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  1. Scott T.'s post in Enabling 2-Step Verification Issue was marked as the answer   
    Entering a phone number is required to initially enable 2FA. Once enabled, however, you can choose to use an authenticator app instead of SMS. Having the phone number on file gives you a fallback in case something happens with the authenticator app.
  2. Scott T.'s post in Sharing a Note through email, Evernote is now sending to each email address separately instead of a group email was marked as the answer   
    @CalS Yes, we are in the process of migrating all the email sending to a new system. We were just turning it on and had a few issues. It's been disabled for now until we address the problems.
  3. Scott T.'s post in Notes not showing up was marked as the answer   
    @jonnyb Glad to hear clearing cache worked for you. The web client maintains state in the browser so that if you leave and come back, you don't have to sync down all your notes again. But in rare cases it's possible it can get into a weird state. The team is definitely aware and working to fix these kinds of issues. There's a major improvement coming in the future to how syncing will work and I'm pretty sure it will hopefully address a lot of this.
  4. Scott T.'s post in Using two unites was marked as the answer   
    @Tore Nilsson You can manage your devices in your user settings here. You should be able to revoke the (no longer) existing PC.
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