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  1. markjl

    Setting reminders for notes on web

    Yes thank you. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I like using the web. The old version has reminders but no table functions (add rows and columns) The new beta version has table functions but no reminders ... :-)
  2. markjl

    Search in a single notebook

    The desktop version allows you to search in a single notebook. I would like to be up to do this on the web client
  3. markjl

    Setting reminders for notes on web

    Where do you see reminders?
  4. markjl

    Beta web client - keyboard shortcuts

    I need shortcuts: Bold: CTRL + B Highlight: CTRL+SHIFT+H Link: CTRL+K I got used to them in Evernote client and don't want to use the mouse all the time
  5. markjl

    Highlight tool for Evernote Web

    +1 for highlighting shortcut
  6. Note do not have an image thumbnail
  7. This seems to be no find and replace function
  8. markjl

    There is no simplify formatting function

    Well there is one called remove formatting. As yet to see whether it functions in the same way as simplify formatting
  9. markjl

    Add column to a table

    In fact you can add columns and rows, just click on the dots till you get a plus
  10. There are no options for adding a column to a table. Clicking on a table column gives you the option to delete but not to add a column
  11. Thanks @CalS In the end it was resolved but I'm not really sure how. I re-copied the note link after deleting all Evernote cookies several times. I probably restarted the machine as well
  12. No right click option: It would be useful like on Google Docs to have a right click option which uses a specific Evernote menu, rather than the default chrome menu. Perhaps this could be used to provide usual options like delete a note and add a row to a table
  13. there doesn't seem to be any of the functions related to reminders (add reminder)
  14. markjl

    Merge notes on web

    I would like to see a merge notes function on the web
  15. There is no simplify formatting function