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Announcing Home for iOS and Android!

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Hi all,

Earlier this year, we launched a brand-new feature in Evernote for  desktop and web: Home. Today I’m happy to announce that we’re starting to roll out Home for iOS and Android (OS 10 and up) as well!




Soon you’ll be able to access Home on all your devices, making it the best way to start your day in Evernote.

Home gives you immediate access to your most recent and relevant information from one convenient location.

Individual widget size is fixed on mobile, but otherwise, Home offers the same functionality across desktop, mobile, and web. Text you enter in the scratch pad widget will also sync across devices, so you can jot down a quick thought on your mobile and find it again later on your desktop. 

As with the desktop version, Evernote Premium and Evernote Business customers will have access to additional Home widgets and customization options. Get a free trial of Premium to explore the full range of features.

iPhone and iPad users can get Home today by updating their Evernote app from the iOS App Store. It may take a bit longer for some Android users to see Home—it’ll be rolling out through the Google Play Store over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to start a thread in this forum or reach out to me directly here


Shane D.



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5 hours ago, NickBH said:

Looks like something has gone wrong with this release. I’m on 14.4 iOS and I’m locked on the Evernote Home Screen in the app. I can’t do anything.

Can you give more details on what you were doing? Were you going through the tour of Home features? If you kill/restart the app, is it fine?

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This morning I got a new look Evernote on my phone when I opened the app.  I removed all the widgets straight away   I want to remove the opening page that says "Good morning Kate".  How do I do that?  I do not want this at all.  I find it extremely intrusive and inappropriate.  The app is not my friend and I don't want it to say good morning to me.  It's just a note taking function and I do not want any "personalised" marketing when I open it.  It's creepy and unpleasant.

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Thanks for another unwanted feature. How about focusing of fixing what is broken like note syncing on my iPad? Its worked faultlessly for years until you guys started mucking around breaking stuff and add features people do not want. I was sure the out cry thus far from users would have been enough to modify your approach and priorities. I guess not.

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 The issue I have after an update yesterday is with the home screen being stuck  it tells me it is checking data base then that's it - sorry I can't see how to get around it - have reinstalled app and updated iphone 8 and switched on and off but so far it has wasted a day trying to open my notes - could a Staff member please assist? I have raised a help ticket but no reply . Thanks M

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The new Home window is unavoidable, useless, and insulting in that if I want to customize it to make it less useless, I have to pay more. (I'm a Plus subscriber.)

I find myself using Evernote less and less and less every month that goes by. Soon it's not going to be worth the money or, more importantly, the aggravation. 

Please, please, PLEASE make this go away! The past year's UI changes have been a disaster. I can't imagine what the UX team is thinking, or even what planet they're on.

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I like the change except that the "good morning" block takes up 1/3 of the screen on my iPhone SE and prevents me from having anything useful on there. I know this kind of feature often wins in  A/B tests, but I'd appreciate an option to turn it off. 

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