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Synchronization of tasks with google calendar



Create a two way sync of tasks with google calendar. So if you plan a meeting in your 'evernote calendar' within google it will show up as a task with that date and time as the deadline. And vice versa if you add a task with a specific time make it show up in your calendar.

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Even just a one-way sync from Evernote Tasks (and preferably Note Reminders too) to Google Calendar would be great for me.  I have lots of entries on my calendar that don't need to be Evernote tasks (like if school is letting off early one day or our housecleaner is coming).  So I would need to have a way to indicate in Google Calendar which tasks I do want to become notes versus those I don't.  And at that point it would be easier to just enter the yes-note tasks in Evernote directly (letting them Sync to Google Calendar), and I could add the no-note tasks directly to Google Calendar without cluttering my Evernote.

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