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  1. Every time I write about Evernote I keep coming back to moh.io, a fantastic service which enables you to link notes together visually and tag by dragging a note to a visual representation of a tag. It is amazing for collecting notes into domains, and therefore incredibly useful for researchers, writers and analysts who collect notes on so many themes. Moh.io lets you bring them all together. Unfortunately the service is down right now and has been for about a year since (I think) their servers overloaded. Perhaps they don't have the budget, perhaps they tried to take on more than is possible (you could model google and dropbox docs too) I don't know. But I know that I was thinking of a basing a (domain analysis) business on it and just for personal use I sorely miss it. I was hoping that Evernote itself could be interested in them, bail them out or find a buyer, whatever. Just so that we get them back. Please take a look at a look at moh.io
  2. I use kanbanote which offers to open a note direct in the app with a link such as this evernote:///view/5845997/s53/f35d5caa-5414-45c4-b649-3a7dcc5c763f/f35d5caa-5414-45c4-b649-3a7dcc5c763f However, although the focus goes onto Evernote, the note itself does not open. I saw a post on deleting cookies here but that did not solve the problem Your assistance most appreciated, Regards, Mark
  3. markjl

    Easier to add reminders

    Fantastic, problem solved. Didn't know you could customise in that way. Thanks
  4. markjl

    Easier to add reminders

    did you see my link? Quick overview my point is not to do additional clicks. the alarm clock button should be visible on the toolbar without clicking on the pull down menu. Then when a reminder added, the alarm clock could be visible on the toolbar and bold or green to say a reminder added and if a date the data visible, again on the toolbar
  5. markjl

    Easier to add reminders

    Well as accessible as possible within a note, Perhaps on the note toolbar Wherever there is space and whatever is convenient in terms of development but that when you look at a note, you see that there is a reminder. and if there is a reminder date you see that too, without having to click
  6. I would like to see reminders much more accessible and easier to add I think reminder should be addable from the toolbar and once added, reminder data visible on the toolbar Quick overview
  7. Hello, The note link below does not open in Evernote (Mac) evernote:///view/5845997/s53/244254a5-4ca1-4a41-b5eb-4620e3af45b6/244254a5-4ca1-4a41-b5eb-4620e3af45b6 I tried the advice above but that did not solve it - deleted the cookie and then got web clipper to prompt 'open in evernote app' again. Focus goes to the evernote app but the specific note is not displayed. I know the note is there, not been deleted. Any help please?
  8. markjl

    Mohiomap is no longer working

    I don't agree with all said above, for me moh.io was a fantastic system that I was building much of my analysis on (I found it through looking at touchgraph and mindmapping). And I miss it. There did come a time when performance issues got the better of it towards the end and it became unusable. BUT I MISS IT. My current solution is the excellent although still rather beta kanbanote which at least allows me to spacially organise notes. And having discovered the excellent trello, I use backlinks to notes (and the evernote power-up). I feel that moh.io (even carddesk) were filling a desperately empty void ... the visual representation of notes. There are many mindmappers but none with full integration with evernote. Droptask became an alternative at one point but not so good on mobile. Mural.ly allowed you to pull in notes direct to a mindmap at one point but that stopped (why?) Bubblus is fun for navigating and sizing notes by tag but its quite limited. What else? Please do something someone ..
  9. O joy, it appears that installing the new version ( with the new icon has solved the problem. I know once again know whether my writing is prolific or not ... 😉
  10. When I click on a note I get a one second display of word count and character count, not long enough to read it and then it disappears. Please provide a fix or a workaround for this, its driving me mad, I can't see how many words are in a note.
  11. I just don't agree with the argument its complex, moh.io did it and it was fantastic. Evernote should buy them out, since the site is down and I for one am waiting eagerly for it to come back. Its mindmaps integrated with evernotes. Awesome (as they say) And, the point of Evernote is to have everything in one place. A mindmap by definition analyzes a portion, a domain. Where better to dip into than the Evernote library for material to mindmap?
  12. For some reason I can't drag document attachments straight from Evernote to a Gmail. I have to drag the attachment to the desktop first and then slide it into my Gmail. what a waste of time, is there a cure?
  13. Normally the status bar shows you the number of words and characters. but at the moment for some reason it shows the data and then suddenly disappears again It's really frustrating, is there a cure?
  14. I would use Evernote reminders more if the button were more accessible in the desktop version as it is in the Mac desktop version. First it takes too many clicks to a add reminder, Second, you should be able to see at a glance whether there is a reminder on a task or not when opening it.
  15. Hello was anyone here, like me, an avid user of mohiomap (moh.io)? It seems to me that for several weeks the service has been fraught with bugs and now seemingly has been killed: connection not available, support not responding by mail, on Twitter, Google plus. Has anyone else had this experience and is there anything decent that might replace it, since it was a fantastic service that enables you to do visual modelling with your Evernotes. Thanks in advance, regards, Mark