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  1. Webclipper from firefox always inserts the following at the top of clips <div style="-evernote-webclip: true;"> <br> <div> <div> <div> <div> Do we need the <BR> as it inserts a blank line to ever clipped article ?
  2. Greets. Sometimes I get a blank line when clipping pages using simplified page. eg http://www.citylab.com/politics/2015/12/china-cracks-down-on-politcally-incorrect-maps/421032/ where it inserts the following code above the H1 Heading. <div> <div style="margin-bottom: 5px;"> <br> </div> [edit] Other examples as i find them 19/12/2015 http://www.moonshinemetropolis.com/wordpress/
  3. Thank you for all of the feedback. We have refactored the notelist to make it load more smoothly and be more robust. Looks like there may be some gaps. I will follow up with the engineering team. Nancy Thanks Nancy. I have also noticed. More often then not .... when i change from not view to choosing a notebook to display .... I have to do that twice before the notebook list populates. PAC.
  4. Is there any reason why the web clipper cannot detect the embedded twitter?
  5. Another change in behavior I have noted when I am manually poking evernote to get the new content that has not automatically updated, evernote will first load the content as before the last post and then adds the new content. I had not seen this before I noticed these recent problems. Previously if you changed where you were viewing your content in every note you got all the data as stored .... not all the data except last entry and then the latest entry.
  6. One other minor refresh problem that apparent is associated with this .... when you use to have the note list panel sorted by last date modified it used to move the edited note to the top of the list without prompted by a manual refresh. Now its showing similar behavior by refusing to refresh not manually prodded by changing to all notes view or a different notebook etc.
  7. Hey Nancy. Long time no talk which must mean you are doing your job well :> I have noticed since last weekend release around 15 Nov. The refresh problem seems to independent of how much I am using web clip. Typically I could read for a few or even 10 minutes and you could still force the update by clipping on a previous post. But now that time period is apparently zero and I have to change between the current note book to all notes or vis versa to get the new content. One other thing that happens intermittently is the scroll bars dont refresh properly right to the bottom of the screen stopping about 1" up from the bottom of the screen. No real problem apart from looking aesthetically poor. It could be content related as its only on occasional posts. It happens to the note content pane and the list pane. Hope you are having fun
  8. Hi Nancy. Can you filter using multiple tags yet? I think you need a better way to view and edit long lists of tags from both the edit pane and info box.
  9. Yes it does appear to have be a slight confusion with the change back to a Countdown (rather then count up) Monthly Usage 45.8 MB (77%) remaining this month Note that Account summary is showing amount remaining :>
  10. Im sorry. My last post was a bit unclear. By end of month, I meant my own monthly Evernote cycle. This was last due to reset at 09/08/2015 17:00:00 Australian Eastern time. This time varies a bit due to the US and Australia coming on and off daylight saving time and is only 28 days in Feburary. For example, a reset in early Feb had the following data from the Account Screen. Date/time,Remaining Data (Mb), Remaining Time (days) 09/02/2015 18:48:56, 0.2 ,0.008 (converted from hours) 09/02/2015 19:00:00, 60.0, 27 A few things to note. This data is time stamped in a google sheet (although i changed the timestamp to exactly 19:00:00 it was originally close to this time). This is an example of the daylight saving changes causing a 2 hours change from the "normal" 17:00:00 reset. The count down behaved correctly to within the last hour before reset prior to 28/02/2015 (my last record before I had a break until 09/07/2015 and noticed the change in Account Summary). Sometime between 28/02/2015 and 09/07/2015 the Account Summary monthly data count down changed to a count up and I noticed the aberrant behaviour in the last hour at the end of the month as reported above. As I originally stated. This is not a major issue. I am more pointing it out as some changes have obviously been made to the monthly data summary that have resulted in unintended consequences that may have slipped through your regression testing. One total aside. The Evernote cycle counts down from 30 to 1 and then from 0d+24h to reset. One might call that 31 days :> That is, from my previous reset of09/07/2015 17:00:00 to the most recent of 09/08/2015 17:00:00 is actually 31 days. Note: The above dates are in Australian form DD/MM/YYYY
  11. Oh ho. Someone has fiddled with it again :> You do realise it was the problem with not resetting at the end of the month. Not that someone changed from count down to count up to the monthly limit. Monthly Usage56.6 MB (95%) remaining this month Your monthly limit resets in 27 days
  12. Im glad you found the Bug report useful. Bug fixing is a thankless job and working in tech myself the best you can usually hope for is to be unappreciated. Keep up the good work.
  13. One hour later. All is good in the world at least with my account stats. But strange things still afoot in Evernote Web Land. Monthly Usage 10.8 KB (0%) used, resets in 30 days Monthly upload quota: 60 MB Note size limit: 25 MB
  14. Plot thickens just after the hour it should have reset. Monthly Usage 59.4 MB (98%) used, resets in 30 days Monthly upload quota: 60 MB Note size limit: 25 MB
  15. With less then 1 hour to go until the monthly reset on my free account, the usage has stuffed up in the Account Summary screen. Account LevelEvernote Basic   Manage subscription Monthly Usage???SettingsAction.monthlyUsage.usageStatus.mintutes.plural??? Monthly upload quota: 60 MB Note size limit: 25 MB
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