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  1. Cannot get this upgrade of App to work - three days in and no response from Evernote what so ever - not going to be able to use this - have been a Premium user since 2012 but won't be paying for this I am afraid . I use Evernote for work and will have to look else where.
  2. I cannot get this to work - it is wasting hours of my working time - I can't get it to go back to an earlier version of the app either - I can get to my notes on my lap top - the MAC version is black and I don't want to work in the dark - but I used the Iphone app a lot and now that won't work ... not keen to continue my Premium ££
  3. The issue I have after an update yesterday is with the home screen being stuck it tells me it is checking data base then that's it - sorry I can't see how to get around it - have reinstalled app and updated iphone 8 and switched on and off but so far it has wasted a day trying to open my notes - could a Staff member please assist? I have raised a help ticket but no reply . Thanks M
  4. HI - my iphone 8 has been using the app just fine then yesterday it updated informed me it was checking data base and now gets stuck on a Home screen type advert telling me all my notes are safe. I have removed App and re installed and let phone up date plus switched off and on several times but not getting any where - I have access to my notes on my lap tops but now obviously not when I need them outs side. 25/04/2021 Is this a common problem with this update please? I have raised a help ticket but no answer. Thanks MC
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