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  1. It's true that I haven't found a methodology for employing tags and notebooks that's comfortable yet. That doesn't change the fact that one should be able to create a notebook from withing the "move selected notes" workflow, IMO.
  2. When looking through notes in my "general" notebook, I often have several I want to collect into a new notebook. If I select those notes and start the move operation, I have no way of creating the new notebook. I have to leave the notes I'm working with, go create the notebook, then go find the notes again, then move them. This is a huge pain, and I may not even remember/find all the notes I had in the first place, meaning I have to skim them all again. In the attached image, "Move Notes to..." should offer the ability to create a new notebook. This seems obvious. Can we get this implemented?
  3. When printing a note, I'd like the option of printing hyperlinked notes too. In other words, given a "master" note with linked to three other notes with internal links, I'd like to be able to print all four by just printing the master note. Is there a way to do this w/o having to print each one individually?
  4. This is a really unnecessary irritant. The "Note" menu should have a "Delete" item in it. Also, there needs to be a "Delete" item in the context menu when a note is right-clicked from the note list view. "Move to Trash" is unnecessarily wordy and simply not what one is naturally looking for. It's easy to overlook when one has not made the mental context switch -- "Oh, I'm in Evernote now, so I have to look for different things than for every other program on my desktop." Really poor UX, IMO.
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