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  1. I would use Evernote reminders more if the button were more accessible in the desktop version as it is in the Mac desktop version. First it takes too many clicks to a add reminder, Second, you should be able to see at a glance whether there is a reminder on a task or not when opening it.
  2. Hello was anyone here, like me, an avid user of mohiomap (moh.io)? It seems to me that for several weeks the service has been fought with bugs and now seemingly has been killed: connection not available, support not responding by mail, on Twitter, Google plus. Has anyone else had this experience and is there anything decent that might replace it, since it was a fantastic service that enables you to do visual modelling with your Evernotes. Thanks in advance, regards, Mark
  3. markjl

    Simplify Formatting Broken?

    I have this problem too
  4. markjl

    Chrome Web Clipper and simplify format

    "Remove" just removes formatting (links, bold etc) but it doesn't remove line spacing ... Its crazy to have to copy to another note (you also have to copy source url and title) And if Evernote depends on Word for formatting ...... I notice that converting to a bullet list reduces line space but then taking bullets off, puts it back again
  5. Is it possible to format text which appears to be 1 1/2 or 2 line spaced as single line. I often need to do this after clipping from the web. Thanks
  6. Not overly keen on the latest update 6.1.2 Notably because removal of the back button is annoying because if I follow links from a note it's logical that I I might want to come back to the originating note. Now I have to re-search For the note where I started. Can't seem to filter by tag as easily as before when there was a tag filter just close to the search box History of searches now must be called up with CTRL Q Regards
  7. Not sure whether to consider this a bug or suggestion but I've noticed on the Windows version that when I paste an image into a note I cannot resize or annotate it until I click out of the note and back in. It would be nice to be able to paste the item and annotate or resize it straightaway while still in the note. Thanks
  8. markjl

    REQUEST: Mind Mapping

    Hello I've been looking for a long time for applications that can use Evernotes in a mindmap and I just can't find one. Some apps export to Evernote but that can always be done via a jpg. Others use opml interchange on the ipad (notably mindly and ideament) mural.ly used to do it but no longer. mohio is great but isnt a mindmap Nothing Evernote in mindmeister Conceptdraw only exports to Evernote Xmind nothing doing Freemind, no Mindmapper no Simplemind no Mindly is great but no Ideament no MIndjet is export to Evernote only Card Desk is good but you can't link notes in any meaningful way Smartsheet is nice for attaching evernotes to a project plan Droptask pro allows you tag notes for use but the interface again is not mindmappy Anyone found anything? Thanks
  9. Hello it seems to me that whenever I use the Web Clipper and then simplify formatting in Evernote desktop, paragraphs are separated by a spare line (carriage return) which I then have to go through and delete. Is there any way of avoiding this? Thanks
  10. It would be great to be able to sort notes by reminder date / time Thanks
  11. Hello This is not new but I've got to sick-point - Whenever I clip a page to evernote and then simpifying format, 9 times out of 10 I get text paragraphs separated by 2 carriage returns. How can I remedy this ? Thanks
  12. Hello It seems that every time I clip something using the Web Clipper and then simplify format in windows desktop, paragraphs are extremely widely spaced between them. Is it possible to just have single line spacing between paragraphs after clipping and simplifying? Thanks
  13. Hello I found this just totally great plugin to sync Evernote with Wordpress called Sentinote but there are one or 2 small bugs - pages are duplicated - images don't work I am an avid follower of postach.io which works but is complicated to customize IFTTT might do it but I need more info first. Would anyone like to take up the task of fixing this so that Evernote syncs with Wordpress? I feel sure (although I don't understand why its not already a burning issue) there would be demand for it ... Just tag notes 'published' and they appear on a wordpress blog. Anyone interested? motivated? Cheers
  14. markjl

    mac SSL Error

    Hello OK I got through to support, my fault, I was not receiving mails correctly. The issue itself seems to be closing (thankfully) since sync is coming back to normal for me on the Mac. However, I am wondering if there could be security implications here.
  15. markjl

    SSL handshake problems

    Is this SSL handshaks an issue that could occur again even with v6.0.5 Mac? thanks