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  1. I believe she did, but will ask her to try once again. Thanks!
  2. No, nothing unusual about the laptop I know of. May just have her reinstall Evernote and see what happens. Thanks
  3. Hi Mike - so, I followed your advice and it worked, but unfortunately I just heard back from the client and the same problem has reappeared on one of her laptops. I had her sign out and log back in again, but it didn't resolve the problem for that device. Any suggestions? Is there a known syncing issue with Macs?
  4. wow, thank you for the prompt and thorough reply. I truly appreciate it and will implement your suggestions immediately. When, oh when, will Evernote get stable again? They keep adding new features whereas I suspect most of us would prefer they bring the current program back up to where it should be in terms of operability. Heck, my screen updates are so slow that it is infuriating. They had promised this was the year everything would work again...less then 120 days to go! Thanks again.
  5. I have a client who is tagging notes and yet the notes are not appearing in her designated tag. What is very odd is that the note does show up with the appropriate tag on the web client and on her iphone, but not on her two macs. Is this a known bug of some sort and/or does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve the problem? Thank you!
  6. I am able to drag and drop a note to another notebook, but cannot use the shortcut or Move Note icon to do so because most of my notebooks are shown as locked (greyed out). This is odd given that drag and drop is doable, and it is quite frustrating since drag and drop is much more cumbersome than using the shortcut or icon. Any ideas about why notebooks are showing up as locked? Thanks!
  7. When I attempt to link a note to a calendar event, a pop up appears indicating I Haven't connected to a calendar. However, when I attempt to do so, I then get an error indicating that I am already connected to a Calendar. In other words, I am stuck. Any suggestions? Also, I assume the new calendar integration has nothing to do with Task Due Dates? Sure would be nice to complete the integration by showing tasks in Google Calendar
  8. Is it possible to show tasks due times on Google Calendar? I see a new beta feature called "Calendar Event" but can't seem to find any information about it and thus not sure if it is related to showing Tasks on the calendar. I use Cronofy to sync Evernote Note Reminders to Google Calendar (which works great, by the way), but really need Tasks to also show up on Google Calendar. Thanks
  9. When I try to move a note to a new notebook by using the shortcut, my main notebooks i greyed out and I cannot click on it. However, I can drag the note to the notebook successfully. This just started happening today. Any idea what is causing the problem? Thanks
  10. Excellent and essential suggestion!!! I currently use Cronofy, but would be so much better to have a direct integration. Furthermore, Cronofy only works on the not reminder, of course, not on the new task features.
  11. Great feature and I love the suggestions being made. Please add to the list an attribute for tasks assigned to others or waiting on from others. This will allow filtering so that Tasks I am responsible for can be separated from those I am waiting for others to complete. Thanks for the good work!
  12. True, and thank you. I am just hoping that Evernote simply adds another attribute to the task. The new Task screen in the mobile iphone app is beautiful and with this addition of such an attribute, would be one more helpful filtering function (in addition to Due Date and Flagged).
  13. Agreed. My approach is simple - when I send an email that requires a response, I use a Gmail extension called Mixmax that allows me to set a reminder at a specific date and time, along with personal notes only viewable by me. If the recipient gets back to me before the reminder date, all is well. If not, I follow up. Given that I am in sales, my follow ups are managing my leads, not colleagues, and thus are even more essential. Thus, managing such follow ups within Evernote would be very helpful.
  14. I completely agree, but at the same time, "trust but verify". In other words, I do clearly communicate the ask, but at the end of the day, I pay the price for a lack of response, so generally speaking I put a reminder on the note that has tasks needed from others. In the same light, I use reminders on emails I send (and love Mixmax for that function), wherein I can make a request via email and ensure that if no response within a designated period of time that it is brought back to my attention, along with notes to reminder me of the specific context and issues (also available in Mixmax). Just trying to emulate that within Evernote and I think the new Task function will work well if they add an additional attribute. Thanks for the discussion. This kind of back and forth always leads to useful ideas. Have a great weekend. David
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