updated in quite a while. He's just busy I hope! Seeing as I'm currently unable to use BitQwik does anyone have any tips on how to reduce my tags, be it a manual workflow or otherwise. I've got some tags that are only used once (or never) and some that have hundreds of items. I'd like to weed out the unpopular ones and perhaps split the overused ones. If I had a tool which could quickly show me my tag distribution I'd be very glad indeed. I've probably got 150 tags. I have 3 notebooks. Main, Travel (it's offline/sync'd with my phone), and Archive. Thanks in advance, Phil
  12. Hello, I'm trying to use the latest version of BitQwik (Version info: You are using the latest version: with Evernote but it seems to be incompatible. Any idea when it'll be updated? Thanks in advance, Phil
  13. That's what I do, but Evernote doesn't always notice the file has been changed, or perhaps the file is locked by Paint.NET and Evernote can't reload it? This is an intermittent problem for me on WinXP and Win7
  14. Yeah I understand limits are supposed to be targets, it's just I'm not going up to the 50 meg quota. I think once I start paying I'll envisage lots of other ways to use EN. I'll go ahead and sign up right away.
  15. Ok, I just realized that it's a premium feature, so I guess even any scans of printed text converted to PDFs will not be OCR parsed by EN. I guess it's time I start thinking about going premium. Thing is I don't even use my 50 megs a month.... Yet!
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