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  1. Forum support and moderators get a 4 day weekend. I get an iOS app that won't sync my notes. I guess we all get the weekend off!:>
  2. Webclipper from firefox always inserts the following at the top of clips <div style="-evernote-webclip: true;"> <br> <div> <div> <div> <div> Do we need the <BR> as it inserts a blank line to ever clipped article ?
  3. Just a thought on the "Easier Access to URL Idea". There seems to be a bit of real estate available at the top for a URL button and text box as I have highlighted in RED on the following image. A URL button (also in RED) in the note list would be useful too. Obviously the URL button opens the link in a new window. The text box is there as an option for easy editing of the URL address. Maybe the only appears when you press the URL button and over writes the title when the content is scrolled down ( I had not noticed the title uses this space when you scroll content when I made the mockup).
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