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  1. Sorting entries in a database is not some huge technical challenge. It's what databases are for. Evernote already had a feature like this (where you could manually place the entries in the reminder tab) and it was quite valuable, at least to me. But it is one of many features of the old client that has not yet migrated to the new app. People also told us for years and years that we should shut up about requesting a Linux client because Evernote was never going to make one. They said there weren't enough Linux users and that the technical challenge would be insurmountable and that if Evernote was going to do it they already would have. But we didn't shut up and then one fine day we woke up to good news.
  2. Ordering the notes manually would be extremely valuable if it worked. There used to be a backdoor manual note sorting method where you could make each note a "reminder" and manually sort those. And it was an important part of my workflow, but Evernote failed to maintain the feature in their new app. People shouldn't call organizational methods a "bad idea" just because they don't personally need them. It's obviously an important and highly desired feature for many of us--as evidenced by this thread! I now use a method similar to what @PinkElephant suggested (creating an index note with a long list of links to other notes), but it would be easier and better if I could just sort all the notes in a notebook manually.
  3. Even though I posted the alternate approach above, I agree that nested tasks would be great. I also wish a task list took up less vertical space. I still think tasks are a great feature as-is, but they could be better for sure!
  4. Even just a one-way sync from Evernote Tasks (and preferably Note Reminders too) to Google Calendar would be great for me. I have lots of entries on my calendar that don't need to be Evernote tasks (like if school is letting off early one day or our housecleaner is coming). So I would need to have a way to indicate in Google Calendar which tasks I do want to become notes versus those I don't. And at that point it would be easier to just enter the yes-note tasks in Evernote directly (letting them Sync to Google Calendar), and I could add the no-note tasks directly to Google Calendar without cluttering my Evernote.
  5. Yeah I would prefer 3 options settable per note (applying to all tasklists in that note), along with the ability to set my account's default behavior: Just strikethrough completed tasks as is done now Move completed tasks to the bottom of the tasklist so I always see the ones I need to do up top Hide the completed tasks (but with a widget I can click to expand them as needed) This could all be part of a tasklist sort or properties dialog access from the "..." menu atop the note.
  6. Agreed! One way to do this now is with the existing notebook hierarchy. You could give a big project its own notebook filled with notes for each higher-level task in the project. And then each note task could be filled with all the subtasks needed to complete that. If you have a lot of projects like that, you could even use notebook stacks to organize those. All that being said, I agree that native nested tasks would be better in some situations.
  7. Yes! Recurring tasks would be great! I also love @PinkElephant's idea for tasks that recur a set period (number of days/weeks/months/years) after they were marked complete. There are lots of tasks like changing my HVAC/water filters, seeing a dentist, getting my hair cut, or or mowing the lawn where I might be very late in doing them, but that resets the clock so they don't need to be done again until X time after I did them rather than X time after I was last scheduled to do so. Other tasks like taxes or winterizing my house have fixed dates which should not be extended just because I was late the last time. I think it would be easy to design a non-confusing API for this. On the recurrence dialogue it could have an option for "[number] [period] since last completed". So the recurring task wouldn't appear until the previous one was finished. And then it would be scheduled for the number of days, weeks, months, or years that you specify.
  8. This was a big concern for me as well. As a premium user already, I'd be pissed if I spent the effort to move to this tasks system and then they told me I had to pay even more to keep using them. I'm sure there would be a huge backlash, but I've seen companies do even dumber things in the past. The good news is that they've clarified things a bit: It sounds like they are mostly reserving the right to hold back some features from free users. I wish they would be more clear about the "eligible subscription plan" and say flat-out that premium users will get all task features. But for now I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and then raise hell later if they try to introduce a "more premium" plan!
  9. Until recently, we could manually sort reminders. This let me move my todo items up and down based on priority. This was critical to my workflow, but it seems to have disappeared in the new app :(. Is there any realistic replacement way to do this? Otherwise I hope Evernote will restore the functionality ASAP. If they are going to call this new app an "upgrade", it should support all the basic features of the old one.
  10. This is a major problem for me as well. Being able to prioritize reminders was a critical part of my Evernote workflow and I was hoping the feature had simply moved and there was still a way to do this. It's how I prioritize my TODO lists. Is this basic feature really gone? Is Evernote planning to put it back soon or are we just hosed?
  11. Thanks @Scott T.--search is working for me again!
  12. Thanks for the response, @Scott T. I hope they are able to fix this soon because broken search is a huge inconvenience. They should revert their changes from last Friday until they figure out the problem and release a fixed version. The beta web client is promising for the future, but it's not a current option for many of us since it lacks so many basic features we depend on in the current client.
  13. Just as an update, someone on my other thread discovered that search is only broken for certain sort orders (alphabetical title sort). If I change the sort order to other choices like date updated it gives me the right results again. This workaround does help somewhat, but I hope Evernote actually fixes this new bug soon!
  14. Thanks @bontame, that worked for me! I guess search is only broken with certain sort orders. I changed "title (ascending)" to "date updated (newest first)" and now I'm getting full search results! For example, I search for "entit" (it's a company name) in one of my notebooks and under my normal title (ascending) sort it says 'No notes found for "entit"'. Then I click options and change the sort order from "title (ascending)" to date updated and retry the search--and it immediately finds all 6 notes referencing that company! This is definitely a new bug since I've been using the alphabetical title sort for years and just started having this problem a few days ago. I hope Evernote will address it soon! Even just a response from Evernote acknowledging the problem and that they're working on it would be nice.
  15. I've also been experiencing failed searches with the classic web client. Upgrading to the beta web client isn't an option for me since it is still missing a ton of important features, including reminders. Basically some of my notes never get found on the web client, even when I search for single words contained in the notes. But those notes are found when I use the Windows or Android native clients. Since this seems to be specific to the web client, I created a report here. I also contacted support about 10 hours ago, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. If anyone has ideas/suggestions, or even just to let us know whether you're experiencing the problem too, that would be great.
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