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  1. Forum support and moderators get a 4 day weekend. I get an iOS app that won't sync my notes. I guess we all get the weekend off!:>
  2. Webclipper from firefox always inserts the following at the top of clips <div style="-evernote-webclip: true;"> <br> <div> <div> <div> <div> Do we need the <BR> as it inserts a blank line to ever clipped article ?
  3. pac_71

    Firefox Blank Line

    Greets. Sometimes I get a blank line when clipping pages using simplified page. eg http://www.citylab.com/politics/2015/12/china-cracks-down-on-politcally-incorrect-maps/421032/ where it inserts the following code above the H1 Heading. <div> <div style="margin-bottom: 5px;"> <br> </div> [edit] Other examples as i find them 19/12/2015 http://www.moonshinemetropolis.com/wordpress/
  4. Thank you for all of the feedback. We have refactored the notelist to make it load more smoothly and be more robust. Looks like there may be some gaps. I will follow up with the engineering team. Nancy Thanks Nancy. I have also noticed. More often then not .... when i change from not view to choosing a notebook to display .... I have to do that twice before the notebook list populates. PAC.
  5. Another change in behavior I have noted when I am manually poking evernote to get the new content that has not automatically updated, evernote will first load the content as before the last post and then adds the new content. I had not seen this before I noticed these recent problems. Previously if you changed where you were viewing your content in every note you got all the data as stored .... not all the data except last entry and then the latest entry.
  6. One other minor refresh problem that apparent is associated with this .... when you use to have the note list panel sorted by last date modified it used to move the edited note to the top of the list without prompted by a manual refresh. Now its showing similar behavior by refusing to refresh not manually prodded by changing to all notes view or a different notebook etc.
  7. Hey Nancy. Long time no talk which must mean you are doing your job well :> I have noticed since last weekend release around 15 Nov. The refresh problem seems to independent of how much I am using web clip. Typically I could read for a few or even 10 minutes and you could still force the update by clipping on a previous post. But now that time period is apparently zero and I have to change between the current note book to all notes or vis versa to get the new content. One other thing that happens intermittently is the scroll bars dont refresh properly right to the bottom of the screen
  8. As I have noted previously I am very impressed by the speed at which the new web beta loads. What I have noticed when I clip new bookmarks and content that it usually takes some prodding (such as clicking a note from the note list) for it to refresh the note list with the new note. Sometimes this does not work and it requires a change to a new notebook and then returning to the main (or relevant) notebook list. This does seem to be time dependant .... ie if i leave for a period to do other tasks without refreshing the Evernote page and come back to continue with Evernote it requires the sec
  9. Just a thought on the "Easier Access to URL Idea". There seems to be a bit of real estate available at the top for a URL button and text box as I have highlighted in RED on the following image. A URL button (also in RED) in the note list would be useful too. Obviously the URL button opens the link in a new window. The text box is there as an option for easy editing of the URL address. Maybe the only appears when you press the URL button and over writes the title when the content is scrolled down ( I had not noticed the title uses this space when you scroll content when I made the mockup).
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