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  1. I *do* use it on my laptop, but I've been finding it more convenient to run my life from my phone. I agree with you that the laptop version is more robust. I did discover after posting this that I can just swipe to the left and the little trash can icon comes up. That's kind of a convenient compromise to what I was doing and what you're suggesting. Currently I don't have a ton of stuff to do and once I clear it out it's good-to-go for a while. I'm using version 10.16 on Android. (My laptop has too many distractions 😂)
  2. Recently I wanted to clean up my Default notebook in Evernote on Android. But when I tried to multi select several notes to delete them all at once, I was unable to do that. I had to go into each note, one by one to delete. Can we get this feature added? ( in Todoist, there is a menu option to multi select, which you have to activate before you can multi select. Perhaps this is a solution for Evernote as well?)
  3. Worked well. After selecting the two notes using the CTRL key to choose, a small menu bar popped up with a merge symbol on it. I clicked that, an it worked. Thanks!
  4. When you say that your Tasks are not loading, do you mean they're not loading in Evernote, or are you trying to integrate them with another app? Also, what platform are you on while you're trying to see your Tasks?
  5. You *can* create a Task in any Note. But if you just want to create a stand alone Task and don't want or need a Note to go along with it, then you're limited in your options of what you can do with that stand alone Task. It gets dumped into a default note (which is originally set up by evernote as Things to do).
  6. Thanks. Yes, I quickly discovered that trying to work in the Android app has its limits. I just discovered I could not do the merge in Android. We were probably typing at the same time. But when I get back to the laptop that will be some useful instruction. 👍
  7. @Mike P.. I think I just discovered why some of this is confusing for me. I figured that the "merge notes" option you suggested would be easy to figure out. But it wasn't obvious, so I searched online, only to discover that I'm trying to a lot of this stuff on the Android app, and it doesn't have full functionality! I'll try it when I'm back on a laptop.
  8. Ooh! I like that idea. I didn't know you could do that (merge notes). I'll work on figuring out how to merge. That would surely make it easier to copy and paste all in the same note, if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly.
  9. Thank you. I will edit my original comment and remove my light hearted humor. There's nothing magic about coding, and this is often done in other programs when you change the format of something. At some point a developer behind the scenes has to decide how it's gonna toss that information into a new format. It isn't always pretty. But they make it happen. I did not intend to confuse you.
  10. I have somewhat of the opposite issue. I have created a note using a template, and after entering a lot of information, I've decided I don't like the template. I would love to be able to switch back to a regular note. I understand that switching back would probably jumble the content, but at least it would be there and I could reorganize it.
  11. First...I love that Evernote finally added a Task feature. I would like to be able to add Tags to a Task. I have integrated Evernote with another app, and that app will populate tasks when it sees a Tag in Evernote. I wish I could just use Evernote for for my Tasks & Projects (without hacking it), but the way Evernote crams all Tasks into one note (Things to do) makes extra work for me.
  12. If Evernote can't sync Tasks into my Google Calendar, I'll probably stick with Todoist (app). It is cumbersome to have all these different apps trying to keep track of everything. Things inevitably get lost, at least for me, and I find duplicating tasks over different apps to be inefficient.
  13. AND... 3rd party apps often come with a price tag!
  14. I am having this issue right now with the Android version of Evernote. Is there a fix for this?? I can't edit an old note without the cursor jumping to the top. This is very frustrating.
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