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  1. Evernote has been sending out a new survey in emails with the subject "Help us improve Evernote". They seem to ignore their own forums, but maybe they will pay some attention is people fill out the survey and ask for Linux support? It's worth a try! Of course they don't even include this important feature idea in the survey, since they mostly want to bolt on a bunch of sharing/collaboration stuff, but at least we can emphasize the importance of Linux support in all of the text boxes where you fill in your own requests. So if you get the mail, maybe fill out the survey even though it's a long one!
  2. Yes to this! I'm glad that the desktop and mobile clients have had this basic functionality for years, but many of us have to use the web client because we're on a work/school/lab/shared computer or because we're Linux users who still have no official Desktop client. Given that Evernote has instituted massive price increases recently, I hope they will spend some of that extra money we're paying to improve the product! Please add note copy to the new web UI and maybe more people will upgrade to it. Thanks! PS: All of us interested in the feature should hit the up arrow on the top left of this page. If the request has more points, maybe Evernote will consider it.
  3. The business case for Evernote adding Linux support is fairly straightforward. There are many millions of Linux users out there, including those of us who pay Evernote's new higher prices for the premium offering. But we're not going to wait forever, and I suspect that many of us will jump ship as soon as we find a solid competitor offering Linux support. And by that point, it may be too late for Evernote to stem the tide. One of Evernote's key features is multi-platform portability between desktop and mobile operating sytstems, so this is a glaring omission and I hope they fix it. Maybe if the web UI was better, it wouldn't be such a huge issue. But that has been stagnant too. They were promising a brand new web UI years ago when I joined, and it is still missing so many basic features that I still have to use the classic one. It's sad to see Evernote squandering their early lead in a business niche that they played such a large role in defining!
  4. I'm a premium Evernote user and my biggest problem is the lack of a native Linux client. The web version just doesn't cut it in many respects. Evernote recently announced layoffs and office closures because they had lost focus and were expanding way beyond their core business. Let's hope they focus on their main product again and bring us a Linux client!
  5. I'm glad to see that hundreds of people have expressed their desire for a Linux version just in this thread alone. Let's hope someone from Evernote is listening. I love Evernote, and I pay for it, but the web client is just not powerful enough. So even I would switch to a competitor if they introduce a credible native Linux app before Evernote does.
  6. I tried the beta back in November and had to revert immediately when I found that it doesn't allow manual sorting of the list of reminders. I just tried it again and this critical (at least for me) feature still seems to be missing . I hope you will prioritize adding the manual reminder sorting feature which exists on the current (non-Beta) webapp. And what would be even better is if you went further than the current clients by allowing notes, notebooks, and notebook stacks to all be manually sorted as well. Since Evernote still does not offer a native Linux client, the web client is all I have. Thanks for all of your hard work and I'm looking forward to a great new web client sometime in the future!
  7. I pay for Evernote Premium and would also love a native Linux client! I use the web client, and I'm glad it exists, but it's much less powerful and slower than the Windows and Mac clients. And the new beta webapp is even less powerful, though I hope that will improve.
  8. +1 for Linux! I pay for Evernote Premium and would love a native client for my desktop OS. I use the web client, and I'm glad it exists, but it's much less powerful and slower than the Windows and Mac clients. And the new beta webapp is even less powerful, though I hope that will improve.
  9. I tried the new Beta Web UI, but had to revert back because there is no way (that I can find) to manually sort reminders in a notebook. Both the Android UI and the old Web UI give a "handle" to each reminder item so you can move it up and down in the list. This is critical for todo lists, which are the main selling point of "reminders". If the new UI will be forced upon us, please add this feature first. Thanks! PS: I'd also love to be able to manually sort notes in a notebook and notebooks in a stack, but I don't think any of the EN platforms support that currently.
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